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Shipping Notice:

Christmas is right around the corner, and how quickly it is coming. Keep in mind that our last ship date prior to Christmas is Monday, December 17th and we will resume shipping following the New Year on Monday, January 7th. 

The Christmas season has become one of the busiest shipping times of the year and the possibility of delays increases. If you experience a delay please reference the information regarding thawing here:

If you chose to have your order shipped on Monday, December 17th, we cannot be held responsible for lost, delayed, or thawed packages.

Product Notice:

Due to overwhelming demand, additional supply for our Ground Whole Carcass Cavies will not be available until Thursday, January 3rd.

Click on the boxes below for more information about our website, shipping info, raw pet feeding, and other resources.  Also FAQ's in red banner will answer most frequently asked questions.



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