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PAW Slow Feeder Orange


Product SKU:PAW Slow Feeder Orange
Shipping Weight:3.00 lbs
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Product Details

PetDreamHouse PAW Slow Feeder is an entry-level slow-feeding plate with minimum annoyance for the pet. The unique shallow paw-shaped design features separate compartments and pockets, perfect for a healthy and balanced platter. It also encourages more often and smaller bites during meals which naturally slows the eating speed down.

The PAW Slow Feeder is a fun and unique paw shaped feeding dish, which separates food into multiple mini compartments to slow down your pet's speed of eating and reduce the risk of bloat. Food can be separated into each section by food type or simply add food throughout different compartments. Each PAW Slow Feeder bowl is designed with two standard bowl areas, two slow feeding bowl areas and a center area which separate into multiple mini bowls. The PAW Slow Feeder provides a fun way for your pet to slow their eating vs. making it annoyingly difficult for your pet to eat.

Helpful Tips and Reminders

🐾INTERACTIVE: The PAW Slow Feeder slows eating by dividing up a dog or cat’s food into multiple shallow compartments where food is dispersed wide vs. deep. Slow eating reduces the risk of bloat and eases digestion.
🐾VARIETY: Every PetDreamHouse slow feeder bowl allows for different types of food. The assorted compartment shapes and sizes introduce a variety of textures to pets.
🐾MULTI-USE: Use the PAW Slow Feeder Bowl as a slow feeder at mealtime or in-between meals for healthy snacking.
🐾CAPACITY: Each PAW Slow Feeder holds up to approximately 1.5 cups of appropriately sized food. (The example illustrated contained 30 oz!)

Additional Information:
All of PetDreamHouse products are made exclusively in a family-owned factory under ISO 9001:2015 standard. Human food grade and FDA approved materials, BPA-Free, PVC-Free, Dishwasher safe (top rack).

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