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Happy Boys

By Cindy on July 29, 2022

I have both of my rescues eating Hare Today products now for about 3 months. It does my heart good to see them going to their placemats & waiting even before they are put down for them. These are very picky little boys but not when it comes to this food. Their coats are soft & shiny plus their teeth look great! Thank you Hare Today for making the lives of our domestic animals better!

Still Kittens at 11!

By Barbara on July 25, 2022

I've been feeding Fia and Irene, indoor sister shorthairs, pretty much the exact same meal, twice a day, since they came to live with us at age 4 months.
My last cat died of thyroid disease at age 15. Before I got more cats, my research led me to feline-nutrition.org, which convinced me that the optimum diet for my cats is what wild cats eat-- whole small birds and mammals, uncooked! There I found both a recipe and referral to Hare today. My go-to for a 30-day batch is 7 lb ground rabbit with bones and organs, 1 lb whole ground rabbit, 2 lb turkey hearts or chicken hearts, 1 lb chicken liver or turkey liver, 2 lb chicken chunks, 8 eggs, 6 cooked sweet potatoes, and supplements of vitamins B and E, salmon oil, taurine and psyllium husk, all mixed with a quart of water frozen and stored frozen in 1-pint canning jars. It takes me about 90 minutes to prep a month’s worth.
These girls gobble their food right down and lick their bowls in a race to the finish EVERY FEEDING. I could count on two hands over 10.5 years when they left or refused food, and that's because they ate something they shouldn't have-- a lizard that got in under the screen, flowers, and plantain chips come to mind. The weird thing is, these cats NEVER drink water, even though they have constant access. They get all they need from the recipe. After all, house cats' ancestors were desert dwellers.
They are a perfect weight, their fur and teeth are super healthy, and they've never had urinary or bowel problems, ever. They tear around and chase toys like kittens. They very rarely throw up-- and even then just a hairball. I've even had a vet tell me this: "I don't recommend raw diets, but I have to admit that your cats look incredible!" Maybe these cats have opened her mind!
Hare Today has been consistently dependable with respect to quality and shipments and price.
Fia and Irene each eat 5-6 oz each per day. I spend about $1.20 per day per cat.This is far less than if I bought premium wet cat food for them. I hear my friends complain about their cats being picky eaters and having all these health problems. I tell them my experience but I guess they don’t want to go to the trouble. My cats are sleek, lively, and I've had ZERO vet bills beyond exams and vaccines. That makes my prep time totally worth it, and is all the confirmation I need that their diet is what cats are meant to eat.
I’ve worked in three zoos. All cats in zoos, large and small, are fed a diet of raw meat. House cats should be, too!
Thank you, Hare Today!

City Cats love it

By Michelle on July 19, 2022

So easy for me to be able to provide my cats with the best food possible, thanks to you guys! Living in Manhattan, where it is all about convenience, there are not a lot of ways to get variety of meats. Thank you <3 My cats are happy and thriving!

Easiest food option and healthiest!

By Jennifer on July 10, 2022

We were struggling with trying to feed our 2 Maine coons with healthy food, when researching raw options I came across the Hare Today website and they were beyond helpful. Answering every question I had and evening sending me links of informative sites. They have been the most reliable in shipping times and the our little beasts love the food.

Rabbit...my boy LOVES it!

By Robert on June 10, 2022

After trying several proteins for my cat Grayson over the past few years, his favorite is the rabbit! He loves it! He will eat other proteins such as turkey, pork, and venison at times, but the rabbit, he literally devours that!! Thank you, HT for a good product!

Raw diet

By Grzegorz on June 9, 2022

Great quality raw diet!
We've been feeding our cats raw diets since the beginning (they do get quality kibble, also rabbit, as treats as we feed many small meals throughout the day). I love the ground rabbit (muscle, organs and bone) as it's the closest to what cats would eat when "out there".
My cats are now almost 13,5 and 14 and have no health issues.

Great chicken gizzards

By Robyn on June 3, 2022

I received a two pound package of frozen chicken gizzards and I’m super pleased. The frozen block was cut into easy serving size cubes and the meat appears super fresh. And the cats love it!

Softer Than Silk

By Kelly on May 24, 2022

We have a two and a half year old Highlander cat named Liam. When we got him as a rescue more then a year ago his fur was very coarse and brittle. We transitioned him to a raw food diet, mainly chicken and rabbit. The information on your website has been extremely helpful and educational enabling us to make informed decisions for his optimal health. Now his coat is remarkably luxurious, soft and silky. It shines; is very beautiful and healthy! We are so grateful to the Hare Today family and the high quality products you offer! Thank you so much for all you do to keep our fur babies healthy and happy 😽😻

Cavies and more are a hit with my kitties

By Eileen on May 23, 2022

Two of my three cats absolutely love the cavies! One still only likes chicken but it has only been 4 months since I switched them to raw. She has always been the picky one. I was hesitant about ordering it because of the hair in it. But two of my cats don’t care it’s in there. They devour it! The meat is extremely fresh and nutritious. Since it was such a big hit, I am going to get the whole ground mouse with my next order. By the way, they also like the ground turkey, mutton, beef, pheasant, duck and goat - all bones and organ blends. I add one scoop of Alnutrin and one Salmon capsule per pound of meat.

Amazing selection and pricing

By Valerie on May 19, 2022

I ordered enough to fill a 50lbs box Monday afternoon/evening the box was packaged and shipped out Tuesday! It got here today (Thursday) Everything was still frozen solid and packaged well. I am extremely pleased with customer service. I emailed asking about rabbit and they got back to me within an hour or so. AMAZING! I will be back time after time. Choosing to go raw for my cats was made to be super easy with such a great company to buy from! Thank you Hare Today!!