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Guinea Pig, Extra Small, 3-8 ounces


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Product Details

Extra small guinea pig, 3-8 ounces each.

Guinea pigs come from South America in the Andes Mountains. They are called "cavies" and have been used as food for the inhabitants of South America.

Humanely euthanized with co2 and flash frozen at -30 degrees, vacuum sealed bags.

Fed a scientifically designed diet that ensures your animals receive the nutrition they require. The meat is high in protein and low in fat and cholesterol.

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    My Malinois is crazy for Guniea Pigs

By Danyelle on November 20, 2020

I was a little indifferent the first time I fed my girl a guinea pig but honestly seeing how much she loves them and how good it is for her I couldn't imagine feeding her different again.

    Great for protein variety and whole prey size

By Mareike on November 12, 2020

I fed my Labrador (52 pounds) the small size guinea pigs and loved their size (about equal to her usual portion size). Since I had a pet guinea pig years ago, I must admit that feeding guinea pigs was difficult at first, but seeing my dog get so excited and devouring this wholesome meal so quickly, I quickly overcame any squeamishness. I appreciate the variety that these guinea pigs add to my dog's meal plan and already ordered more.

    Savannah Cat loves it.

By Sandra on March 18, 2020

I am woken up every morning with forceful leaps off my body. Not today! I have a full kitty and she loved it. I got the small size which is still quite large and she went to town.

    Great Product

By Grace on September 20, 2019

Okay, to be honest... I wasn't expecting my dog to know what to do with this. I got it out of curiosity. I thought it would take a few times of me giving it to him before he decided to try it (if he did at all) but to my surprise - he went absolutely crazy for it! He couldn't decide whether to play with this or eat it! He kept pouncing and throwing it around.... taking a few bites in between. Right when he would relax and really start getting into it.... another round of playing with the guinea pig. Now I see what people mean when they say animals play with their food...

    Special Treat for Cats

By Natalie on May 22, 2019

Every now & then I'll get the extra small size for my cats. They like to play with them a bit first since they are so much bigger than rodents I usually give. I do have 2 issues feeding g. pigs to cats though. One, the intestines are pretty stinky & full of poop so my cats ask me to remove them when they start getting to it and 2, the skull can be a little thick for my cat's preference so 1 in particular leaves a mangled head. I choose to bury it because it seems so disrespectful to me to throw in the trash. They smell & look like they've been treated well which is really important to me. I've bought stuff from RodentPro before & never will again because their animals smell heavily of urine & seemed like some weren't frozen for a long time after they died. Hare Today delivers consistent great quality.

    Whole prey, not for my pup :(

By Gabriela on November 30, 2018

I was so excited to try this! Unfortunately my dog just poked at it and walked away. I added goat's milk and bone broth (her favorite) and she still would not touch it. Tried cutting it up hoping that it would entice her to eat it and had no luck. She's usually not a picky eater, but she is 5 years old, not sure if it's too new or different that she's just not willing to eat it. I do love that Hare Today has the whole carcass grinds which she devours. (And it's a great way to add fiber to her diet).

    Piggy Goes Quickly

By Amy on May 17, 2018

My dogs love the whole guinea pigs. They gets lots of chewing exercise and I am happy that they are getting whole prey with all the guts and bones included.

    Spledid Whole Prey

By Brittany on May 14, 2018

Very clean, good size, great muscle tone! My cat Tigger loved it, as did my sister's pit bull. Unfortunately, my cat ended up puking most of it up. I think I should have removed the intestines for him- it seemed every time he ate the guts it was about 5min before he chucked. Made a couple attempts over 3 days to eat it, but couldn't keep it down. He is able to keep the ground cavies down just fine, so not quite sure what was up. Will be trying again tho. The pit bull wants her own next time.

Response from Hare-Today: Check out this article on Regurgitation and Vomiting; https://feline-nutrition.org/answers/answers-lets-talk-about-barf

    Huge hit!

By Olivia on December 17, 2017

My dog loved these! And they looked great, very clean and healthy. The small guinea pigs were the perfect size for my 50 pound dog.

    Labrador loved the guinea pig!!

By Sarah on October 28, 2017

My Labrador thourghly enjoyed his guinea pig! I’ve fed him ground guinea pig in the past and he’s always eaten it with great enthusiasm (but then again...he is a lab!!) I absolutely love the whole prey items Hare Today offers! My dogs eat chuncked or ground all week so on the weekends, I like to give them a change by feeding whole prey - they definitely look forward to it! I only buy Hare Today... they are THE best!

    My dog is thrilled with these cavies!

By Elizabeth on September 5, 2017

Kind of funny, I ate quite a few of these critters in Peru (cooked, of course!) My dog did not hesitate for a second, as she regularly catches and consumes ground squirrels, but I feel much better about her eating these since they're obviously in good condition, humanely euthanized, and frozen!

    guinea pig=delicious

By Marta on May 15, 2017

My dog hasn't had guinea pig before so I did end up taking out some of the guts to help her out. She loved it! But it did have a lot of poo in its intestine, but that wasn't a problem because I removed them. The guinea pig was in great shape and had surprising a lot of meat on it.

    Very clean looking

By jing on March 28, 2017

To be honest, I was frightened at the first look at the bag. I was expecting a meaty body without all the hairs. But after getting used to the look, I felt it clean and in a good shape. My cat won't eat it but I still think it is a good product.

    Surprisingly awesome

By Nora on September 6, 2016

My GSD, Sam, hasn't seen a whole guinea pig before so once these came in, I gave him one. He was confused at first what to do with it but he finally started eating it while we had dinner and he picked his guinea pig over begging for scraps! He loooves it. Whenever we walked past, he looked at us like, "you're not taking my guinea pig, right?"
Will definitely buy more in the future. They're really great quality and to Sam, super delicious!

    very nice quality

By Amanda on June 23, 2016

First time purchasing cavies and I'm newer to raw but these were easy to prepare for my pups!

    Cat likes very much

By April on June 5, 2016

Got two of the extra small guinea pigs. One was about 4.5oz, the other about 5.6oz. I gave my cat the smallest one. I removed the intestines first, then gave it to him. He chowed it down!

    Guinea Pigs

By Philip on May 16, 2016

When the box was shipped to me I pulled out the guinea pigs I had ordered. When I took them out of the bag they were clean and in excellent condition. I couldn't be happier with how well they looked and healthy at that too. My ferrets loved them! Thank you for high quality products!

    Cavies for dinner = HAPPY!

By Wendy on February 10, 2016

My son's cat just LOVES the whole cavies, he practically does flips for them. They are gone in no time, crunch crunch and all I see is lip-smacking! Tried them for my two dogs, and they are a hit with them also! May we have some more, please?! Love your products and seeing how happy my critters are eating good raw foods.


By Debra on October 3, 2015

My guinea pigs always arrive clean, which is very important to me. I feel they have been well taken care of .


By Alyse on September 5, 2014

These were a bit bigger than I expected, perfect size for a few ferrets to munch on :)


By Alyse on September 5, 2014

The first couple of times I tried to buy these, they were sold out - glad they're back! They are a great size for my ferrets.


By Andrew on August 8, 2014

Perfect size for a 40 lb dog. She loved them! Ordered the smaller guys since these were out of stock!


By Lea on April 19, 2014

Guinea pigs are greatly smelly and delishus for my dog. They have a lot of fur and yummy lip smacking flavor claimed by my dog.


By Casey on May 13, 2012

My cats LOVE the extra small guinea pigs! And they're always so healthy-looking and clean. I also like the fact that the guinea pigs are raising in groups, rather than isolated one to a tiny cage as the big producers do. Just because I'm going to feed them to my cats doesn't mean that they don't deserve a little kindness and comfort while they're alive.


By Casey on February 9, 2012

These are cat-perfect! Shiny coats, clean feet, and good muscling shows that these guinea pigs were well cared for and had more room to move than your usual raised-as-a-feeder guinea pig. No signs of stress grooming either, which you get with some other suppliers.