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Meaty Llama Bones, Large, 2-3 lbs.


Product SKU:Meaty Llama Bones, Large
Shipping Weight:2.50 lbs
Current Inventory:36

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A domesticated South American ruminant mammal directly related to the camel.

The meat is somewhere between beef and lamb, though closer to beef. Many describe it as a lighter sweeter beef.

Large Meaty Bones-approx. 6-8 inch pieces. Great for medium to large dogs. Large bones are typically made from the Llama shank or leg of the animal, which is meaty, some fat and full of connective tissue.

2-3 lbs pounds per bag, vacuum sealed.

Calories : 200 Proteins : 21.54 grams Fats : 3 grams % Calories from Fats : 0.2386 Cholesterol : 60 mg

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    Oh Boy!

By karen on February 24, 2017

My Texas Heeler hates chewing anything he would rather gulp. It is very hard to find a bone in meat that he does not swallow whole. Because of this its hard to keep those teeth pearl white!

He can't do marrow bones as he will break his teeth going after the marrow. I have found these Llama bones to be perfect for him! they are about the size of his head, he can rip and tear all the meaty goodness off, get the teeth cleaning he needs and still munch the bone without hurting himself.

I can't say enough about these bones, they are very meaty! When i pull them out, my boy gets all wide eyed and starts to wiggle. The extra plus is it takes him about 25 min to eat! gives me a much needed break.

    adds variety

By dana ann on December 1, 2015

These llama bones add a nice variety to my Pittie's diet. I like the size because they take him a little longer to get through. We use them as a nice reward after bath time to let him relax, eat and air dry!


By Lisa on September 20, 2014

Reggie(GSD) went absolutely nuts over this. He actually made me sit and watch him eat it, he kept making eye contact with me as to say "This needs to be on the menu all the time". Definitely try it if you have a chewer.


By Kelley on November 17, 2013

These llama bones are great!!It is the only thing my dogs will guard!! They must be good!! Kelley


By Kelley on October 13, 2013

The large lama bones are perfect for my lab. He is a hard chewer and these actually take him a little longer to chew!! Kelley


By dana ann on February 14, 2013

I like these because they are not as big as the large beef meaty bones and not too small like the ribs! Perfect size for my 70 lb. AmStaff! He loves his llama!