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Ground Turkey/Bones/Organs, 5 lb, Fine Ground


Product SKU:Ground Turkey/Bones/Organs-5lb
Shipping Weight:5.00 lbs
Current Inventory:484

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Starting with Lot # 02.08.2019 (Processed Date)

Fine Ground (1/4" grinder plate), USDA inspected, all natural includes the following:
➡️ 20% Turkey Drum Bone-In [Skin-on] (62/38/0)
➡️ 5% Turkey Wings Bone-In [Skin-on] (56/44/0)
➡️ 54% Boneless Turkey Thigh (100/0/0)
➡️ 1% Turkey Neck (58/42/0)
➡️ 5% Turkey Heart (100/0/0)
➡️ 5% Turkey Gizzard (100/0/0)
➡️ 10% Turkey Liver (0/0/100)

Meat/Bone/Organ ratio: ~80% meat 10% bone 10% organ [liver]
Note: Heart and Gizzard is considered a muscle meat for feeding purposes.

The Turkey Drum and Wings were specifically chosen for their dark meat. Keeping in mind that Wings also include white meat as well. Dark meat is rich in vitamins A, K, B6, B12, niacin, folic acid, pantothenic acid and minerals like selenium and phosphorus. High Taurine levels are also associated with dark meat poultry.

Boneless Turkey Thigh is a lean protein and contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as amino acids. This food is a good source of Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus and Zinc, and a very good source of Protein and Selenium.

Turkey Necks are a good source of Niacin, Vitamin B6 and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Protein, Zinc and Selenium.

Turkey Hearts offers a good source of Protein, Thiamin, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus, Zinc and Copper, and a very good source of Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Iron and Selenium. Hearts are also high in taurine which is essential for cats.

Turkey Gizzards is a good source of Protein, Phosphorus and Zinc, and a very good source of Niacin, Vitamin B12, Iron and Selenium.

Turkey Liver is food is a good source of Vitamin C and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Vitamin A, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic Acid, Iron and Selenium.

Packaged 5 lb bags.

Warning: Poultry may contain Salmonella
Please use Safe Handling Practices and reference the Bacteria and Raw Food information on our Resources page.

http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/poultry-products/802/2 Crude Protein (min.) 19% Crude Fat (min.)10% Crude Fiber (max.) 2% Moisture (max.) 75%

Ratios: 80% Meat / 10% Bone / 10% Organ

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    My cat loves it

By Ning on April 22, 2021

My cat loves the ground turkey. I ordered 55lb of ground meat. They are packaged nicely and arrived frozen.

    Great product

By Meg on August 8, 2020

My cats really liked it!

    Dog loves it!

By Kristin on June 28, 2020

I started with this product to transition my dog off his home cooked crock pot meals. He has always loved his crock pot food, but as soon as he smelled this raw deliciousness being portioned out, he would literally try climbing the counters to find the source of the scent. He annihilated his first raw meal and showed complete excitement each time he smelled his next portion being prepared. So happy to see him enjoy his food so much.

    Empty Bowls

By Vanessa on April 10, 2020

The cats absolutely love this ground turkey, I add some turkey chunks for dental health and they lick their bowls clean every time! If the cats happen to leave something, the dogs are happy to finish up for them!


By Renee on February 11, 2020

I like this product because it adds a variety of proteins. I have always been purchasing from Hare-Today because of the great quality of their products.

    Amazing product!

By Bryn on September 11, 2019

The ferrets love this grind. We will continue to purchase this product!! I’m always impressed by Hare Today.

    Cat tested, human approved!

By Cheryl Leigh on August 29, 2019

I've been feeding my cats a raw diet for over 10 years with occasional kibble or wet food meals. I used to buy ground turkey at the grocery store, but I never liked the texture and I had to add bone meal or some substitute to it, as well as supplements to make up for the lack of organ meat. After looking at the info at Hare Today many times, I finally decided to place an order. My cats like this a lot! I make it into meatballs to take to shows and my cats inhale them!


By GINNY on July 13, 2019

For a couple of years I'd been making ground turkey from the organic turkey I purchase for ourselves. I buy a lot of Hare Today products for her, and decided to give their ground turkey a try. She never turns up her nose at it, and I'm so glad because it's one more thing that's so healthy for her, and saves me time.

    Best turkey in town

By Renee on July 1, 2019

I've been purchasing from Hare Today for 9 years and I have never tried the ground turkey with bones and organs. I'm so glad I finally did and he really enjoys it just as much as the red meat I get. It adds to his variety of proteins and there is taurine in the dark meat which there has been so much research regarding this amino acid. Thanks for a great quality.


By Jessica on May 30, 2019

Ground turkey is great to go back and forth with chicken. Both are light and lean. Turkey thigh is a great source of taurine so I'm glad it's all included in the ground. Very easy to portion out!

    Nice substitute for chicken

By Chrissy on April 6, 2019

I was pleasantly surprised that my Lab likes the turkey. Chicken doesn't seem to be a favorite, so I'm glad he likes the turkey so that he gets a poultry item for variety. I haven't tried mixing the two yet, maybe that will be the trick. The turkey is clean looking and smells fresh.

    Nicky loves turkey

By Lynn on March 30, 2019

I love watching my cat enjoying his turkey dinner. Besides being healthy for him it is a protein he loves more than chicken (which he enjoys).

    My cats' favorite

By Brenda on February 4, 2019

Hands-down the favorite of all 6 of my cats (and cats who have passed on to the rainbow bridge). Have also tried rabbit, chicken, mutton, beef, venison. Turkey is always the fave. Sometimes, some of them will refuse anything else until I put out the turkey. Also, it's a bit stickier/clumpier than other varieties, so it's easier for me to assist-feed to my chronically ill cat.

    Great For Cats

By autumn on January 13, 2019

This turkey I find to work really well for my cats when I mix it with the usual chicken I get for them. They both love turkey so they definitely enjoy they're food especially my female cat. She always gobbles down her Hare Today food in a matter of two to three minutes.

    Good product

By Gabriel on December 8, 2018

Excellent product. Was a good for my pups transition back to raw as she is sensitive to non poultry proteins.

    Turkey is a big hit!

By Cristina on November 26, 2018

I primarily purchase a 5 lb. log of both the turkey ground with bones & organs and the boneless ground turkey thighs, then mush them together and add necessary vitamins/minerals & water for a raw food diet. My two kittens love the chicken. The product is very fresh and smells just like the ground turkey I buy for my family in the grocery store. I highly recommend this!

    Great product!

By Destiny on May 13, 2018

My dogs and cats love this! I normally just feed it to my cat who is sensitive to a lot of proteins.

    Great for my cats!

By vanessa on November 14, 2017

My oldest cat was diagnosed as a diabetic, and a raw diet was strongly encouraged. I purchased this product, along with a few others. They all LOVE the Hare Today meats! In the 5 days since switching to raw, her sugars are down dramatically!

    Great food for new kitten

By Natalie on November 12, 2017

My kitten loves this (mixed with turkey without bones/organs, and some additional ground sardines and ground organs to lower the bone content). She no longer stinks, has so much more energy, and is generally happier during the day.

I'm happy because she's happy, and I don't need to grind food in my small NYC apartment.

    A+ for my cats health

By Wendy on October 24, 2017

I love this products for my cats. They came to me with issues and health conditions that were greatly reduced or healed while feeding this to them. I will be ordering again.

    Gobbling Goodness for Bruce

By Christopher on October 21, 2017


    Perfect dinner for my cats and pup

By Bisera on August 20, 2017

I take about 10% of this meat/bones/organs Turkey and mix it with just Turkey meat cut up in pieces and some water so it's moist. It's very good priced for the quality of the meat.


By Sarah on June 11, 2017

Fabulous, fresh meat as always - I like to include a non-red meat into my dogs rotation, we've used quail and now, this turkey. My picky eater approves and I like that it meets the 5% liver requirement since she dislikes liver alone.


By Michael on June 4, 2017

Used to making a home made turkey recipe, but instead decided to try this and was very impressed. The packaging also made it super easy to serve and portion. Definitely plan on purchasing again!

    A favorite

By Maureen on April 25, 2017

I have ordered this many times over the past couple of years. My cats love it and lick their plates clean.I love how fresh the eat is and feel good about being able to feed my cats a quality diet.

    Gobble it up!

By Esther on April 20, 2017

I love that there's ground turkey with bones and organs included in the mix, so I don't have to buy them all separately and then add them together myself.
I add more protein to balance out the portions. Usually I include additional Ground Green Tripe with Spleen (super food!), and some Ground Herring. -- This mixture will be a long running principle meal on my dog's menu.

    ground w/bones&organs

By Angela M on February 22, 2017

A product that looks nice to me but doesn't interest my cats. Most of the group are related, so it may be they don't have taste for poultry that's in their genetic make up. They want those fuzzy bunnies....

    Good stuff!

By Cristina on February 11, 2017

Three of my five dogs love and handle the ground turkey well. It's affordable, a good clean meat, always satisfied.

    Liked Turkey before, Loves Turkey now

By Nicole on January 31, 2017

When he tried it, I wasn't sure he'd like it as I've tried a farm raised turkey ( cooked) after Thanksgiving and he wouldn't touch it. He played with it though :-(
My kitty prefers really fatty meats usually, but was great. I used it with Alnutrin as directed. Worked great!

    Great quality

By Kelly on November 27, 2016

Easy to thaw and easy to portion out. This is a great supplement to the weekly menu. The kids love it!

    Solid Choice for Raw Feeding

By Plamena on October 2, 2016

Great product, as always. The ground turkey/bones/organs was simple to mix into a pack of boneless ground turkey thigh along with an extra pack of organs to bring up the ratio of the poultry meat.

The turkey is a great low-cost option for raw feeding. Will order again! My kittens eat it up.

One of my kittens had a harder time adjusting to it for some reason and vomited the first two times I introduced it to her diet (my fault - I gave her a full meal of brand new protein and it probably shocked her system). My advice if you have a sensitive pet is to introduce it slowly in small increments mixed into the current feed. Start with 1/8 new feed and 7/8 old feed and slowly increase the amount of new feed over the course of a week. My sensitive kitten now gobbles it up without issue!

    Great quality product and packaging

By Atishay on September 30, 2016

Have purchased ground turkey from another website and this was definitely of superior quality. The packaging also made it super easy to portion. Will definitely be a repeat customer!

    Kitties love it!

By Amanda on September 6, 2016

I have four picky eaters and they can be hesitant about everything but they absolutely love the turkey!

    Another excellent choice

By Susan on September 5, 2016

As with all the products I've ordered, this one does not disappoint! Arrived still frozen and when thawed to feed was very fresh and exactly as expected. The dogs loved this product fed with boneless thigh cubes made an excellent meal!

    Cats only so/so with

By Lisa on June 19, 2016

I keep hoping to get some other proteins into my cats. They are so obsessed with the rabbit. I rotate this in for a meal here and there, but they never eat as well when I do.

Response from Hare today: I feel it is unfair to leave 3 star reviews on products just because your cats don't like something. Some cats get stuck on certain proteins and don't want other foods. This does not mean the food is a 3 star.

    Kitty is a HUGE fan

By Wendy on May 1, 2016

My cat loves this stuff and I love feeding it to him. I think there are more (small) pieces of bone in the turkey compared to the chicken, but I am happy to hear the crunch! While making his food, I noticed how fresh the meat is and my cat can't get enough of it!

    more complete nutrition

By Patty on February 28, 2016

When we first started feeding our cat raw food we got the rabbit, and then I saw the turkey, another ground meat complete with bones and organs. Kittie knew she would love it as soon as I opened the package, as attested by her nonstop meowing. She loves it, and I know it's keeping her healthy.

    My Cats are Turkey Fiends

By Sunni on February 26, 2016

We have two Maine Coons that adore turkey. We've been feeding them a mix of turkey and chicken since they were kittens. Unfortunately, we ruined one grinder with turkey bones - burnt the motor and had to get a new grinder. We haven't dared to grind bones again, which means their mix isn't balanced with real bones, but using bone meal instead. So we're happy to find a source of ground turkey with everything and it saves us a ton of time and effort doing it ourselves. Cleaning the grinder seems to take longer than making the cat food. We'll be getting all our meat from here for now on.

    My Dogs absolutely LOVE this stuff

By Brad on February 23, 2016

I have an Olde English Buldogge and a Boerboel. Both have been raw fed Hare Today since they were 8 weeks old. They both love this product and the quality shows in their coats as well as their health.


By debbi on January 14, 2016

Anouther favorite in our food bowls.
My girl leaves not a drop behind.

    2nd Favorite

By Keirnan on January 12, 2016

Easily an alternative to my cat's favorite (Rabbit).

    Easy to feed

By Yee on December 15, 2015

Easy on the stomach. And I like the fact that their are bones and organs in there already. Just adjust it with adding more meat if you want to. An easy mix to feed right away out of the freezer!

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