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Current Specials

Ground Goose/Bones/Organs, 5 lb., Fine Ground


Product SKU:HT-010101
Shipping Weight:5.00 lbs
Current Inventory:36

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Product Details

• Raw ground goose with bones, heart, and liver.
• USDA inspected, all natural goose.

Product Weight, Packaging, and Processing Details

• 5 lb. chub bag, FINE ground.
• FINE Ground products are finished with our ¼” grinder plate, resulting in the diameter of the bone being no larger than 1/4”, but the length can vary a bit depending on how the bone is pushed through the grinder plate.
• Frozen in commercial freezers maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

MBO percentages are averages based on total lot production, but typically fall within a 1% variance.

Meat/Bone/Organ Ratio

80% Meat / 16% Bone / 4% Organ

Nutrition and Benefits

• This food is a good source of Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus and Selenium, and a very good source of Protein.

Helpful Tips and Reminders

• 🐈 Cats typically do well with poultry.
• 🐕 Dogs prefer red meats, but poultry is good for rotation.
• Goose is higher in fat than most other poultry, similar to duck.

Our mission includes advocating for optimal health and safe handling of raw materials. Make sure to use safe handling practices and reference our Raw Food Education pages.
Warning: Poultry may contain Salmonella


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    Cats spent time enjoying this

By chenkun on December 18, 2021

In the beginning, cats didn't like it. As time went by, they gradually began to enjoy it.

    looks good quality, cats didn't like

By Brenda on August 30, 2021

I love Hare Today products. I wanted to try some new types of meats on my cat, so I got some goose. Unfortunately, none of my 4 cats would eat it. Probably should have bought a smaller size first, oh well!

Hare Today Response: Cats can be very picky. Sometimes adding a little warm water to the meat can help bring out the natural juices and entice the cat to eat.

    Hard to find

By Sarah on February 21, 2021

As usual, Hare Today offers a unique and wide selection of proteins. I ordered goose for the first time for my nearly one year old lab/shepherd mix. I try to keep fatty proteins on the menu for him since he is a growing boy and he needs the calories to maintain his weight. I mixed goose, duck and pheasant grind, added some beef pancreas (for extra organ) - it made the perfect meal! This grind is excellent; we will be buying more in the future.

    Ferrets love it

By Bryn on January 19, 2021

Had to buy some grinds because of one of my ferret's health issues. He really liked the goose, and so did my other 4. Good quality stuff!

    They Love It!

By Linda on December 9, 2020

My ESS puppy and my full grown Lhasa love this mix! Both are getting a balanced meal and pretty much inhale it when it’s in their meal!

    Cats aren't a fan

By Yang on May 9, 2017

My cats are picky and they don't really enjoy goose. Quality stuff and fresh meat, but guess just not my cats' type.

    They really liked it!

By Cristina on December 31, 2016

Even my picky Boxer-Bull gobbled this up. They all seemed to handle it well too. Will certainly have to add this to our rotation.


By Kolby on November 14, 2016

I added goose to my rotation of protein sources to give my dog as wide of a variety of meats as possible since each meat has a different nutrient profile. My dog experiences no negative effects from eating the ground goose and eats it without any hesitation. I appreciate that I can give her such a wide variety of meats thanks to Hare Today.

    Thought my cats wouldn't mind.

By Lesa on October 31, 2016

I figured my cats wouldn't mind the goose. They love all the raw meat I've put in front of them, but I guess goose just isn't their thing. I even mixed it with turkey thigh. I have to sprinkle yeast flakes on it to get them to finish it off. Great quality though!

    Something New and Amazing

By Joni on December 11, 2015

I noticed Hare-Today had this Ground Goose and said why not, mix it up. I love offering my dogs new variety. Although so far they have not turned their heads at any food. (im lucky there). I like that it is full of iron and more on the fatty side as I have 2 male Chihuahuas that are on the slender side and 1 poodle mix that can get too slim if I don't watch her. Luckily I weigh my dogs every week and can easily adjust food type and amount if needed. All in all its a great protein addition to add and some fur-kids may benefit from it more so than others. If you are trying to get an over weight pet to loose weight I would stay away from goose.


By anna on May 1, 2014

My sphynx loves raw rabbit, goat, mutton and all the various dehydrated treats I've gotten him. He's so not finicky, it didn't even occur to me to only get 1 lb to try before committing to more, but he wouldn't eat this no matter what I tried. I tried mixing it egg yolk (his favorite) but he carefully picked it out around the goose, and still wouldn't touch it when I tried mixing it with rabbit. I didn't know what else to do than just toss the remainder of the 5lb I got.

I like the idea of higher fat content in goose since mutton is his favorite which is also higher in fat, and he's so active I think its good for him, but he just wouldn't eat it. Perhaps others will have better luck since it seems like a great option if your pet likes it.


By Nichole on March 19, 2014

I bought this hoping to add a little more fat to my cats diet. For the most part it was well received by everyone with exception to my extremely picky eater. He ate it the first time but then wanted nothing to do with. The other cats on raw (4 others) absolutely love this product


By Lynn on December 9, 2013

My cats enjoy their goose meals and begin a cat chorus while I'm preparing their meals.

➡️ Review the 1 lb. package size, More Info tab for ADF Recipe Details and Sourced from information.