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Problems solved!

By Heather on March 9, 2018

My two pups were plagued with fur issues prior to going raw. Foster (my foster fail) has consistently itched from the moment I got him.
I have tried so many different remedies, with no luck. Within a short time of going raw, he completely stopped itching! Such an amazing change in his (and my) quality of life!
My other little one, is a senior Boston Terrier (I uploaded a picture) who has had a bare belly from the moment she was rescued 5 years ago. I always assumed that it was just who she was...four months after starting raw, she now has a chest and belly full of hair! I am totally amazed!!!
Thank you so very much!!!!

Never been healthier!

By Timothy on March 9, 2018

Our cat bodhi has never been happier, healthier, and more full of energy ( except when he is done playing and passes out, like in the pictures)

The quality of the meat is amazing. There is nothing better then feeding what nature intended, and hare today is the most convenient option for our furry friend, and the best! Thank you!

It's like a grateful!

By Beth on March 6, 2018

Our 12 year old cat has suffered from severe allergies, chronic feline herpes, IBD and is now other words, he is a medical wreck. We honestly thought we were going to have to let him go the day after Thanksgiving. He lost 5 pounds within 6-8 weeks. We got him feeling better but not quite 100%. He still had ongoing congestion, and although his weight stabilized, he wasn't gaining any back. And his coat still was dull, dry and bare.
When I say we tried everything, I mean everything. Except raw. After doing tons of research, and in spite of still feeling a bit nervous since he was so fragile, (yes, I said was :)), I went ahead and ordered the bone-in rabbit.
And can't tell you how much I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner! His coat is soft and filling in beautifully, he is playing, yes playing! And, he is mostly congestion-free - so far, he gained almost half a pound which is huge considering we just started this a few weeks ago!
Customer service has been awesome, the directions so helpful, and he is just loving it - sitting on the table waiting for it!
I'm hoping to rotate in some other proteins soon! Thank you thank you thank you for a product I can trust and doing what you do!

Best food ever!

By Arleen on March 2, 2018

I have been raw fed for almost 15 years. Hare-Today by far is the best raw food I have had,
CH SEDUHIN Dharapati but you can call me Elvis

First order received!

By Terry on February 22, 2018

Yesterday I got my first order from Hare Today. Notice I said first? I was extremely pleased to see it professionally wrapped and labeled. I had ordered from another company and it came in Walmart zip top freezer bags that leaked all over once thawed and the meat came in deli containers that were less than sealed. Seeing that Hare Today packages their products with shipping and thawing in mind made me very happy.

Today I will break into the mutton, add Katie's veggies and portion it out for meals. I use my vacuum sealer to process the meals making it easy for anyone who feeds.

I will be ordering from Hare Today again very shortly. Thank you for being that company!


Best food ever for cats with allergies!

By Lauren on February 18, 2018

One of my cats, Sky, has been struggling with skin/fur issues since 2011. After several years of frustration and trial and error, I began to suspect that she had food allergies. By that point, she had licked off almost all the fur on her lower belly and back legs, as well the insides of her front legs. She was constantly chewing and gnawing on herself. The skin on her belly was discolored from the irritation.

In fall of 2014, I began a commercial raw diet for all of my cats; however, I found it difficult to consistently be able to buy novel protein raw food from local stores.

In 2015 I found Hare Today, and began ordering food for all of my cats. Sky eats the fine ground rabbit, and absolutely loves it. She used to be a picky eater, but not anymore. Over the years her fur has grown back; her skin is so healthy and she's a wonderfully active, happy cat.

The vet is amazed by her transformation. One look at her before and after photos should be enough to show anyone that a raw diet works for cats with allergies.

Cats are Thriving

By Peggyanne on February 18, 2018

I have been feeding Hare Today for a few years now and the 6 rescue cats are just thriving! The oldest is 18 and he had some blood work done and the vet is amazed. All looks good. He is a Ragdoll that we got at a vet's office at the age of 4. Someone left him there and he was very sick and had only been given dry food for the first 4 years of his life.

Our 15 year old short hair rescue is thriving on the raw and he has been slowly shedding some excess weight.

The other 4 cats are huge Maine Coon cats all of whom we rescued from shelters. People are unaware of how big these guys get and how much they eat. Their teeth are just gorgeous and their long fur coats are thick and lush with minimal shedding and matting. It's all the Hare Today.

Thank you for all you do to help me keep my cats healthy, happy and beautiful!!

The best Raw food

By Jaishree on February 11, 2018

I was struggling with allergy and weight issues, then I found Hare-today where Tracy was wonderful to answer whatever questions I had. She is truly amazing. Long story short, my girl is doing very well. She has lost weight, her poop is firm and everyone comments on the fact that she looks good. I trust the quality and love the 1lb chubs as I have a small freezer, so I am able to fit in the 10lbs and easily defrost 1 at a time. I rotate the proteins and love that I have so many choices. So glad I found Hare-today. I have 2 of my friends also getting their food from here! It must be hard but please know all of us who love their furry children like human children, we are very grateful to the quality of raw food provided & the vast choice! Thanks Tracy for answering all my questions and god knows I had so many to start with.

Thankful I found this company!

By Larissa on February 2, 2018

My old dog had to be put down. The vet came out and asked what we fed. It was dry dog food, full of genetically modified corn which causes tumors everywhere. She said get your other dog on raw, source the best quality you can afford.

We did and my other dog's hip problem due to fast growth cleared up, her coat grew in thicker, more vibrantly colored, her teeth were cleaner, her health improved within a few months. We now are raising some of her puppies and they've all been on raw since 3 weeks old.

I feel better knowing I am feeding the best variety of meat, organs, and bones from a company i trust. I highly recommend this company and will be a forever customer.

Raw is certainly best

By Keila on February 2, 2018

Im not gonna knock kibble feeders,some people just arent well informed,some people cannot afford it,some people dont have time for it,some people dont even know about it,but raw is best,my ferrets poo less,their poo is so much less stinkier and messier,they are sooooo soft and squishy,it really feels almost like the biggest accomplishment in the world to get ferrets on raw ..and my cats fur is sooooo soft and shiny and she just absolut
Ely enjoys her raw stuff, shes perked up and seems so much happier,and healthier and has thickened up nicely ...its just what carnivorous animals are meant to eat, i wish everyone could do this but it certainly isnt for the faint of heart,or everyone but ill say it again,if you do it right,its the best you can give your carnivores animal....