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CoronaVirus [COVID-19] Updates

Sent on March 13, 2020


We continue to take one day at a time during this pandemic to ensure product safety as the lives that go into our products are so very important, as are our customers. At this time we are suggesting and requiring the following:

  1. All FedEx Express and 1-Day Ground transits will proceed as normal.
  2. For all 2 Day Ground transits, we highly recommend using FedEx Express 2-Day, but will ship using Ground (with an estimated 2-Day transit) at your risk.
  3. 3 Day Ground transits will be required to proceed as follows:
    • Upgrade shipping to Express 2-Day, additional shipping fees apply
    • Hold for a future ship date
    • Cancel

Please know that we have made every effort possible to proceed with "business as usual", but needed to make this decision to ensure product safety.

On Monday, May 25th there will be NO shipping as FedEx Ground does not operate on Memorial Day. UPDATE, we will not ship on Tuesday, May 26th as delays will be very probable during the holiday weekend given the pandemic as well so we will resume shipping on Monday, June 1st.



COVID-19 is also causing some transit delays due to heavy shipping volumes. FedEx has assured me that they are trying their best in getting all shipments that can be delivered, delivered as soon as possible. 


Given FedEx Ground is experiencing system contraints with high volumes, I would recommend using Express shipping options if you are a 3 day transit or have experienced delays in the past. Express is not experiencing the large contraints Ground is currently and will have less likelihood of delay. 
Also keep in mind the Hold at Location shipping option which allows you to pick up your package at a FedEx terminal near you. This option is available at checkout and automatically populates based on your shipping address. This is a good option if you are running errands, driving home from work, etc and keeps your order off a potentially hot truck. Keep this option in mind if you have had issues with deliveries in the past or are at the end of a delivery route. Please note that FedEx hold locations do not accept Express deliveries and Walgreen's locations do not accept perishable goods.



Quick Update:




At the present time, there is no evidence that companion pets can spread COVID-19 to humans.

Please continue to be thoughtful in using best practices to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  •  Wash your hands
  •  Put your laundry in the washing machine as soon as you arrive home from public
  •  Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
  •  Stay home when you are sick
  •  Clean and disinfect frequently touches objects and surfaces




Many of you may know that we ship all frozen food orders FedEx.

As an essential business, FedEx continues to operate across the U.S. and has released the following service update:

Key points:
 To help promote the safety of their employees and customers, FedEx’s Signature guidelines are being temporarily adjusted for all shipments within the United States.
 Given our Home Deliveries do not require a signature normally, this will not impact our shipments to you.
 But please take precautions and do your best to be present when deliveries occur. This will hold everyone accountable as theft occurrences may naturally increase during times of despair.

Take heart and keep open communication with us if there are any questions or concerns.



I am continually thankful to be considered a Life-Sustaining Business during such non-predictable times.

We will take every precaution possible to keep our customers and employees safe during this time as it is a big responsibility that I take very personally.

Please stay safe and healthy!



In efforts to keep everyone updated on product availability, please review our anticipated processing list for this week, picture attached to this post.

Keep in mind our processing schedule as listed here:
Our processing schedule runs as follows:

Mondays and Tuesdays are our shipping days, so we do not process on these days except for packaging some dehydrated treats.

Wednesdays we package all non-ground items, such as hearts, trim, whole fish, meaty bones, etc. We also grind and package poultry, fish and occasionally some red meats such as goat, llama, and ground organs.

Thursday's processing is rabbit, beef, tripe, beef pancreas and pork.

Fridays are live rabbit intake, farm related chores, facility maintenance, process for out of stock inventory, etc. Each Friday, demanding on supply availability, whole prey rabbits will be processed.

Our Freeze Dried product line is currently limited in availability given the length of processing time (around 40 hours for the freeze dried cycle alone). We add inventory for our Freeze Dried products on Mondays and Wednesdays each week.

Typically, inventory is added to the website around 4:30 EST following our processing days.

We work extremely hard at keeping all inventory in stock, but we do run out occasionally and need time to get restocked. On the product pages you will see the quantities available. If you order more than the quantity listed you will not be able to check out. You can only order what we have in stock. I am no longer back ordering items because it is an inventory nightmare trying to keep track. Orders are done on a first come first serve basis.

If product is out of stock you can sign up for an email notification to be notified when product stock is updated. Click on request stock notification. If an item is out of stock for more than a week this means it is unavailable at the present time.

For some items the demand exceeds supply such as tripe, pancreas, Alpaca and Llama. These items sell out on a weekly basis. The best way to get these items is to order immediately, once you are notified that the product has been added. Again, first come, first serve.



I’m grateful that we are able to stay open at this time as we are considered an essential business according to our PA Gov. Tom Wolf.

Going forward, I will continue to proceed with caution in the coming days and weeks for the wellness and best interest of my employees and customers, keeping a bible in one hand and a newspaper in the other.

These are trying times and I wish each of you safety and wellness.

This week we will be processing the following items, keeping in mind this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Semi Boneless Dressed Quail (pictured below)
  • Beef (Ground Beef/Bones/Organ/Tripe pictured below)
  • Turkey
  •  Duck
  •  Goat
  • Tripe

... and many others!

Please be patience as we have a very busy shipping day tomorrow, but our team will continue to work hard to offer only the best for your domesticated carnivores.

Our processing schedule is also listed here for your reference: https://hare-today.com/ordering_account_faq



UPDATE regarding next week’s shipping (3/16-3/17)

As of now, I don’t expect any FedEx service delays or cancellations surrounding the CoronaVirus and in regards to next weeks’ shipping. 

Currently I am proceeding cautiously, but we are scheduled to stay open for business as normal.

I will continue to keep communication timely and open in regards to this mater.

Stay safe.

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