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Published on June 2, 2021

Product Notice: Turkey

 Update 12/27/21: Revised delivery date.

Turkey Livers are now expected on January 13th, with anticipated processing on January 19th. Again, we hope to process the following products on Wednesday, 01/19:

Ground Turkey/Bones/Organs,
Ground Turkey Organs, and
Turkey Livers, 2 lbs.


Our great news has turned into a freight nightmare.

As you may recall, we secured additional Turkey Liver and our delivery was scheduled for Friday, December 10th or at the latest, December 17th (weather dependent). Well, the 10th turned into the 17th, which was pushed to the 18th and finally our refrigerated trailer arrived on Monday, December 20th. When the delivery arrived, we anxiously jumped on the truck to review, only to find two pallets of Salmon patties, with NO Turkey Liver to be found.

Long story short, the freight company had mislabeled our much-needed Turkey Livers with the Salmon, which was supposed to go to Tacoma Washington! Now, we are waiting for the dispatcher to track our shipment, get temperature records, and see how this can be resolved. The financial loss associated with this, along with our outlay of cash at year end is a pressing concern, but is one I will continue to juggle and manage. To say I am upset would be an understatement. I know many of our customers are waiting for our Ground Turkey/Bones/Organs and we were hoping to process that this week.

Deep breaths and patience will get us through, but for now I wanted to update you all on there this stood. I will provide additional updates soon.


At the completion of this processing week, 07/31, we will be out of Turkey Livers, but continuously work hard to secure additional supply.
As you may know, Turkey Livers is needed for the following products:

Ground Turkey/Bones/Organs,
Ground Turkey Organs, and
Turkey Livers, 2 lbs.

Product storages and limited supply availability for these items are likely.
Please sign up for stock notifications if there is zero inventory available. When you sign up for stock notifications, you will automatically receive an email notice once stock is added on the website.

Limited supply availability is still a reflection of the pandemic and unemployment. Please do not email regarding these products as an ETA is not yet known. I will do my best to keep you updated as I am able.


Updated: 12/07/2021

We have secured additional Turkey Liver and our delivery is scheduled for Friday, December 10th or at the latest, delivery will come the following week (weather dependent).

With the much-needed Turkey Liver, we will process our Ground Turkey/Bones/Organs, Ground Turkey Organs and Turkey Liver the week of December 20th with shipping availability following the new year.


Turkey offal (Heart and Liver in particular) has been on back order for quite a few weeks now, which is essential for our Turkey grind. With COVID, raw meat producers are facing limited staff which makes it difficult to separate the offal as part of their normal processing. For these reasons, our Ground Turkey/Bones/Organs is currently out of stock.

I would recommend signing up for stock notifications within the product description to receive automatic email notifications once additional stock is added.


Update: 04/01/2021

I am expecting our next Turkey grind to be processed the week of 04/12, that is if our deliveries are completed as expected. Most likely, our Ground Turkey/Bones/Organs will be added to the website on 04/14. 

Unfortunately, this does not mean that we are in the clear from supply availability hardships, but it is a good sign that supply is starting to bounce back from the difficulties stemming from the pandemic.





PRICE INCREASE: Please be advised many prices listed on the website have increased or will be increasing in the near future due to inflation and price increases across our country. 

It is important to mention that we do our very best to keep prices as low as possible with our mission at heart to promote the practice of feeding domestic dogs, cats, and other carnivores a Species Appropriate Diet of uncooked meats, edible bones, and organs and to make raw feeding as accessible as possible.

Many price increases throughout the pandemic have been absorbed, but the importance of recent changes will help ensure that lost revenues and loses will not negativity effect the longevity and foreseeable future for our small family business as we work hard to continue for many years to come.


From our Ordering & Account FAQ: https://hare-today.com/ordering_account_faq

What is your schedule for processing products and handling out of stock inventory?

Our processing schedule runs as follows:

Mondays and Tuesdays are our shipping days, so we do not process on these days except for packaging some dehydrated treats.

Wednesdays we package all non-ground items, such as hearts, trim, whole fish, meaty bones, etc. We also grind and package poultry, fish and occasionally some red meats such as goat, llama, and ground organs.

Thursday's processing is rabbit, beef, tripe, beef pancreas and pork.

Fridays are live rabbit intake, farm related chores, facility maintenance, process for out of stock inventory, etc. Each Friday, demanding on supply availability, whole prey rabbits will be processed.

Our Freeze Dried product line is currently limited in availability given the length of processing time (around 40 hours for the freeze dried cycle alone). We add inventory for our Freeze Dried products on Mondays and Wednesdays each week.

Typically, inventory is added to the website around 4:30 EST following our processing days.

We work extremely hard at keeping all inventory in stock, but we do run out occasionally and need time to get restocked. On the product pages you will see the quantities available. If you order more than the quantity listed you will not be able to check out. You can only order what we have in stock. I do not back order items that are not yet available because it is an inventory nightmare to track. Orders are done on a first come first serve basis, no pre-orders.

If product is out of stock you can sign up for an email notification to be notified when product stock is updated. Click on request stock notification. If an item is out of stock for more than a week this means it is unavailable at the present time.

For some items the demand exceeds supply such as tripe, pancreas, Alpaca and Llama. These items sell out on a weekly basis. The best way to get these items is to order immediately, once you are notified that the product has been added. Again, first come, first serve.


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