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Irritable Bowel Disease

By Cindy on October 11, 2019

Raw feeding was a life saver for Abby. She was diagnosed via biopsy with IBD at about a year of age (although I knew something was wrong with her as soon as we got her). After thousands of dollars in vet bills and various prescription foods I went against the advice of two different veterinarians and started her on a raw diet out of desperation. I am happy to report that she is thriving on her raw diet. She is happy and her coat is finally growing back in. She especially enjoys the rabbit.

Raw Feeding Rescue Pup

By Mi on October 9, 2019

A couple years prior to adopting my first dog, I got very invested in my own health and nutrition. So when I adopted an 8 week old emaciated puppy who came straight off the streets into the shelter, I wanted to make sure she only ate food that helped her thrive and not just survive. After so much research and guidance from so many people in the raw feeding community, I can proudly say we've been raw feeding for over a year and can't see our pup or any future dog of ours thriving in any other way :)

RAW Saved my Pups Life

By Jennifer on October 1, 2019

Over 4 years ago my male pup had liver enzymes in the 1000's. The vets of course wanted to do more tests, poke/prod at him and whatnot. I came across a nutritionist online who introduced me to raw feeding. I started out feeding them raw meats, fruits and vegetables. Within 3 months his liver enzymes went back w/in normal range!!!! Over the course of the next 3 years, he had severe allergies (yeast in ears, ear infections, yeast on his paws - kept constantly in a cone when I wasn't home due to this), loss of hair, incontinence (poor dog wore a diaper every night and when I wasn't home for long periods, I would come home to a SOAKED diaper at times).....the list goes on. Somehow I came across the PMR way to feed and stopped giving them fruits/veg. AMAZING!!!! Within a few weeks he was OUT of a diaper (has never worn one again)! Withing a month or so his hair started to thicken and grow back.....and NO MORE yeasty crusty ears/paws!!!! Both my pups are thriving! My female doesn't itch/scratch/have dry skin like she used to...they are both SOLID/muscular and their coats SHINE like there is no tomorrow. And their energy levels are through the roof! I'm grateful I started feeding this way and I'm grateful for sites like Hare-Today that provide quality treats/meats/organs to fee my fur babies!!


By Dena on September 12, 2019

I have a 14 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She has extreme food and environmental allergies. Due to this, she is completely deaf with hematoma spreading down into the ear canal. Her paws are bald from aversive licking and has even pulled nails out of her toe. Hare today allows me to make affordable (for the proteins requires) and customizable meals that has greatly improved her comfort.


By Maria on September 2, 2019

After just a month all of my dogs bloodwork has improved. My vet said I shouldn't change their diet because of their age. Yet all of their health has improved. Don't all listen just listen to others! Do what you feel is right! Be an advocate for your pets and feed them the best!! I also started feeding a kitten I found hare today raw food. He loves it!!! He is growing leaps and bounds and his fur is so soft and silky...I named him hungry Howie!

For my pre-diabetic Siamese

By Delia on August 27, 2019

7 years ago I rescued the most sweet and beautiful Siamese who I found in the parking lot of one of the clinic I work for. I was feeding my other cats I had since babies “holistic” cat wet food. Some one at the “holistic” store said to me, any wet food is better than the best dry out there. So, I thought I was doing great feeding them holistic wet food. Not until my sweetheart Siamese was diagnosed with pre-diabetic. I didn’t know how much these beautiful adorable creatures depend on raw until I learned through books from the library and from many articles I found in the internet that, raw is what their digestive system and all their organs are designed process and benefits from. I obviously did my homework looking for the best and pure raw. Unfortunately, the company I used for over 3 years closed their door forever so I was left out dry again without raw. I tried many others, I settled for one that I had to take 30 to 40 minutes to clean from big some times huge pieces of bones that I know were to big for my kittens, until I found Hare today, the bones size is just perfect the quality of meat is just as good and the best of all I never knew getting my adorable family back in track was so easy. Hare-today made it super easy for me, I buy everything from them and all I have to do is mix my raw and supplements and there we go. After I switched everyone to raw, I saw the great results, my Siamese pre-diabetic is fines his bliss work is as normal as before, my 7 years old tabby who was gaining too much weight started to look slim again and their coat and energy is all back. I could go on telling the many other things I resolved by just feeding them raw, but it will be too long and you won’t want to read that much. I now have 5 cats 4 boys 1 girl, they are my babies, I do physicals every year that includes blood work and organ function, they all are in great health thanks to raw. You won’t believe but, making your own raw from hare-today is much cheaper than buying the best prescribed wet or the most recommended holistic and still they won’t get the benefits their health need. Feeding them raw is for their health, don’t fall for the advertising the pet companies invest for you to slowly kill your pets organs. Educate your self about your pets, given not only a roof and safe place to live, give them good health and avoid huge Vets bills. I hope this opens your curiosity to search for more about raw food, just like I did. I rescue every kitty I can, many have lived with me and all of them ate raw. When they get adopted I usually give the new parents raw to feed them. I wish I can share with all of you the many pictures I have. I love them all.

Great Rabbit!

By Maia on August 1, 2019

My dog is allergic to absolutely everything except for rabbit. And finding affordable rabbit is a difficult task! Hare Today does a great job - their meat is fresh, their packaging is easy to handle, and it is delivered frozen (I've had issues with other vendors and getting warm meat)! Bella Dog eats better than I do! :)

Saved my dog's lives

By Kim on July 24, 2019

My GSD puppy was sick her whole first year, diarrhea, vomiting, refusing to eat. We started raw and after 2 years she has not had any diarrhea or vomiting since. She loves her raw. We then decided to also switch the old 13 year old girl. She could barely walk due to arthritis. 2 years later she is STILL ALIVE and will be 15 next month. We have since added 2 more GSD pups to the pack and all are thriving on raw.

Nutrition and Behavior in Cats

By Molly on July 15, 2019

I'm a Certified Feline Training & Behavior Specialist and I can't stress enough the importance of proper nutrition for your cat. Cats are obligate carnivores and need a diet consisting of primarily meat. When we fill them up with empty carbs, behavior issues can develop as well as other diseases. I've been feeding my cats a raw diet from Hare-Today for over 15 years and I recommend to my clients they switch to a raw diet for their cats. You and your cat will enjoy a more shiny coat, clean teeth, and healthier living overall.

What a difference

By Catherine on July 13, 2019

I started feeding raw almost 10 years ago when my first boxer was diagnosed with a rare cancer and given 3 -5 months to live. With real food, herbs and no more chemicals, he lived an additional 4.5 years. I was thrilled to find Hare Today and all my dogs love their tripe, which is what I mainly get now, as for me, it's the hardest item to source. I've noticed that since switching to raw, the dogs appear to age slower and don't go grey as soon as others their age, vet bills for health issues, are practically nil Thank you Hare Today for your consistently stellar products and service.
Catherine of Southern Symphony Boxers