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Current Specials

Cancel or Make Changes to Order

In order to make changes, we must cancel your current order, process a refund, and then you can redo your order with the items you would prefer.

Email us at info@hare-today.com for cancellations.

Reordering is quick and easy, simply log into your account, click on your prior order, select “Reorder these items”, and make the changes you prefer.


Order Change/Cancellation Policy

The only way to change or cancel an order is to email me so I can delete the existing order and refund payment. You would then need to redo the order with the items you prefer. 

Shipping costs are calculated on shipping location, weight and dimensional space so when you add or remove items the shipping cost changes. Also, I need accurate records of what food is sent. We do not store credit card information so we cannot add items and bill. It has to be done on the website as one complete order.

We pack orders in advance and put boxes in freezer till the ship date. We then pull the boxes, add dry ice and tape up. If your box is already packed and in freezer it is extremely difficult to find so you must cancel before Saturday. 

If you cancel on the Saturday or Sunday prior to your ship date, there will be a 10% restocking fee. The 10% cancelation fee will also be added to held orders that are canceled. Cancellations may not be possible if requested on the same day as the set ship date and there will be no exceptions made to the restocking fee.