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Bowen's Botanical Blends All Natural, Clean and Protect Pet Shampoo

100% All Natural Clean and Protect Pet Shampoo is a safe and beneficial way to clean and protect your dogs, cats, and livestock. By using Lemongrass and Citronella oils it helps create a barrier for your pet's coat from flies, fleas, ticks and other pesky insects. When mixed with safe amounts of Rosemary and Melaleuca oil, this blend helps stimulate the hair follicles to protect and improve the skin from ailments such as dandruff, mange, and hot spots. Lavender is also used as a anti-inflammatory and deodorizer along with Castile Soap and Coconut.

Use this calming, cooling, and healing shampoo on your pet to help defend against skin irritants, muscle pain, and anxiety. You can also use it on yourself as a refreshing body wash! This formula moisturizes the skin and coat, helps prevent excess shedding, and helps hair grow back that may have been lost due to allergies or other skin irritation.

Use as often as needed.

-Sulfate free
-All natural and free of harsh chemicals
-Cleanses without drying skin or coat
-Prevents excess shedding
-Promotes new hair growth where any has been lost due to irritation

8-ounce bottle

Ingredients: Lemongrass, Lavender (antiseptic, analgesic & anti-inflammatory), Citronella (insecticidal, deodorant & antibacterial), Rosemary (anti-parasitic, antibacterial, & anti-fungal), Castile Soap, and Tea Tree (anti-infectious, antiviral, & anti-fungal)

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    Safe and effective alternative to chemicals

By Sarah on August 6, 2017

Having owned (and lost) a dog to cancer, I am always looking for ways to reduce my current dog's exposure to unnecessary chemicals and toxins. I purchased this all natural shampoo not knowing what to expect as I've never used a product like this before on my dogs. I actually used it on myself first!! I really like the cooling sensation from the peppermint oil and it does clean well. I just used it on my dog today for the first time. It's a little difficult to get a good lather going so I kept reaching for more. It would suds up good in my hands but when I applied it to hair, the lather seemed to vanish. Other than that, I really like this shampoo. It does clean well; my dog felt silky and very clean afterwards and I didn't have to use any conditioner! I like knowing I'm not exposing my beloved pets to anything that could potentially cause harm to them. I will continue using and purchasing this product.

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