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Dehydrated Lamb Liver


Product SKU:DRY-Dehydrated Lamb Liver
Shipping Weight:0.25 lbs
Current Inventory:53

This will be one of your dogs favorites!

100% lamb treats that are very low in fat. Lammy Munchies are great for training treats.

100% natural cubed lamb liver, 6 ounce vacuum sealed bags.

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    Year Old Lamb Liver...

By Virginia on November 20, 2018

I received this product that was, according to the date on their packaging, a year old. This came with a very large order, and everything else in the order was fresh by at least a few months. I don't understand why this company would risk a pet's health on old food/treats when they can use a simple tax deduction instead.

Response Hare Today: I sent an email with out a response back. Products are suppose to be rotated and this was missed. I apologize and refunded your payment on this. With that being said our dehydrated treats are stored in freezer till they ship. There would be no reason not to feed this.

    Good for Variety & Taste

By Maria on January 11, 2016

Our dog loves liver, I guess they all do/. Where I live we can only find fresh chicken or beef liver, so this dehydrated treat product gives our dog great variety. Thank you for anohter great product.