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What is your schedule for processing on out of stock items?
We work extremely hard at keeping all inventory in stock but we do run out occasionally and need time to get restocked. On the product pages you will see the quantities available. If you order more then the quantity listed you will not be able to check out. You can only order what we have in stock. I am no longer back ordering items because it is an inventory nightmare trying to keep track. Orders are done on a first come first serve basis.

If product is out of stock you can sign up for an email notification to be notified when product stock is updated. Click on request stock notification.

Please DO NOT EMAIL about stock. It will be added back to website as soon as more product is available. If an item is out of stock for more then a week this means it is unavailable at the present time.

Some items the demand exceeds supply such as tripe and pancreas. These items sell out on a weekly basis. The best way to get these items is to order immediately, once you are notified that the product has been added. Again first come first serve.

Our processing schedule runs as follows:

Mondays and Tuesdays are our shipping day so we do not process on these days except for packaging some dehydrated treats.

Wednesdays we package all non ground items, such as hearts, trim, whole fish, meaty bones, etc.
Wednesdays we grind and package poultry, fish and occasionally some red meats such as goat, llama, ground organs.

Thursdays processing is rabbit, beef, tripe, beef pancreas and pork.

Fridays are not a processing day. Fridays are farm related chores.
Is there a minimum order?
10 lbs is the minimum for ordering frozen goods. This excludes dehydrated goods and supplements.
Why is there a 10 lb minimum?
There are a couple reasons for the minimum. First off this is frozen food. If I try to ship less then 10 lbs it is almost impossible to keep cold enough during shipping. The more product in the box the longer it will take to start thawing.

There are NO exceptions to the 10 lb minimum for frozen foods shipping.

Second, raw feeding is a commitment. You can transition your dog or cat. Dogs are easier. Fast for 12 hours and offer the food. If your dog does not eat it with in 20 minutes pick it up and put in fridge till next meal. A healthy dog will not starve themselves and will eat. You have to wait them out. Picky dogs are created. You have to do "tough love."

Cats can be more difficult. You can NOT starve a cat into eating. This is an excellent website for feeding cats: This is a PDF one page guide on how to transition a cat to raw feeding:
Do you have samples for me to try?
I can not send samples due to being frozen food. See above question and answer.
What is your cut off date for shipping orders?
There is not a definitive cut off time on shipments. Do not expect your order to ship the day you order.

We can physically only pack so many boxes in a day. We can do about 200 boxes in a day. If I am over that amount when you place the order then you would be scheduled to ship the next day. Orders are done on a first come first serve basis.

EXAMPLE: if you order Saturday or Sunday and I have 200 boxes scheduled out for our Monday ship date then your order would ship Tuesday. It is always best to order a few days to a week ahead of time. Put in the comments box, at check out, what day you want this shipped and I will note it on the invoice. This way you are in the queue for that ship date.
How do I change or cancel an order?
The only way to change or cancel an order is to email me so I can delete the existing order and refund payment. You would then need to redo the order with the items you want.

Shipping is based on weight of box so when you add or remove items the shipping cost changes. Also I need accurate records of what food is sent.
We do not store credit card info so we can not add items and bill. It has to be done on the website as 1 complete order.

We pack orders in advance and put boxes in freezer till the ship date. We then pull the boxes, add dry ice and tape up. If your box is already packed and in freezer it is extremely difficult to find so you must cancel before Saturday.

If you cancel Saturday or Sunday there will be a 10% restocking fee.
Do you allow farm pick ups?
We are located in Springboro, PA 16435 if you want to map the distance.

Pick up orders are during business hours only and by appointment. There is a 10 lb minimum on all orders.

Business hours are Monday-Thursday, 6 am till 4 pm. Closed from 10 A.M. -noon for lunch. [Lunch hour varies depending on shipping and processing schedules.] We are closed on Fridays.
Weekend pick ups are by appointment only and must be scheduled in advance, email tracy@hare-today to schedule a pick up prior to ordering.

Orders need to be placed online. Choose pick up at check out and put in comments box the day and time you want to pick up, keeping in mind the business hours. I will email to confirm and give driving directions.
Do you do bulk orders?
Bulk orders receive a flat shipping rate on orders over $2,000.00.

You can place the order directly on line. Once the total reaches $2,000.00 you will get the flat rate. Rate is $21.00 per box and applies to ground shipping only and east of the Mississippi.
Do you offer wholesale discounts?
I am sorry I do not. I try to keep product pricing as affordable as I can for everyone. In order for me to offer discounts on my products I would have to raise pricing and then offer a discount to a select few. This does not seem fair to me or to the majority of my customers that are end consumers and order direct.

If you are ordering ground meat/bone/organ the 5 lb packaging is .50 lb. less then the smaller packaging as it is less labor for us to package, which in turn will save you $27.50 per 55 lb order. You can repackage into smaller serving sizes and refreeze. See Raw Food FAQ.

I also offer a flat rate $21.00 per box shipping on all orders that are $2000.00 or more, if you are east of the Mississippi. This applies to everyone. The shipping rate will calculate at check out, once the $2000.00 is reached.
Do you charge sales tax?
PA sales are charged 6% sales tax.
Can you do custom orders not on the website?
I do not do custom orders due to very limited freezer space.
What is your return policy?
It's our goal to have 100% satisfied customers. However, because of the perishable nature of most of our products - we do not accept returns.
Do you have diffrent size packaging?
Most ground products have different options on sizes from 1, 2 and 5 lb fine ground and also 3 lb coarse ground.
If the product has these options there is a drop down menu that you can select the size and grind you want.
Our meaty bones and marrow bones have both a large and small size option. The non ground items do not come if different sizes.
Do you offer an auto ship option?
We don't offer an auto ship as payment info is not stored, but to make it easy for reordering, log into your account, click my account and then you will see your order history.
Click on the box on right to view orders and there is a reorder this again link, top right, that adds items back to your cart. Then proceed through check out.
There was a mistake on my order?
If you did not receive the correct product, something ordered was omitted or there is damage - please contact us immediately. Take a couple pictures of the product and invoice, email them to us at

If you can not take a picture please describe the issue. My employees raises are based on NOT making shipping errors so I need to know who packed the box. It is imperative that you tell me the initials on the invoice. A picture of the invoice is preferred. Email it to me at
Also if there is an error it messes up my inventory count so I need to adjust inventory.

Due to the cost of shipping I do not resend items but if you verify by picture that you received the wrong item I will refund the price of the item you did not receive.

Please contact us within 24 hours after receipt of your shipment.
How do coupons work?
Coupon codes are emailed to newsletter subscribers and also posted on our Facebook page the 1st of every month, if one is offered for that month.
I do not do coupon codes every month.
Coupons can only be redeemed 1 time per month per user account.
Coupons are not retroactive and will not be applied once an order is placed. You must apply the code at check out to use a coupon.