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Current Specials

Order Issues

Thank you for your purchase and support of our small family business. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and if you have experienced any issues with products received, that were ordered from us, please review the following information. For email inquiries, please know that we will do our best to respond within 24 hours.


Delayed or Failed deliveries.

Tracking shows my box was delivered, but I did not receive it? Can you help?

You must contact me within 24 hours if there is a delivery issue.

For example, if we ship your order on a Monday, and you have a two (2) day estimated transit, you would expect to receive your order on Wednesday. If your order is not received on Wednesday, that would be considered delayed, and the 24 hours begins. In this example, we would expect to hear from you no later than Thursday.  

Delivery issues include, but may not be limited to, carrier delays and failed deliveries. Transit times can be found here and are also listed during checkout.

Carriers do not insure perishable goods (generally speaking) which is why it is imperative to contact me if there are any delays. Loses come directly out of our pocket, which can become a huge liability for our small family business, but our customers and the lives that go into our products are very important to me, and we will be your biggest advocate.

If delays occur, I can put a trace on your order, and we will contact FedEx/UPS on your behalf. We can contact our carriers and have them reach out to drivers to see where the box was left as it may have been delivered to a wrong address. Make sure to also double check around your home and surrounding neighbors, as this is the first question our carriers will ask.

Time is of the absolute essence with delay and/or failed deliveries. 

If you fail to contact me within 24 hours of receipt of box showing delivered there is no recourse and payment will not be refunded.

Also, keep in mind that we do not resend orders, rather all items must be reordered by the customer.


My tracking number is not valid?

You will be notified via email the day your order is scheduled to ship. If you are not getting these check spam.

I do shipping labels ahead of time as I cant be packing boxes and do labels at the same time so just because there is a tracking link on your account does not mean the order shipped just that a label was generated.
Check after 4 pm, the day your order is scheduled to ship and the tracking will be valid. Boxes have to be picked up and scanned before you can see the tracking info.

My one concern is that the bags sometimes have leaks.

During shipping the jostling around may cause some small holes. There is not a lot I can do about that besides going to a thicker bag. I use a 3 mil bag when most other places use 1.5 mil so I already use double the thickness. I could upgrade the bags to a 6 mil but the cost to use the thicker bags would increase product cost .30 lb to cover this cost. Being most people want to keep product pricing as low as possible the general consensus is they would rather deal with small holes then pay more.

Thaw in fridge in a pan or container to catch the blood or if thawing in cold water put in a Tupperware type container that has a tight lid and float that way. You could also put the bags in a Ziploc bag and then put in cold water so it is double bagged to retain the blood loss. The meat is still fine to feed even if the bag has a puncture.


What is the date stamped on the bag? What is the shelf life of the frozen products?

The date is the day of processing, NOT THE EXPIRATION DATE.

Shelf life is 1 year minimum on frozen foods, 2-3 days in fridge.


Why does the ground meat/bones/organs have a grayish color?

Click on the link below for an explanation on why meat can change colors.


There was a mistake on my order?

If you did not receive the correct product, something ordered was omitted or there is damage - please contact us immediately. Take a couple pictures of the product and invoice, email them to us at info@hare-today.com.

If you cannot take a picture please describe the issue. My employees raises are based on NOT making shipping errors so I need to know who packed the box. It is imperative that you tell me the initials on the invoice. A picture of the invoice is preferred. Email it to me at info@hare-today.com. Also if there is an error it messes up my inventory count so I need to adjust inventory.

Due to the cost of shipping I do not resend items but if you verify by picture that you received the wrong item I will refund the price of the item you did not receive.

Please contact us within 24 hours after receipt of your shipment.