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Pawbreakers Original Edible Catnip Ball


Product SKU:DRY-Pawbreakers Original Edible Catnip Ball
Shipping Weight:0.25 lbs
Current Inventory:30

Pawbreakers are a unique toy/treat combination.

An entirely edible toy ball of top quality catnip that cats can eat, chase and go crazy for!

Pawbreakers won the 2005 Cat Fancy Editors Choice Award!

100% natural and we use only top quality human grade ingredients.

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By Jessica on May 30, 2019

Immediately out of the bag my guy was batting and rolling this thing around the room. I usually put it away when we're done since it's small enough to lose under the couch. The ball is super tightly packed and hard as a rock so it rolls around quite fast keeping my guy's attention. He loves to rub on it too. Chewing on this actually helped remove some tartar and plaque! Thanks so much for having these!

    Rusty Approved

By Gina on April 27, 2018

Very interested at first and then kind of "yeah whatever". But quite often I will hear it suddenly roll across the floor and then bang up against the wall.
Crazy cat. I love him so much!!

    The Holy Grail of cat toys!

By Amanda on January 8, 2018

My three cats are extremely un-amused by all other cat toys on the market... EXCEPT for this Pawbreaker, which they cannot get enough of. They get hours of entertainment batting this ball around the hardwood floors and chasing it, and then when they get tired they will take it to a carpeted area and lick it to death for the nip. A single ball will last about 6 months in this house before the cats have licked it to the point where it no longer rolls well and I have to buy them a new one. It is worth every penny, unlike more expensive fancy toys I've bought them in the past which end up sitting in some corner of the house completely forgotten and untouched. The Pawbreaker is the only cat toy I will ever buy from now on.

    Cats love it!

By Susie on September 10, 2016

I was glad to find this -- didn't remember where I got the first one. The ball has been a hit! It's quite hard/dense and rolls quite loudly across the wood floor! The cats play with it, then it goes 'silent' for awhile until someone 'finds' it again, and off they go! I haven't seen the last one lately, but it was getting rather small and misshapen. Of course I'm getting another one! It's fun to watch the cats play with it.

    A big hit

By Elise on April 25, 2016

My nearly 2 year old male LOVED this. As soon as I dropped it on the floor, he started to rub his face on it! Then I made the mistake of giving it to our 6 month old male kitten and it was lost forever after that. So make sure you keep an eye out because this catnip ball is easy to love and easy to lose if you're a cat.

    I've purchased two of these

By Jessica on October 5, 2015

I've purchased two of these in the last year. The first one was a hit and having hardwood floors made the cats love it even more. The second one was to replace the missing first one and with this one we made sure to put it away when they were done!
The size is large enough to not be a choking hazard for a normal sized cat, but if you have a larger breed you may want to provide supervision.