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Current Specials

Whole Prey

Our whole prey feeder mice, rats, chicks and quail are sourced from Layne Labs In California.

Layne Labs breeds outstanding feeders. Layne's animals are bred in a USDA-licensed facility, with a constant flow of fresh air, clean drinking water, nutritious food and clean, dry bedding.

Rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs are sourced from a few Amish farmers.

Feeder animals are euthanized quickly and humanely with carbon dioxide (CO2), as recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association and frozen immediately.

CO2 ensures a humane, quick and painless death for the animals and leaves no harmful residual chemicals that may harm the animal ingesting the prey item.

Whole prey means the entire animal. Nothing is removed. If you want a dressed carcass, ground product, pieces, etc browse the products by protein or packaging link.