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Love this company

By Kim on January 8, 2024

I have been ordering from them for a few years and love their products and the ease of how they manage the cart and weight. Wish shipping was less expensive... maybe one day they can have that but shipping is expensive everywhere. My dogs have never had an issue with any of their products and they are high on Susan Thixton's list of good food and transparent companies.

Helped with food sensitivities

By Merav on January 4, 2024

My cat Bean has been on a raw diet since she was a kitten. At some point she started scratching her ears till they were bare and eventually vomiting her food. I finally figured out that she was allergic to poultry from the grocery store, including organic. When I switched to Hare Today she immediately felt better, and the fur on her ears has grown back. Even though it's tricky dealing with bulk quantities and cross-country shipping, it's worth it to see my cat happy and healthy.

Leara Luna - Raw Food for Life

By Susan on December 29, 2023

Luna has gone from mother’s milk to raw food and has never been on any other diet. Her appetite is stellar and her coat is shiny. She’s always excited to eat her food and always cleans her bowl. Sometimes she eats raw, freeze-dried and grazes over that for awhile as she is not as much a fan of that as she is her fresh raw.
Just turning a year old there have only been veterinarian appointments for vaccinations and spaying. Hopefully this diet will keep her healthy throughout a long life.
We’ll keep you posted!

Reliable and excellent

By Katie on December 23, 2023

I've been buying for 5 years or so for my cats and I've never had a problem. Excellent products, chicken especially. I'm very thankful for Hare Today for helping me feed my cats so well!

Freshest protein ever!!

By Sherrill on November 20, 2023

MaggieLou is in love with the fish proteins: salmon, whitefish, the Dehydrated salmon crumble....I am in love with the quality and obvious concern of Hare Today that your complete satisfaction has been met. The whole turkey grind smells so good---can I eat it too??

Rigby is Happy!

By Raquel on October 30, 2023

Rigby LOOOOVES the raw whole rabbit mixture we give him. He has never scarfed down food so fast. His poops also do not smell whatsoever. Amazing find and addition to his diet. I have been ordering here for the past year and will not go anywhere else!


By Stefani on September 23, 2023

Love the variety of proteins available here to give my cats a variety. Thank you.

Best decision I ever made

By Tala on September 17, 2023

After battling urinary issues for the first year & a half of my cats' life as well as allergies and skin issues I finally made the decision to switch to raw feedings. Not only is it cheaper then wet food, but I know what is going into my pets' body. Since switching over two years ago the health of both cats has improved significantly! No more urinary flare ups, no more itchy skin & ear infections. My cats' qualities of life have improved immensely. Finding Hare today to source my cats' meat has been the best & easiest thing ever. I cannot be more thankful for Hare today making it so much easier on me to feed my babies a healthy diet that they absolutely love.

My 5 Kitties love Raw

By Hermia on August 24, 2023

I've been looking for a better raw solution to feed my kitties till I found Hare-today. They love the chicken and turkey most and it has been a few years I can see the shininess of their fur and overall health as a result of not just raw but the quality of them here.

So grateful for Hare Today!

By Allyson on August 13, 2023

After my last cat and best buddy passed from kidney disease, I resolved to do everything possible to ensure all our animals have the best nutrition and chance for a long, healthy life. We made the switch to raw using products from Hare Today (recommended by YouTuber JessCaticles), and we're super pleased. All the cats' coats soon became shinier and healthier. Our elder statesman, 17-yr-old Rocco, is doing well and his kidney values returned to normal. I love all the content and links on the webpage, as well as the information about sourcing. Thanks so much!