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Dehydrated Pigs Ears


Product SKU:DRY-Dehydrated Pigs Ears
Shipping Weight:0.50 lbs
Current Inventory:22

Smokehouse's Pig Ears are from USDA approved meat plants. They are slow roasted for up to 48 hours to insure maximum flavor. A 100% natural treat that your dog will love!

Average Size 6" x 5"

Expect natural size variation ranging approximately 5-9" high and 5-6" wide

A favorite treat of all dogs, satisfying their natural urge to chew

Contains 9 of 10 Amino Acids Essential for your Dog's Health

Packaged 4 ears per bag.

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    Great for chewing

By Sarah on October 23, 2017

I am really surprised how long it took my Labrador to chew through one of these pig ears! I struggle to find treats that occupy him and I really thought that these ears would be gone in seconds but it took him a solid 15-20 minutes of steady chewing to get one down! I was able to cut off a small section with kitchen shears for my little dog - she enjoyed this treat as well.

    Great size for chewing

By Maria on January 13, 2016

These are a nice size for chewing when you want to occupy your dog or distract her from other things (like leaving the house with separation issues!) Our dog like s them a lot and they are nice & crispy.


By anna on June 30, 2015

My cat loves to chew on things, one of this few bad habits... He loves these and it keeps him away from my things he's not supposed to chew. They're hard but not crunchy and keep him occupied for a while. An ear will last 2-3 days. One of his favorite snacks and I feel like it's good for his teeth and jaw too.


By Lindsay on March 19, 2012

Our Australian Cattle Dog, Apollo, goes nuts for these! Such a yummy and nutritious treat for him! I'm not a fan of buying bagged treats from the store, this is a fantastic way to give him something to chew on.


By Janet on May 9, 2009

These pig ears are the best. I won't feed commercial pig ears because who know what chemicals are on them, but I will feed these fresh, dehydrated ears. My dogs are crazy about them. I have medium size dogs and a couple are not able to eat a whole pig in one sitting, so for them I cut them in half with kitchen shears. They get the same treat and are just as happy as the big eaters. Plus cutting the ears in half makes them go further for a multipet household. We give these 4 paws up.


By Shaneen on July 21, 2008

Nice treat. But didn't last very long- and I only have border collies. So while I wouldn't recommend for a tough chewer, I'd definitely recommend for puppies or small dogs. The only one that took more than 45 seconds chewing was my 4 month old puppy. It took him 5 minutes....


By Clint on May 3, 2007

My black lab just loves these pig ears. He will spend hours chewing and playing with the ears in the yard while I am working around the house.


By Jimmy on January 1, 2006

My Westies adore these pig ears. I used to treat raw hide before I learned what a choking hazard it is. I had a few qualms about these ears in that line as well, but these are very easily digested once chewed. Not once have either of my dogs choked. Another highly recommended snack!