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Current Specials

Ground Rabbit/Bones/Organs, 1 lb., Fine Ground


Product SKU:HT-010070
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs
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Product Details

• Raw whole ground rabbit including meat, bones, head, and organs (liver, heart, lung, thymus, pancreas, thyroid gland, spleen and kidneys).
• Fur, stomach, and intestine are removed.
• Prey model grind.
• Locally sourced.

Product Weight, Packaging, and Processing Details

• 1 lb. chub bag, FINE ground.
• FINE Ground products are finished with our ¼” grinder plate, resulting in the diameter of the bone being no larger than 1/4”, but the length can vary a bit depending on how the bone is pushed through the grinder plate.
• Frozen in commercial freezers maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

• Note, heart and lung is considered a muscle meat for feeding purposes, while liver, pancreas and kidney are secreting organs.
MBO percentages are averages based on total lot production, but typically fall within a 1% variance.

Meat/Bone/Organ Ratio

75% Meat / 15% Bone / 10% Organ

Nutrition and Benefits

• Low in Sodium.
• It is also a good source of Vitamin B6 and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Protein, Niacin, Vitamin B12 and Selenium.

Helpful Tips and Reminders

• 🐈🐕 Cats and Dogs typically do well with rabbit.
• All-white meat, very lean (95% fat free), and low cholesterol. Furthermore, the type of fat found in rabbit meat is comparable to that in fish, in terms of the composition of the essential fatty acids. Heart-friendly protein source.
• Novel protein which can be helpful for animals with sensitivities and/or allergies.

Our mission includes advocating for optimal health and safe handling of raw materials. Make sure to use safe handling practices and reference our Raw Food Education pages.

Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min.) 19% Crude Fat (min.) 4.59% Crude Fiber (max.) .2% Moisture (max.) 74%

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    Might try again but mixed with their favorite

By Wendy on May 13, 2024

My cats were not too interested in this meat by itself and had too much waste as leftovers. I would try next time mixed with poultry . I wanted to give them a diversity of proteins to try out. Would try it again as there are many good reviews here.

    Rabbit Treat for my Cat

By Kylie on February 3, 2024

My kitten loves the ground rabbit! I love adding it to the ground chicken and whatever other proteins I get to give her a fun variety of flavors. It's definitely a hit and will continue to order it!

    Ground Rabbit

By Victor on December 19, 2023

This is my dog and cat's top favorite protein.

    Hope to get more kitties eating this

By Marjorie on April 27, 2023

I love this option for getting rabbit for my cats.
Prior to ordering rabbit here, the local supermarket sometimes carried rabbit. It was hit or miss and required cutting it up and then grinding it. Buying it coarse ground works best here - the "recipe" used requires some chicken and eggs, so I run it all through my grinder.
More consistent availability AND I don't have to "butcher" it anymore (brings a whole new meaning to butchering!)
Only a few cats here have been eating this, with hopes that more will (sometimes the others taste a little left over.) I'm not ready to commit to feeding all of them yet (11) as it would likely take several days to get enough for a few weeks! The more tedious part is freezing it in ice cube trays, but perhaps it could be frozen in larger quantity if more eat it.
We were doing several canned foods (I am very picky about the foods, but some aren't always available!) three times/day and raw or homemade twice/day. Last year a rather young cat went hyperthyroid. She's going for treatment next week. They said 2 weeks prior she can't have fish. Checking the various cans, turns out some non-fish cans (beef/chicken) contain FISH! ALSO, another cat at recent checkup is now just over the high end of normal for T4. Asked vet and it seems now they have suspicions about cats who eat canned food (eliminated dry food MANY years ago - worst thing for cats!) They don't know if it's the fish, the aluminum in the cans or what might be triggering this. Just another incentive to get rid of most of it.
My plan had been to reduce cans and increase the commercial raw and homemade - THIS has ramped up my plan. Never mind the hassle, the amount of cans needing recycling is ridiculous with 11 cats eating it 3x/day. So, here's to continuing with getting rabbit (currently 3x/year roughly since 2021) and potentially more if the others can learn to like it! My preference would be to feed only the food I make, as I know exactly what's in it!
(Beware those "grain-free" labels. 1) they caused the issues by adding grain and 2) many substitutes with potatoes, peas and other non-cat food items! Especially beware the addition of dl-Methionine.)
Here's to many more years of buying rabbit here!!

    My kitties love it!

By Alyssa on April 23, 2023

I recently ordered a variety of proteins for my kitties to try and for their first batch I made this mixed with the whole carcass ground rabbit. It was a big hit!
My older kitty gets so excited for feeding time now. She never made much noise before when it came to her food (she's had mostly commercial raw up till now) but now she meows up a storm! She even does little spins right before I put her dish down.
I'm excited to see their reactions to the other proteins!

    Convince your Human to get this!

By Arthur on February 3, 2023

...is he gone? Okay.

My human transitioned me from kibble to raw in about 3 months. First, the kibble went into the trash and some high-quality canned food (grain-free), which I liked. I favored some of those flavors over others, but got used to the difference. During this time, old two-foot had been doing research on the internet about cat nurtition. I followed along as best I could, front paws on his knees.

The day came when he carried this enourmous box inside and put these tubes of something on a tray in the 'fridge. A few days later I hear him making an awful racket in the kitchen with the blender, then weighing out the results into ice cube trays. This turned out to be a 50/50 mix of raw and same-flavor canned mixture.

I thought "Okay, this stuff is in the same place he ALWAYS puts my food (even after he stopped giving me gravel to eat) so he must think it's good for me. After all, he put in all that effort into what's best for me to eat. Lemme sniff it.

Not totally obnoxious. There's parts of it that are familiar, so if he thinks it's alright, I'll try it. But I ain't sticking my FACE in there yet, so I'm going to utilize my super-talent. Scoop a bit up with the fur between my toes, then lick that off to taste it.

Hmm. Not bad. I could get used to this. Over the course of a month my human kept increasing the canned/raw ratio until the day he didn't. I'd gotten used to the new consistencies, aromas & results, but still tasted the "old school" stuff. I kinda miss it but, in the grand scheme of things (as far as a feline can see such things) accepted this as bona-fide cat food.

I'd always had a somewhat raggedy looking coat. Although technically I'm just a puddy-tat my coat and coloring are reminiscent of a lilac-point himalayan. After a week or two of eating this new stuff I noticed my fur felt better. It looked better. A month later and I had a fluffy, resplendent mantle the likes of which I never imagined I could have.

Then came a day he suddenly started giving me that canned stuff again. He got lazy & didn't want to mix up the oil & supplements, then portion it out. My coat went back to it's former blah. I let him know I wasn't happy. Sat on his stomach, staring into his eyes when he was trying to get to sleep. Deliberately trying to get underfoot. Y'know. It's not like I can TELL him this stuff sucks.

That dope of a two-foot finally figured this out and relented. I'm now back on the good stuff and my coat, tummy and attitude are recovering rapidly. Thank you sooooo much for supplying my human with these delicious, nutritious foods. Hare-Today's products are the best! Always fresh, wholesome and tasty. They'rrrrrrre grrrrrreat!


Popeye, owner of human called Arte ... don't let him tell you it's the other way around. WE know who's who here!

...uh-oh. Here hey comes. Hurry ... press SEND

    Yum Yum Yum

By Pamela on January 22, 2023

My Bengal kitten has been on a raw diet since I got him, and I wanted to introduce him to new meats and food. I figured he would like the rabbit since so many cats on a raw diet love rabbit and he loves it. He has tried the chicken, alpaca, pork, duck and rabbit and hands down his favorites are the chicken, alpaca and rabbit.

    Kibble-Fed Kitten Approved!!

By Alexis on June 21, 2022

I just took in a 16-week old Ragdoll kitten who was fed kibble and canned food. I knew that I wanted to switch her to raw because of the amazing things I heard about it!

I was worried that she'd have a hard time switching but nope!! My kitten gobbled it up with no hesitation!!

    My cat LOVES this ground rabbit!

By Donna on February 26, 2022

My 14-year-old cat absolutely loves the ground rabbit. He eats every crumb.
Unfortunately, this ground rabbit is often out-of-stock. Seems that lots of pets love it.
It's definitely my go-to for my feline.
I really appreciate getting the notifications from Hare Today when the rabbit is back in inventory. It's usually out-of-stock again by the time I receive my benefit check, but it's always the first protein I try to order.
Hare Today not only provides fresh tasty meat, they also have educational articles that have taught me a lot. Thank you, Hare Today!

    very juicy and fresh

By chenkun on February 21, 2022

Amazing meat - ground rabbit has always been first choice

    My Cat's Love it

By Karl on February 11, 2022

I was leery that my cats would not like this. Boy was I wrong. I think it's their favorite protein besides the ground up chicken. So far, they have liked everything I've fed them. Definitely will be ordering more!

    Old Picky Cat

By Paige on December 22, 2021

My cat is old and diabetic. She really was hooked on dry food, which is pretty bad for diabetic cats. She would not touch canned wet food. It took some gradual introduction, but now she begs for her ground rabbit. I mix in some chicken thighs as well, and of course vitamins, but the rabbit seems to be her favorite as she eats it first and then will pick at the chicken. Highly recommend! We won't be going back to dry food for any of our current or future pets!


By chenkun on December 18, 2021

All cats like its freshness and juiciness. They can eat all day long.

    Perfect for Allergies

By Betty on December 4, 2021

Our Cat had a Chronic Yeast in his ears and when I saw Rabbit was perfect for Cats with Allergies our vet had us take every meat away but his Rabbit and feed him it for a month. We were then able to add another protein but was glad to have a protein for his allergies.

    Pets love it.

By Lindsey on December 4, 2021

No doubt about it, the pets love it. Whatever the cat doesn't eat, the dog is more than happy to finish.

    latest feedback

By chenkun on October 8, 2021

Besides chicken, rabbit is 2nd go to meat. all my cats enjoy it except one

    Cats lovin it

By chenkun on September 15, 2021

All my cats loving it. Will buy more next time

    Feed cats more

By chenkun on June 7, 2021

Rabbit probably is most popular protein source among all from my experience. No one dislikes it. Will come back to buy more

    Kittens are very pleased

By Kylie on March 28, 2021

Just started feeding raw diet to my cats about 6 months ago. I was originally only doing chicken to try and get the hang of things but I am so happy to have found Hare Today. I stocked up on rabbit for my 3 kittens and wow do they love rabbit compared to chicken. I bought around 50lbs of bone in fine ground rabbit and have been pleased so far with each 5lb chub I have opened. It all seems very fresh and I the bone all fine ground. Going to try new proteins soon.

    No meat can top rabbit

By chenkun on March 28, 2021

Tried rabbit for the first time, my cats just get crazy about it every time! They lick the plate for minutes even after clean off all the meat. Rabbit just simply is the best!

    something has changed

By anna on January 8, 2021

I have been purchasing pet food from Hare Today for years and the quality of the proteins have been excellent, but something has changed. I order course ground and it's not course, it's very very mushy. Also, as soon as it arrives it is oxidized and grey. When I open the package it's grey mush and seems to get even more grey after opening. The rabbit here used to be juicy, chunky and red. That's how it should be, but not any longer. I have experienced the same oxidizing with the poultry. It's not red and chunks of protein any longer, it's grey to brown and mush. I believe it's the method of grinding. I have never experienced with Hare Today until not too far back and never had this issue with other companies. I wish this would get resolved. I am not feeding my animals mushy grey/brown food. I want to see red, juicy protein.

Response from Hare Today: We process foods at very cold temps which, can make the rabbit in particular a bit less textured. Processing as close to frozen as possible is important for food safety and plays an important role in minimizing the likelihood of possible bacteria growth.

    Always fresh

By Karen on November 2, 2020

My dog loves the ground rabbit. It's always fresh and I know that I'm feeding my dog good quality meat. It always arrives frozen. As soon as it arrives my dog is licking the box before I even have a chance to open it.

    Unbeatable Quality

By Leah on August 28, 2020

This is the second purchase I've made from Hare Today and I continue to be blown away by the quality of the products, as well as the packaging care for shipping. I live in central Ohio so it's not far for shipping, but the food remained frozen solid after sitting on my doorstep for close to a full day in 90 degree heat until I got home from work. My cat loves the rabbit grind the best and I rest easy knowing I'm purchasing high quality food.

    Cats weren't a fan

By Meg on August 8, 2020

My kitties weren't huge fans of this but I was able to get them to eat once I mixed it with the beef!

Response from Hare Today:
Don't be discouraged, cats can be stubborn, very picky and many times have strong preferences.
Tip: Warming meat a bit with a warm water bath can be helpful, make sure the meat is in a sealed contained and place the container in warm water. This brings out the natural juices of the meat and helps to entice them to eat. NEVER cook bones or microwave. Make sure the meat is fresh, cats are very particular as far as freshness goes, 1-2 days in fridge.

    Meezers Favorite

By Cheryl on July 17, 2020

I have been feeding raw meat from Hare Today to my gang of Siamese cats for 5 years and the rabbit seems to be their favorite. I like that the bone percentage is appropriate for them without having to add some extra boneless meat. I’ve weaned kittens onto the rabbit and they take to it right away like the tiny carnivores they are. Unfortunately lots of other cats and dogs and their humans agree and it’s become so popular that it’s often hard to get the rabbit now.

    Kitty Favorite

By Vanessa on April 10, 2020

Hands down our cats favorite food!

    Amazing quality!

By Wanda on April 3, 2020

The ground rabbit is low in fat and must taste delicious since my dog always enjoys it. Rabbit is the protein that I used to transition my dog to a raw diet and to cure my dog's yeast infection.


By Renee on February 11, 2020

Amazing product - ground rabbit has always been a choice for me (my dog). I decided to try it without the fur and he still loves rabbit.

    Perfect product!

By Bryn on September 11, 2019

My ferrets with various food allergies love this rabbit grind!

    Loves raw diet

By Janet on September 6, 2019

My cats been on raw diet for 2 weeks now. Thought I'd start with the ground rabbit after reading reviews. Ollie took to it right away. He also loves the ground turkey. Can't wait to try rabbit feet and ears.

    Very impressed with quality and service!

By Vianca on August 31, 2019

Thank you so much Ashlee from Hare Today.
I have been feeding your products to my two Persian cats for two years now.
The quality of your products and your customer service is superior!!!
I am a VERY satisfied customer and will be for many years to come.
I usually buy chicken, turkey, and rabbit and then supplement with vitamins, taurine, etc as per Lisa Pierson’s recipe.
You have made feeding my cats raw food so much easier and I thank you.

    awesome customer service and quality product

By Karen on August 8, 2019

I made my first purchase of ground rabbit for my Shih Tzu's and when the box arrived there were a few containers that had shattered; I notified Hare Today and they were very quick to respond and handle my concern. I have tried a couple other suppliers and I must say that you won't find better quality than Hare Today.

    Great Pyrenees allergies

By Annette on April 18, 2019

Nala is allergic to beef, chicken,turkey, and sensitive to pork. This rabbit has saved her and she is actually gaining weight. Great product!!!

    Lean and bloody

By Jessica on April 7, 2019

Hare Today's rabbit has such a high protein content, it's wonderful! The meat is a very bright red color, just as pictured. It's nice and bloody too. My kitty was rescued from the streets so I know he appreciates his raw diet. So far rabbit is his fave! Thanks so much Hare Today! I'm so happy to be feeding a protein that's close to what he'd eat in the wild.

    My cat loves ground rabbit

By Lynn on March 30, 2019

Sadly it appears that Nicky will have to wait a while to eat more rabbit :) It is out of stock. Rabbit is a VERY popular protein. When I give him rabbit he meows happily!

    Cat loves this and does very well on it

By Wendy on March 2, 2019

One of my cats loves this ground rabbit and does very well on it. My other cat is extremely picky and will only eat chicken and turkey, nothing else I've tried so far. I rotate between different proteins for the non-picky cat so he gets a nice variety. He has mild asthma symptoms but is symptom-free when he's on this rabbit. He started with the fine ground and has since graduated to the 3-lb coarse ground option. He's doing very well and you can hear him crunch on the small bone pieces. Occasionally if there's a bigger bone piece he leaves it behind and eats everything else, so that hasn't been a problem at all. He had mild gingivitis when we first adopted him a year and a half ago, but now that he's been on the raw food diet his teeth and gums look perfect. He's a fluffy medium-haired cat and his fur is silky soft and he's very happy and active too. I will continue to include this rabbit for him in my Hare Today orders.


By Rachel on January 6, 2019

I've recently started feeding my basset hound raw meals and she absolutely loves the rabbit. She's overweight so I'm hoping this blend will help her to lose the extra weight.

    Fantastic Quality!

By Rosy on November 21, 2018

I have been feeding my kitty raw rabbit for ten years and she loves it! I recently made the switch to Hare Today and I am so happy that I did. The quality is amazing and Georgia asks to be fed constantly now. Thank you for providing such a high quality of food for our pets! I highly recommend this product and this company.

    Special needs cat eats this with enthusiasm!

By Amy on October 7, 2018

My cat has special needs with both diet and health. He cannot have chicken, turkey, and any type of seafood. I bought the ground rabbit with my first order hoping (and to be honest, doubting) that he would give it a try as he is usually hesitant to try anything new. Boy, was I wrong in all aspects! As soon as I opened the package my cat came running, and he started eating the meat as I was taking it out of the package to put it into a bowl to mix the Alnutrin supplement into the meat. I ordered a few other proteins for him to try, and this is hands-down his favorite! The meat is also very fresh coming out of the package. Thank you Tracy for a wonderful product! I will be buying this regularly!

    A diet staple for my cats

By Claire on June 28, 2018

It’s fresh, good for them and my two siberian cats gobble it up. It’s my go to for every order!

    IBD Dog

By christine on June 7, 2018

I have a malinois with IBD (doesn't present as usual IBD case - she has a gag instead of the usual intestinal issues). I use the bones/organs/meat and supplement with the boneless rabbit to feed her, as IBD dogs do best with low fat diets. I mix in a little bit of the boneless to keep her from getting constipated (the bones/organs backs her up, so I add in a little of the boneless to dilute the ratio).
It's been very hard to find a food that she's good with, and this seems to minimize her symptoms.
Just starting to add other low fat meats to her diet. Fingers crossed!!

    Kitties love it.

By Lesa on April 30, 2018

I buy 5 lbs every time I order meat for my cats. They never turn down rabbit! It's their favorite.

    Very good quality

By Gina on April 27, 2018

Arrives well packaged and very fresh. I mix this with boneless ground rabbit and I have a very happy cat.

    Awesome for food/treats

By Jordon on April 22, 2018

This 5lb roll makes it super easy to buy bulk and portion out very easily for my dog. I also really love it for making dehydrated treats!!

    great product

By Kingdon on April 16, 2018

I had a similar experience to the review below me. I started them on a raw food diet with chicken but after a couple of weeks they were vomiting. I am now giving them the rabbit and they go crazy when it's time to eat, and both of my kittens (one is 11 months the other is 8 months) both devour it and don't leave their bowls until it is gone. It has only been a few days but they are holding it down and there doesn't seem to be any problems :) very happy with the product

    Easy on the stomach

By Cheryl on April 7, 2018

I tired the ground rabbit when our new kittens started vomiting their raw chicken diet. A friend said that rabbit would be easier on their stomach, and suggested Hare Today. I ordered 10 lbs, and it arrived frozen solid after 3 days in transit. The meat was fresh smelling and looked wonderful. The kittens love it, and are keeping it down. The older kittens in our household also love it. Highly recommended. They give it 5 paws.

    Three Happy Cats!

By Victoria on March 19, 2018

I received my first order of Hare Today ground rabbit last week, and all three cats love it...even the picky eater who refuses to eat commercial raw cat food of any kind. It’s incredibly fresh; in fact, it’s fresher than the meat I buy for myself! And it arrived here on the West Coast still frozen after four days in transit. I let it partially thaw so I could divide it into one-pound chunks which I’ve refrozen for future batches. All three cats sat at my feet looking pitiful while I portioned it out.

    My Cats are so happy now

By Jodi on March 13, 2018

I just started on a raw diet for my cats in January and purchased my first order from Hare Today. Since It would take 4 days or better to deliver I was a bit concerned but must say when the goods arrived they were all in good shape and only a couple were not still completely frozen. Those were the ones I use first. Which was the ground rabbit.. This was a first for both my cats and I :). It took some coxing for one of my 4 cats but the rest chowed down like they had not ate in years. I was very pleased.
The reason I started on raw diet is one of my cats came down with a Urinary Tract infection .. after two very expensive trips to vet in less than 2 months, I knew something had to change because he was not getting better. That is when I started reading about cat diets and how dry kibble was not good for them... and here I had always thought I was a good pet owner buying the best there was on the market .. My two older cats were overweight and now the one having the urinary problem. Well long story short .. they have now been on the raw diet for a few months and he no longer has the problem ... They are all much happier and acting like spring chickens instead of just laying around and they look so great. Thanks to Hare Today and the wonderful raw food .. I feel blessed that I found Hare Today.

    Back to Rabbit!

By Akiko on January 26, 2018

I initially fed Whole Carcass Ground Rabbit to my kitties, they were fine in the beginning, then start throwing up. Same thing happen with Whole Carcass Mouse. I assume my cats cannot handle fur very well. I knew it is not a allergy, because they like dehydrated bunny snack from Hare Today. This time we tried Ground Rabbit/Bones/Organs and so far so good! Glad we are able to add Rabbit back in our rotation!

    Yay for bunny!

By Chrissy on January 7, 2018

I just tried this protein with my dogs on my last order, wondering if they would like it. It was a definite go! I like that it seemed a bit "drier" than the poultry grinds- makes the patties more formed and dense. My two loved the bunny rabbit and Inplan on that being a pretty regular item. After having my older lab be overweight and finally getting her down to a good weight, I want to keep both of them lean. Between the HT products and paying attention to portion size, both have a leaner look to them. And the vet is happy with their weight too :-)

    Best Food Ever!

By Jennifer on December 31, 2017

My cats LOVE this! I've been feeding it to my 2 cats for the past 2 years and now the new kitten is eating it too. It makes their coats so silky and shiny. I usually chop up a pound of the frozen chunked rabbit meat along with the ground so they have something to gnaw on. They also get chicken wings and chicken necks for variety. This is so much healthier for my cats. I'll never go back to commercial food now.

    Woah! She loved it so much she cried!

By Esther on December 16, 2017

So I was prepping my dog's meals today and I gave her a little taste of the Ground Rabbit for the first time and she cried and whimpered because she wanted some more.
I noticed the texture is a bit more mushy/soupy than the other proteins after thawing. All the same, she loved it. Thanks again.

    Bruce’s favorite

By Christopher on November 26, 2017

Of all the protein sources in beginning to think Bruce enjoys rabbit the most. It’s a great red meat with a low fat content. I rotate this with his meals to balance out the intake of fat he gets from the variety of sources. Will continue to buy this..great price!

    Helps to lose weight

By Renee on November 6, 2017

I've been feeding more rabbit the past several months to help my dog to lose weight. It worked! Of course, I feed other proteins as well for a variety. Thanks for the great product along with the other wonderful proteins.

    Very nice product

By Constance on July 18, 2017

My kitten LOVES rabbit. The older cat needs to be bribed a bit. I mix in boneless chicken thighs with the skin to add a bit of fat and spread out the meat a bit (cost wise). My only complaint is the with the 5 pound packaging, there are some holes, so when thawing it, you have to make sure it is in a pan that will catch the fluids or you end up with a bloody mess in your fridge.

Response: Being bone in meats occasionally there are small punctures. I address this on the RAW FAQ.

Response: Being bone in meats occasionally there are small punctures. I address this on the RAW FAQ.

    Helped My Ferret With IBS

By Rachel L on July 10, 2017

All of my ferrets really love the ground rabbit but the one that has really benefited the most from this is my ferret with IBS! He has been so much healthier since he has been eating the ground rabbit! It is very high quality meat! He has been having less episodes and seems truly healthier! I love Hare Today's products!!

    Dogs love rabbit too!

By Renee on May 12, 2017

I noticed most positive reviews are from cat owners saying their cats just love rabbit. Well, my sheltie loves it too! I haven't always included rabbit in my orders but I will now. He goes for his bowl in a flash and wow it's all gone before I can blink my eyes. A great product just like all the other proteins Tracy has to offer. :-)

    I was so nervous!

By Kayla on May 10, 2017

My Russian blue mix turned out to be a FLUTD cat once he reached age 7. He eats with another male, so as soon as he got out of the hospital we moved him to canned until we were ready to make raw.
While I was researching making raw I was feeding him commercial raw from the store, but that stuff had things in it that my cat still didn't need like fruits and vegetables.
I got my rabbit together and had my turkey thighs delivered and spent two hours making food for both boys for the month. Before I froze it all it was time to feed them again and I held my breath and put a spoonful of this new mix in each of their dishes. THEY LOVED IT.

It's cheaper for me to use my own supplements instead of using the companion Alnutrin, so I don't know how that changes the flavor but these guys hound me in the kitchen every month and food prep time.

I also like that this is a very lean meat. It took three years to get my Russian blue mix to lose 8 lbs and he's svelte and has tons of energy with his raw.

    My cats favorite.

By Yang on May 9, 2017

They figured this out really quick: they licked the bowls and ask for more. So basically if you have a picky cat, give them rabbit. They will eat raw pretty soon.

    Cats love rabbit

By Maureen on March 20, 2017

Excellent product!!! This was one of the first things I fed my cats when transitioning them to raw. They scarfed it down without hesitation. It remained a staple until I accidentally ordered ground rabbit fur and all. As much as they loved the ground rabbit/bones /organs they loved the rabbit fur and all 10 times more. I stay with the fur and all rabbit now as, I never argue with the cats

    Yummy Bunny again!

By Nicole on January 31, 2017

I pulled out samples of all the meats when I was putting together the 55 pounds for freezing. This was devoured quickly. I used the alnutrin and made ice tray size portions. He loved it.
Id almost prefer to use this over the whole carcass rabbit, but I'm giving everything a fair shake and from what I can tell, he loves them both equally and highly. I'm glad, because i use to have an indoor outdoor kitty that always brought home his leftover, still kicking, bunny supper and so I have witnessed the yearning for that meat. Being that I live on a very busy road in Charlotte, there's no way in the world, I'd let Lemmy out and buying rabbit to grind myself isn't an option due to space to prep and lack of a good grinder . This is an affordable option. It takes 3 to 4 days to fully defrost for me with a 2 day deliviery. So you can get it on Tuesday, to deal with on Saturday or Sunday.

    kitten will eat nothing else

By N Midori on January 7, 2017

I'm following the recipe from Lisa A. Pierson, DVM on catinfo.org and it's easier than what I was doing before, which was chopping up parts of rabbit carcass; not difficult but messy. This product reduces cat food making time to about a half hour a month. Not bad! And not expensive considering she gets only the best. Kitten will be eating this for as long as she's on the planet.

    My cat loved it !

By Lacelynn on December 16, 2016

This ground rabbit is actually how I got my cat to switch from wet food to raw and she gobbled it up. Now she also loves quail and prefers it, but I'm so thankful I found the ground rabbit so long ago. Not only did it help her transition to raw, but it helped me too! I was so used to the disgusting smell of dry and wet cat food. We switched and now I almost lose it when I smell that stuff and I'm so happy there is little to no smell with a raw diet!

    Favorite of Six cats!

By Robin on December 13, 2016

My cats have tried many Hare Today proteins, but this by far is their favorite of all! As picky as they are, all six of my cats absolutely love Hare Today rabbit, and it's no wonder because the quality of all the meats I've purchased has been outstanding!

    Our cats love this!

By Michelle on November 19, 2016

We have two cats one is 12 the other 4 1/2 months old. They both tuck into this with gusto and we always have clean bowls. The older cat had food allergies and loves rabbit. I have tried other raw food companies and she turned her nose up at their rabbit products. The kitten now ONLY eats raw and won't touch anything else. We have tried the other proteins also which they all like but this is both of their fav by far!

    Awesomer's Top Pick

By Genevieve on September 5, 2016

The ground rabbit is far and away my cat Awesomer's favorite food!! He goes crazy for it as soon as he catches a whiff.
I like that it is ground and easy for me to add some supplements and portion into meals.
Although it is one of the more expensive options, it is worth it.
I rotate it in every few days to make sure that Awesomer's diet is not to poultry heavy and that he doesn't get used to any one meat.

    Wonderful quality

By Theo on August 31, 2016

Both of my cats love the fine ground rabbit (with bones). It is their first choice all around.

    Ground rabbit

By Amanda on August 8, 2016

Rabbit has definitely been a favorite with my pups. This makes it easy to feed when ground

    favorite for both cats

By Lauren on August 4, 2016

The ground rabbit/bones/organs is both of my cats' favorite meal hands down. They get so excited when we start portioning and prepping the rabbit, they try to jump on the counter!

I also love how easy it is to portion even in the 5lb packages.

    She loves it!

By Sally on July 31, 2016

Such a joy to see your dog run to her food bowl and devour her food and not be sick. We've struggled with IBD and this seems to be working very well for her. Bowel movements are wonderful and no more gas and tummy gurgling and since her tummy doesn't hurt, she eats with abandon. Having these proteins available is a Godsend. It's fresh, there's no odor and no other ingredients to cause flare-ups. I found I did have to increase the amount of food on a daily basis because the rabbit is very lean and low in calories. My little girl at 17 pounds needs 12 ounces a day to maintain her weight. We are very happy!!

    every cat's favorite!

By Wendy on June 30, 2016

everywhere i read online said their cat's couldn't get enough rabbit and it's 100% true! my cat loves this it is definitely his favorite by far. thank you hare today

    Kitties Loving The Rabbit!

By Jennifer on June 9, 2016

The rabbit/bones/organs is a real favorite in our home! Our 3 year old cat is lean, well muscled, and healthy. our two kittens (about 10 months old now) have grown up on a primarily raw diet, and our vet has commented on how well muscled and healthy they both are.

    Awesome for my cats

By Molly on May 10, 2016

I have used this ground rabbit, without the fur, for awhile.
My cats loved it, and it improved their health a lot. This is a great product, the bones don't seem to get stuck in their teeth or throat.
I started using the ground whole rabbit carcass with the fur, and my cats seem to enjoy that even more. It just looks a lot more gross with the fur and everything, so if you're easily grossed out, stick with this one!

    Allergy pup finds relief with rabbit

By Barbara on May 7, 2016

Before switching to raw we had quite a journey with trips to the vets for ear infections and yeasty skin. We went the prescription dogs food route and discovered rabbit eased his symptoms but as I learned more about what was in kibble I could not continue to feed that junk.

Holistic Vet Dr. Judy Morgan mentioned Hare Today in one of her videos. I bought this product that same day and two years later I can say it was one of my smartest decisions. Although environmental allergies still cause Comet some grief, his immune system is stronger and the symptoms are more manageable.

Thank you Hare Today for providing a feeding option that brings health and happiness to my pups.

    Happier Kitty

By Nikia on April 28, 2016

My holistic vet suggested I start feeding my cat Simon raw after 3 years of conventional vet tests and food trials to resolve his unidentified "allergy" issues that were making him miserable. I was skeptical about giving my pet raw meat but after some research I saw that it was probably the best food for him. But my poor kitty can't tolerate raw poultry so the typical chicken, duck and turkey are out. I tried rabbit because I heard that it's a favorite for cats. He loves it! Within a month on a raw diet his itchy skin issues, yucky ears and red eyes are practically gone.

I love that this is pre-ground with meat/bone/organ ratios so I can mix with other meats and supplements to get the perfect balance. Simon looks so much healthier and happier now. I will continue to by this and try other meats to put on a rotation.

    Meezers love that rabbit!

By Cheryl on March 30, 2016

Our Siamese gang are crazy about the ground rabbit meat organs & bone. It's their fave ground meat and they are so healthy lean, muscular, athletic with silky sleek coat texture . They just naturally stay in show condition.

And great for pregnant & nursing queens. Even with a litter of 7 the kittens all gained as they should, and the Queen doesn't have digestive problems like they sometimes do with processed food when they have to eat enough to support a big litter.

Being part of the cat's natural diet, it's easy for them to digest. The same is true for young kittens. I wean kittens onto this ground rabbit -- they will start in at 4 weeks and they take right to it.

And our ex-feral farm cat loves it too-- it's just what her Mom used to bring back from hunting . She is 15 years old and in wonderful condition.


By GINNY on March 11, 2016

My two cats have never been fans of rabbit, and by itself they refused to eat it. But mix it with ground turkey and they gobble it up and ask for seconds. One of my cats was diagnosed with a thyroid condition and I'm very glad that the rabbit includes many glandulars, including thyroid. Since mixing this ground rabbit with raw turkey, my kitty has improved greatly. A life saver without medication! Thank you Tracy!

    Three paws up

By April on March 3, 2016

All three of my cats, even the one only coming around slowly to raw food, love this rabbit. I did add some ground chicken and ground rabbit organs to increase the meat to bone ratio. None of the kitties have a problem with any bone fragments. Excellent product.

    Love Love Love

By Patty on February 28, 2016

Our kittie meows her little furry head off when I make cat food. While I spoon the mix of rabbit/bones/organs, poultry, and vitamins into ice cube trays, kittie gets to lick the package. And then the meowing starts all over again. Been doing this for three years. She loves the meat, and I love that she's getting complete nutrition in a safe, fine ground form.

    My Maine Coons Love It!

By Sunni on February 26, 2016

We've been self-grinding turkey and chicken from the store for quite some time. It was obvious one of our cats was getting bored with the mix. There was no hesitation when the rabbit was introduced. It was so easy to add our own vitamin mix to the partially thawed meat and then refreeze in portioned containers. It saved so much time and effort, and the cost was affordable too - even compared to pre-made "organic" cat food. The biggest bonus is that it's a new meat to rotate for our big kittehs and they're happy to eat it.

    My cat definitely loves it!

By Elizabeth on February 11, 2016

I started feeding my cat, Sora, raw a few months ago. We have a grinder and do it ourselves with chicken. Sora was okay with the raw, but she sometimes took a while to eat the whole plate. Recently I wanted to see if she'd like rabbit, and I finally got it a few days ago. She dove right into it and ate the entire thing without any hesitation! I'm imagining it must taste a lot better than the chicken from the store. We decided we're going to buy from here most of the time since it's really worth it! I'm a lot happier knowing that the rabbits come from a healthy place than having to buy chicken that probably came from a factory farm.

    This Rabbit Is THE Favorite At Our House

By Anita on February 5, 2016

Rabbit...Hare-Today rabbit... is our 6 cats absolute favorite! They lick their plates clean (very quickly), and then run back into the kitchen "asking" for more.

    Ground Rabbit

By Haley on January 29, 2016

Ground rabbit is probably my most favourite meat to feed. It's such a great product and the boys love it. I will definitely be ordering more when we run out. The price on this grind is absolutely awesome compared to other suppliers. Great protein source!! Thanks!!

    My kittens love this

By Lisa on January 18, 2016

My four kittens, about seven mos. old, just love this. We ordered the fine ground. They were not nuts about the bigger bone pieces and ate around them and a few I picked out. But it was obvious they loved the taste.

    My cats love the fresh rabbit!

By Debbie on January 14, 2016

At first I couldn't get my cats to eat the rabbit. It looks and smells so fresh, I couldn't understand why. I started mixing in with the raw chicken and now they will eat the rabbit without me having to mix it. I think it was so different than any protein they have had before. So, if your cats won't eat it at first, don't give up! This is a high quality protein source and worth the patience if they will not eat it at first. My cats have soft, shiny coats and are very active for 12 and 15 years old! This is good stuff!

    Healthy Cat!!

By Christine on January 2, 2016

My cat Mark, now 9 years old LOVES rabbit meat!! He is so spoiled, that when I try to feed him only chicken, he looks at me with a look "really mom, where's my REAL [rabbit meat] food?" Honestly, I attribute his great health to his raw diet -- he hasn't had any medical issues in 6 years! I don't have to worry about him consuming enough water, as there is enough in the meat! :-) Happy cat and happy owner.

And that that is amazing considering that in his first few years, he had chronic bouts of Urinary Tract Infections that landed him in vet hospital several times! The vet recommended that he go on a special diet of dry kibble formulated for UTIs. He ate that for a year, and STILL got very sick (because he apparently wasn't drinking enough fluids), needed to go to the hospital from bloody urine. It was traumatic for me and my cat.

    8 week old kittens love this!

By robin on December 21, 2015

I thought transitioning kittens to a raw diet (from purine cat chow) might take some time...but no! Within seconds of offering them rabbit, they gobbled it all! I am so pleased that now my newest family members enjoy the same high quality and nutritious food my dogs have enjoyed for six years

    Good Ratio

By Yee on December 15, 2015

I like the ratio of meat to bone in this. It's easy on my pets stomachs. I need to order some more of this later !

    Fine ground rabbit

By Tim on December 6, 2015

Our small herd of 3 Maine Coons love this stuff. And we do too as it has literally been a life saver for our male Coon, Charlie. We have never found any cat food, wet or dry, that he could tolerate without getting severe diarrhea. We didn't know what to do for him! He was suffering and so were we.

Then we read about raw food for cats. We put Charlie on raw rabbit and we saw massive improvement immediately! Now wer're one happy family and Charlie is a happy, healthy, lovable 18 lb. ball of fur.

His buddies like it too and we believe this diet will pay dividends in their long term health.

    All of our cats love this

By Jennifer on October 25, 2015

Our cats love the rabbit, it was super easy to transition our two new additions to raw when they tasted the rabbit. This is a great product, nice grind, sometimes there are little bones you see (like 2mmx1mm) but they are small enough they don't bother our felines.

    Although I feed my cat a

By tioga2go on October 19, 2015

Although I feed my cat a variety of meats, the portions are always the same and yet she always cleans her plate when it comes to rabbit. Has made feeding a raw food diet extremely easy.

    LOVE this

By fran on October 11, 2015

Rabbit.. fine ground.. both my dog and cat's favorite. I can't get the bowls on the ground fast enough for them.. they inhale their meals.. If I had to pick just one food .. rabbit would be it.

    Ferrets Love it!

By Lyle on September 26, 2015

Just the right size chunks and my ferrets eat every morsel.

    My cats love rabbit

By Martha on September 9, 2015

My 2 cats would happily eat just this food by itself; however, I like them to have some of the whole carcass rabbit (with fur and all) so what I've been giving them is actually a 50/50 mix.

Sometimes I've also given them a mix that's 75% this and 25% boneless chicken. I do this to get the bone content closer to 10%.

    great rabbit

By DORIS on September 4, 2015

2nd time I bought rabbit now and it's a winner at my house, great quality, great prices

    Always a winner

By Lilian on August 31, 2015

Rabbit is by far and away my cat's favorite food, and he's yet to get bored of it. I like that I can actually smell the rabbit (in a clean scent sort of way, NOT in a nasty sort of way - kind of like you can smell the meat you're about the cook when if it's really fresh) when I'm preparing the food - the mark of a great product.

    Ground rabbit saved the day

By Patricia on August 29, 2015

I started my cats on raw rabbit after having difficulty in controlling loose stools. It took a little time for them to get used to raw but slowly but surely they now inhale this stuff and best of all their stools are normal. The best part of feeding raw is that their poo doesn't smell. I'm slowly adding different raw meats from Hare Today and they are taking to them well.


By Heidi on August 19, 2015

Our 11-week-old kittens are loving raw food! Our litter of 6 goes insane when I put down their food. It's surprising how much thunder 6 tiny paws can make when I go into the kitchen. We use this ground rabbit for the recipe at the Feline Nutrition page, and they go crazy for it.


By Elisabeth on July 21, 2015

My cats argue over who gets fed first when it comes to their dish of fine-ground rabbit. I love the consistency and ease of use to prepare this food. It's reliable from lot to lot and I know I'm always getting the best food for my critters.


By Vinnie on June 25, 2015

Tried the coarse ground and she seemed to enjoy chewing this


By Carmie on March 10, 2015

Switching my cats over to a raw diet (mixed with canned food right now since all they previously ate was Science Diet dry food).

Since my 16 year old declawed cat would frequently catch and eat (almost the whole) rabbit in our very urban neighborhood in the summer,...it would gross me out and leaving me wondering why he did that when we had food available to him all the time. Did some research on cat nutrition and threw out the Science Diet..... And ordered ground rabbit!

The products received were top quality and well packaged. Super fast shipping and excellent shipping box.

All 3 cats are now eating it, and I am thrilled! The 16 year old seems much happier as well.

I am now a REGULAR customer! Thanks Tracy and Hare Today!!!


By James or Diane on March 8, 2015

We transitioned to a mostly raw food diet for our cat, Mick. He loves it and asks for more. He gets a blend of the ground rabbit mixed with mackerel, a little light tuna and green beans.
His hair was very thin and he he just wasn't thriving. He also tested positive for FLV. He is doing fantastic on the rabbit blend.
His hair is now normal and he is really Healthy! The vet expects him to test negative for FLV (feline leukemia virus) in 6-8 months.
Tracy I am so glad we found you! Thank you for supplying the raw food which made the transition from "convenient" poor quality dry food to mostly raw easier.

Jim & Diane Mooney


By sara on January 15, 2015

I love this product. My dogs love this product. My dogs have allergies so its important for me to feed the best quality novel protein I can get. It is always fresh and the packaging keeps all the items frozen in transit. Since switching to raw feeding my dogs are healthier and happier, their allergies are controlled better and they look and feel great!


By Stephanie on November 8, 2014

I tried this grind for the first time with My Maine Coons. They LOVED it! The coarser grind with the bones made a much better crewing experience for them. I plan to double my order next month.


By Anita on November 4, 2014

All our cats loved canned rabbit. When it started getting almost impossible to purchase it anywhere, much less one that wasn't sourced from China...I turned to raw rabbit. The cats absolutely LOVE it!! Being able to feed raw rabbit, from a trusted source source as Hare Today... I am VERY happy and so are the cats. Thank you so much!. 10 stars and 2 thumbs up!!


By Taia on July 30, 2014

After introducing my 9 Maine Coons to raw diet, I gave them some of this ground rabbit and they love it! One even goes into instinctual hunt mode and growls at anyone who tries to steal some of his. :))


By Melessa on July 18, 2014

My cat SPG loves his raw rabbit. When I had to feed him a quality canned food when I didn't get my order in on time, he would look up at me as if to say "where is my real food". I found that the ground chicken was a suitable replacement and added some variety. Thanks for being there with good nutrition.


By Dunja on June 3, 2014

I have been feeding a commercial brand raw food, but one of my cats kept throwing it up frequently. I knew I needed to switch. A friend recommended this website and Tracy was very helpful and pointed me to the rabbit. I got my first order and am so impressed! The meat looks great and fresh as can be, and the BEST part is, my cat no longer throws up! So happy, and my cats are liking their new food as well.


By Deb on March 22, 2014

My cats love the rabbit/bones/organs product. Tracy has been very honest and helpful regarding her products. Thank you Tracy for time spent on the phone answering my questions.


By Susan on March 7, 2014

My dog has tried other rabbit and didn't like it but licks the bowl clean with Hare Today Rabbit.


By Anneliese on January 29, 2014

I use chicken and turkey as my primary sources of raw feed for our 3 cats, but when I mix it up they get especially excited for the rabbit variety, and I feel good about giving them a lean protein. Love that organs and bones are included for more complete nutrition.


By tracey on January 9, 2014

Absolutely my Sphynx's favorite food choice! This product (as does all of the ground meats I order) arrives neatly packed and frozen. Very simple to thaw and mix with various additives to arrive at just the right nutritional meal for my cat. I love that it comes in a 5lb amount; perfect for how I process it.


By Susan on December 31, 2013

My dog loves this rabbit. I wasn't sure if he would since he has had other rabbit that he is not crazy about. He gobbles this up and looks for more. Packaging is great and it was delivered in great condition. Will be ordering more!


By Catherine on November 26, 2013

My cat loves this to a fault! The only negative is that it's now hard to interest him in commercial raw chicken or turkey diets! One interesting side effect of starting him on the coarse ground is that he has stopped chewing on wood furniture corners and drawer knobs. I guess he just needed something challenging to do with those sharp teeth.


By Julie on November 15, 2013

Our Molly, 6 yr. old Basset Hound has terrible allergies. She has always been on a raw diet, however, not all raw foods are just meat/bone/organs. It has been two weeks on the rabbit and her skin is already much less red and irritated and she's not constantly scatching. Our Vet recommended the rabbit from your company and after trying everything else we knew (herbs, drugs, lotions, potions, etc) I ordered right away. Your meat is the freshest I've ever seen. It actually looks just like ground meat, not mushy with other stuff added. Molly loves it. We will keep her on this for another six weeks before introducing other proteins. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful products. We truly appreciate it.


By Catherine on October 14, 2013

I am so happy that I found Hare-Today. It is really hard to find rabbit ground in my area. I love the freshness of this product when I receive it and it is the prefect meat for my dog!


By Melessa on September 16, 2013

I had a severely ill cat and my vet suggested a canned prescription food. Lucky for him, he refused to eat it. It was during the cat food scare where cats were dying from the commercial cat food and I heard of your site from a news program. I ordered it immediately. My cat did end up dying but his health did improve dramatically, and his quality of life until the end was much improved.


By Claudia on September 5, 2013

This is a great product that my two cats love immensely! It consistently arrives on time, is always fresh, and always frozen solid. I feel good about giving my cats this high quality product and highly recommend it.


By Ivana on September 4, 2013

My cats (medium-haired bob tails) and dog (terrier/border collie mix) love this meat and I save so much on vet bills by feeding them biologically appropriate WHOLE food. Not to mention that it's also hormone and antibiotic free! Thought about getting the mice for cats but you just can't beat the price point on the whole rabbit. (Anyway, I figure they can catch their own mice if need be.) I also find this grind to be really easy to divide up into serving portions upon arrival.


By Andrea D on August 12, 2013

I bought the Ground Rabbit/Bones/Organs for my foster, Harry Fluffowitz, a rescue purebred Persian from a high-kill shelter in North Carolina. Poor Fluffowitz had every skin condition known to the cat world: ringworm, fleas, flea allergies, ear mites and hives from food allergies. He had scratched himself so raw and bloody, there is scarring behind the base of his ears. The Ground Rabbit/Bones/Organs was the perfect answer to his terrible food allergies and saved us many hundreds of dollars in veterinary specialist costs.

I often order from Feline's Pride and still love them, but their raw foods contain egg yolks, and poor Fluffowitz was allergic to eggs. So I ordered the meat/bones/organs from Hare Today, and mixed it with the "Make Your Own" supplement from Feline's Pride. It was the perfect solution to Harry's problems, and his adopters feed him this formula to this day! Thank goodness for Hare Today and for great adopters!!!


By Cory on August 11, 2013

My tegu absolutely loves this. I add 5 TBSP of Calcium Powder to it for a perfect daily meal. Also a little cod liver oil to aid in shedding. I must say this is my staple meat, and I order it every order. Always looking for something new to for him, but this is what he enjoys most!


By Nichole on June 19, 2013

My kitties love the rabbit. Being new to raw this is the first protein I thought I would try. I was nervous about the bone but it is so small that I hardly notice it. Using the rabbit has helped make the transition from commercial food to raw much easier!!


By Ashleigh on June 15, 2013

This product has saved my cat's life. She was having several medical issues including allergic reactions and obesity due to the litany of cat foods the vet made us try for her. Making her raw food with this ground rabbit has brought her weight down to normal (she lost 4 pounds!!!) and she is much more active and frisky (as I think is more her natural personality unlike her lazy self on the old store-bought foods...) Not to mention, meal by meal this food is significantly cheaper (EVEN WITH THE COST OF SHIPPING!!) than what I would have been buying her! (rabbit, eggs, chicken, etc. vs canned and dry food). It costs me approximately $0.90 a day to feed her now, when it used to cost double that for store bought food and quadruple that when I was buying food from the vet. She has absolutely no more ailments and we haven't had to see the vet since I switched her. The delivery is always super quick and my food is always very frozen when it gets here.


By Anthony on June 7, 2013

We started our kitten off on this wonderful product right away. There have been a couple of weeks when we couldn't order in time and had to feed her store-bought cheap food while waiting on the shipment and oh boy can we tell a HUGE difference in her. Even eating cheap food for a couple of days her energy level goes way down, she isn't near as playful, she acts like she's just generally ticked off and her litter box smells horrible. It's amazing the difference good food can make. We're believers in raw, species appropriate pet food for life!!!


By Wray on May 24, 2013

Our cat has had digestion problems for most of his life. We have tried many foods. No grocery food store brands. All high end (expensive)specialty foods from pet supply stores, both dry and canned. Tried Hare-Today Ground Rabbit and he has been Puurrfectly fine and LOVES the raw Rabbit.


By caryn on May 21, 2013

My female cat will not eat anything else besides this ground rabbit from Hare Today....We'd be in BIG TROUBLE if you weren't around! Thank you!


By Claudia on May 21, 2013

My two Maine Coon cats (18 lbs. and 13 lbs.) LOVE their raw rabbit food! They eagerly await their meals and always devour their rabbit/turkey mix. (I also add raw turkey thighs to balance out the meal along with additional vitamins/supplements.) The food arrives super fresh and still frozen. The quality is always consistent. We are very pleased with Hare Today... No finicky kitties at our home!


By Caroline on May 15, 2013

Gene and Roy love rabbit! Sadly they catch the cute ones around are area but this is more convenient and also fairly economical as compared to other grain free options. My boys are super healthy and diet is truly the key to healthy happy cats.


By Heather on May 7, 2013

My cat Luna was suffering from a Rodent Ulcer on her mouth. I tried every approach and after countless trips to the vets, numerous medications and a variety of grain free and hypo-allergenic foods i felt hopeless! After seeing a specialist who suggested trying a raw diet I found Hare Today Gone Tomorrow. I decided to try rabbit as Luna had had it before and enjoyed it. I order three of these and she absolutely loves it! I hardly put the dish down before she begins purring like a motor boat. The quality is great and so is the price. I am happy to say that Luna's rodent ulcer has disappeared completely and we couldn't be happier! Thank you!


By kathy on April 30, 2013

I have a pixiebob cat. We started her out on raw diet at 12 weeks of age. We were buying our raw diet from another company. We must have gotten a bad batch from this company my cat stop eating the raw diet. I switched over to Hare today Gone tomorrow and got the rabbit/ turkey/chicken, and she comes running to her plate. Thank you so much for a great product. Hare today Gone tomorrow quality is better than the other company we were using. With that being said I am a forever costumer.


By Lynn on April 12, 2013

My cats are wild for Hare Today Gone Tomorrow's coarse ground rabbit. Who knew that rabbit would be one of their favorites! It's a special dinner for them and they tuck right in with gusto! They also love the coarse ground chicken, duck, goose (another surprise!), and beef! I have been feeding my two boys raw food for almost 8 years now and Hare Today Gone Tomorrow has allowed me to feed them fresh wholesome food that I add supplements to myself rather than prepared frozen raw food. I love Hare Today almost as much as my cats do!


By Maria on March 24, 2013

This is the best gift we could ever give to our cats. They really LOVE it, more than anything else we gave them so far and they seem happier and healthier.
Maria and Jed


By Bruce on March 5, 2013

Louie our Viszla loves the bun bun! We fed him this meat and he licked the bowl clean. I think it may be time for an entire bun bun for him to crunch on.


By Rebecca on March 1, 2013

Ground Rabbit is what my felines desire! They come running and eat every tasty morsel.....We are so glad to be feeding out pets PERFECT HEALTH! WE ARE HOOKED!


By Ellen on February 28, 2013

My two 7-month old kittens just started a Raw diet, and of everything I've offered them (venison, beef, turkey, chicken, chicken livers, and rabbit) they love this product the best. There has been no vomiting, nothing left over, and their litter box leavings have almost no odor. Yep! I will buy again and again.


By Adriana on February 28, 2013

Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow - this can certainly be said of cat food.

I use this producer's meats (namely the ground rabbit and ground chicken) to create home-made cat food. The recipe is a secret - (and I don't want to give out anything that can be construed as 'veterinarian advice') - but I can tell you that it's widely available online! Cats today aren't much different from cats a thousand years ago - but their diet often is, and to their detriment.

Since starting my cat on a diet of homemade, raw meat (and various vitamins, oils, etc.), she has been acting like a kitten again. And it wasn't just a fluke batch; she's been bounding around for over 2 years now, at age 14!

If I ever find a better source of cat food meat, I'll be sure to write; in the mean time, I'm still a loyal customer of Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow.


By brook on February 20, 2013

I was worried at first that my cat wouldn't take to the new food since he is extremely picky, but he loved it! My only complaint is that its a bit pricey, at least for a student, and it didn't last my cat a long time. But other than that if my cat is happy, I am happy. Also he has IBD and throws up a lot, but when he ate this we never had a problem with him.


By Anthony on February 14, 2013

I could not be more excited to have found this ground rabbit! The only source to get rabbit locally is whole and does not include any organs. Very high quality and rich looking ground meat.


By Zakiyyah on February 4, 2013

I ordered the rabbit for my Bengal Cats. My tom is a bit of a finicky eater and always left some food in his bowl after eating even though on super premium foods. Both cats LOVE Hare Today ground rabbit/bones/organs. They can't wait to dig in and Loudly smack their lips while eating! No more leftovers!

Thank you for making a great product.


By Brenda on February 4, 2013

All of my 6 cats love the no-fur ground rabbit. They get so excited about it that I have to keep shooing them off the counter when I am dishing it out. I used this flavor when I was starting them on their raw meat diet, and I had no problems at all. One of my cats is very hesitant about trying anything new; he has that face I'm sure I make when I'm about to force myself to eat some broccoli. But once he gave this a shot, he never hesitated again. I wish I had tried this with them when the first time I tried to transition them to raw, which ended in failure.


By Jay on January 16, 2013

I have just placed my third order from Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow. My cats love the rabbit and other meats that I have ordered. I was a bit nervous about using 4 day shipping (I live in San Francisco, California), but the meat arrived fully frozen with previous order of 16 pounds. My first order was a little smaller, so the meat was still very cold/partially frozen, but not frozen "hard as a rock" like the larger order. I suggest that anyone relying on 4 day shipping consider placing 15+ pound orders for peace of mind.


By caryn on January 3, 2013

My cats LOVE this last batch of ground rabbit Tracy! Seems to be ground really fine! They are LOVING it! Thanks!


By Heather on December 13, 2012

My cats won't eat anything but the rabbit at Hare-Today...they love the course ground and seem to love the bones as well. Sometimes I do give them the regular ground and give them a break from the bones. If I try to change the meat though they just walk away....can you spell SPOILED :)


By Angela on December 5, 2012

The rating scale only goes to good??? I would rate this as excellent!! I think my dog feels the same about it...although I don't know if he possibly enjoys the taste as much as he could, he gobbles it down so quickly!


By Kim on November 7, 2012

My 2 dogs really enjoyed the rabbit. The course ground made them crunch the bones up which is especially good for my old dogs teeth.


By David on November 6, 2012

My 12 week old Siberian cat loves this !! She goes crazy at meal time. I portion it into zip lock bags and warm it water before feeding.


By Kayla on October 19, 2012

I run a non-profit Tegu rescue out of California. Tegus are a type of large lizard similar to a monitor. They absolutely LOVE the ground rabbit. Its their favorite! Even some of the sick ones that come in not eating, can't help but try the rabbit.... Just something about it makes them go crazy! & the bones and organs provide the whole prey nutrients that they need. So glad we found this site!


By Laura on October 14, 2012

Wow, I am so impressed! I purchased this product a couple of weeks before bringing my new baby kitty home. She is 14 weeks old, so she has been weaned for some time. I was worried that she would not accept this new type of food as she was already eating Fancy Feast and Royal Canin Kitten food. All the cats I have had in the past have been extremely picky about their food and just would not accept any changes in their diet.

However, I gave the kitten Fancy Feast for her first meal. Then for her second meal, I gave her the ground rabbit I had prepared with Alnutrin and frozen. (I defrosted the ground rabbit before feeding of course.) She was very excited by the food and just chowed down!! She has been eating the rabbit from then on (3 days). I think it is safe to say that she LOVES it, and I am so happy as I don't like to eat processed foods and I certainly don't want to give it to my pets!

I would recommend this product without reservation. When I received it, I was impressed by how well it was packed. It was still very cold and partially frozen. Now that is really, really good considering I live in Arizona and it is hot here until November. It was over 100°F the day it was delivered.

I immediately prepared the rabbit meat with the Alnutrin and water. Packed it in small containers for baby food and placed the filled containers in a ziplock freezer bag and froze them. They were all ready to be defrosted and fed to my new kitty when she arrived! What a great thing!


By Garrett on September 30, 2012

Both my cats love this ground rabbit. One of my cats will not stop meowing until she gets it. I have never seen her this way with any other type of meat.


By Candace on September 23, 2012

I have two collies that are litter mates. They've had problems digesting large pieces of raw food, so I tried the ground rabbit. What a difference! This food is fantastic for them and I'm going to try goat soon. I give it a "10" all around, including packaging, customer service and shipping. It arrives at my house rock hard frozen, even in warm weather.


By JUDY on September 18, 2012

My cat LOVES ground rabbit. I've been feeding it to her for over five years. She used to eat dry & canned food, but when she started having health issues, I switched her over to a raw diet (mostly rabbit) and she's been much better since then. She's now 17 years old but looks and acts much younger than her age! Thank you Tracy & Hare Today for helping my cat enjoy a longer, happier and healthier life.


By Deidre on September 4, 2012

My rescue cat has been thriving on this product for 5 years. I have occasionally tried to coax him to try something else including duck and chicken, just for a change of pace, but he sniffs, turns up his nose and walks away. It is bunny or nothing. In addition to being a quality product the service from Hare Today is always impeccable and reliable. I now have 2 rescue dogs and they are far more adventurous and though they love the rabbit, they are more than willing to try new things. I have been thrilled to see them devour beef, goat and duck. The quality of these products is unsurpassed and I am eternally grateful to have found you and be able to give my animals the best there is.


By Jennell on July 13, 2012

Our Golden Retriever Great Pyrenees mix has been struggling with IBD for 2.5 yrs. We have tried countless dry and wet foods (including prescription foods) along with numerous medications and he was still having "episodes" on a weekly basis. It wasn't until we switched him to your raw rabbit food coupled with all natural herbal medicines did we see a drastic improvement in his health and his overall well being. He looks forward to eating now - gone are the days when his breakfast is still in is bowl when we got home from work. Thank you so much. It brings tears to my eyes to see how well he is doing thanks to the help of such a wonderful, high quality product that you sell.


By Sharon on July 12, 2012

We have two cats now and both really seem to LOVE it. We really love it also because one of our cats was OBESE (almost 30 lbs) when feeding him dry cat food, to the point of even experiencing kidney failure. But once we found out that dry food is very common to cause obesity and weight problems we switched to raw rabbit mixture. Now he has lost down to 20lbs and seems to feel a lot happier and is definitely healthier. We appreciate the fact that this company actually cares about the animal products they sell and don't treat them such as in regular meat industry. We are very grateful to have found Hare Today and often refer other people to this site. Thank You!


By Kathleen on June 18, 2012

Rabbit is on my order every time. Both of my cats love it. I've ordered with and without fur and pieces. All are a big hit.


By Suzanne on June 7, 2012

I have been making my own catood with grocery store meat for years now, but I always worried about how long it sits out before I can process it, and I would much rather support small farms than the industry, so I decided to give HT a shot. Just recieved my first order and I am very impressed. All of the food arrived completely frozen even though I am a very long distance away from Hare-Today. The meat is fresh and very clean and I will definately be ordering again. Can't wait to see how well Hissyfluff takes to goat!


By Claudia on June 5, 2012

Great product :) My cats love it and so do I, they have maintained a healthy weight and been more active on the raw diet, and this product has made it easy for me to do it. Ordering is easy, shipping is fast and reliable! Thank you Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow.


By Hope on June 1, 2012

I have a cat that is an extremely picky eater and also has the wonderful condition of throwing up his food. I'm not talking junk food either he throws up $3 a can premium, organic, grain free stuff. When I could no longer bear the sad look on his face and the subsequent mess I did some research and ordered some frozen raw food. No more throw up! But he was luke warm about it and would go off it and turn his nose up after a week or two and I would have to find something to feed him (I realize now the veggies and fruit in it are probably the problem). I then found a recipe by Dr. Pierson calling for rabbit. I ordered some with low hopes. When it arrived I cut the top off and put it in the sink, I went to the pantry to grab a paper plate and when I returned I found my cat face down in the bag eating still frozen rabbit!!! He and his kitty brother and sister devour this stuff with no throw up, gross cat food smell and would not dream of turning a nose up at it. I can't wait for the next batch to arrive. Thank you Hare Today!


By Lisa on May 24, 2012

We have been a long time customer and wanted to share a story. Faith – one of our three fur kids was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma in June of last year. She has completed her chemo about 4 months ago and is doing great. During her initial treatment the University Vet School (where she is being treated) would not let us feed raw due to her lowered immune system. Faith complied, very reluctantly, until one day last October (after trying to eat canned stuff for 4 months) refused to eat. We switched her back to raw rabbit and her appetite improved and she really started to feel better and stronger. I believe that the raw diet and the quality of your food really gave Faith the foundation to recover. Faith says thanks for the great food – it is yummy! Thank you for a great quality product.


By simone on April 30, 2012

I decided to feed my cats a raw diet after reading about its benefits. My cats are very happy with their food and are very healthy and happy.


By sara on April 13, 2012

Wonderful product. My dogs love this. They never hesitate finishing a meal with rabbit included. The shipping container is great. The product always arrives fully frozen, ready to go straight to my freezer until ready to prepare. Great job!


By Nancy on April 5, 2012

I've been buying raw food for my dogs for about 8 years. Originally it was my best source for clean rabbit which my dogs really enjoy. 5 pounds goes quickly!


By Patricia on March 19, 2012

My dogs loved this. I would make 1/4 cup balls and freeze them and then take out 1 container that would last 2-3 days. I have bought a lot of various kinds of meats from here and they are by far one of the best companies to do business with. I love how they are packaged and how quick they got to my house. I never had to worry in the summer about the food arriving thawed out. And I never used the next day service either. Good product!


By Michelle on March 17, 2012

My 17 year old cat has food allergies, CHM and hyperthyroid. She manages well on the medications, but she was just getting so skinny and I was spending a fortune on prescription foods that weren't helping much. I finally bit the bullet and started her and my 4 year old on a raw homemade diet and I'm so glad I did! They both love the way it tastes, and my older cat can eat this without vomiting all the time. Her coat is simply AMAZING, considering how thin and yucky it used to be due to allergies. She feels less bony, and mirabile visu! she was playing with a ball the other day-- for the first time in years! Like other people have commented, the litter box is also a lot easier to deal with now too.

This meat is incredibly convenient, since it comes pre-ground with the organs and bones mixed in. I just add my ground turkey thighs, egg yolks, cooked egg whites, and a few supplements dissolved in water, give it a stir and put it up in my canning/freezing jars. I love it, and my cats do too!


By monica on March 7, 2012

One of my cats (I have 2) has always been very sensitive to commercial cat food. He would throw up frequently, strangely he would do just fine eating a boiled egg, asparagus, cooked squash, cucumber, chicken etc. We found this out accidentally, who'd ever think a cat would ever touch these foods, other than peas but once in a while stuff would go missing from a plate, sometimes would end up on the dining table... He'd eat a little bit, but still... Vet kept recommending different dry foods and it got to a point where I was buying organic grain free dry food for $40 for 8 lbs and he'd be fine for a week and then the same thing would start happening, he'd throw up at least once a day. My cats were always very good when accepting different food so it would not take a long time to switch. Not instantly, ph level and all, but not long. When looking for yet more dry food I came across a site that talked about how pet food is rated in the US and the requirements for pet food in Europe and how many US companies would add labeling that is not quite accurate not to mention the actual stuff that goes into dry cat food.
On occasion I would get a butcher to grind some chicken breasts and feed them to my cats, this is something they 'told' me they liked by eating a whole chicken breast I left on the counter to be cooked. While I felt this was better for them, i was concerned about salmonella.
I was looking for a trusted raw pet food place when a friend mentioned hare-today.com. I ordered ground rabbit with ground bones and organs, then duck, alnutrin of course.
Packaging was excellent, food hasn't defrosted. My cats sniffed and walked away. OMG I thought, I should have ordered a pound, not a freezer full! A few hours later my amazon.com order of Purina FortiFlora Feline Nutritional Supplement, box of 30 x 1 gram packages by Fortiflora came. it was certainly expensive but my friend told me it was worth it (her cat who would only eat one brand food and nothing else transitioned using fortiflora).

It takes very little of the powder, you sprinkle it on the raw food and one of my cats started sniffing raw rabbit right away, the other took a few bites. I sprinkled some more- and they ate a little bit- maybe about a table spoon each. Thats not bad for the first time. I did this every time I fed them and by day 3 they were eating rabbit. Not consistently, one liked it more than the other but this fortiflora was amazing. I don't think it's the taste, it's got to be the smell. that stuff is added to commercial dry food.

Well I am ordering again. I can't say I am consistent enough to keep my cats on raw food all the time, I do give them wet cat food, chicken, little bit of veggies here and there (and whenever they get to the plate before I do). I don't mix foods, but wet cat food at times is so much more convenient especially when I am in a hurry.

As for my cat throwing up: this has been reduced greatly. He still throws up occasionally, maybe once every two weeks or so, but it's much better. I know others comment about smelly poop- nothing like that here; if anything smell got to be less- I use freshstep clumping litter and there is no smell with an exception of the moment when they poop- before the poop gets covered.

I am ordering more ground rabbit. Almost forgot the bones were ground finely so no problems there. I think from the whole order as i was mixing it with alnutrin, i took out maybe 3 little pieces. Of course before you feed your cats raw food, do check to make sure their mouths are ok- no infected gums.


By tatjana on March 6, 2012

Of all the raw meats for pets out there, Tracy's Ground Rabbit is my ex-shelter cat's favorite. You can tell that the carcass was skinned well and that the grind with organs and all is uniform. The 5 lb pack is my favorite, very convenient size for packing in the freezer, thawing in a bowl, and the recipe I have uses a 5lb meat portion. I've been re-ordering this for a while now and will keep doing so!


By Elizabeth on March 6, 2012

My cats love this stuff! Diva is especially fond of the eyeballs which seem to appear in every bag. I can't watch her eat them, I just scoop them out and put them in her bowl. She loves them!


By Heather on March 2, 2012

This product has literally been a lifesaver for my cat. He has lots of health problems and some severe allergies that seriously limit his diet. Thank you for providing such a great product and helping me keep my little man around a little longer.


By Hope on February 24, 2012

I turned to raw feeding when the first pet food contamination happened and I've never looked back. I love HTGT, the quality of the product has been consistent for YEARS. They know their customers and are just a wonderful company to do business with. My cats and I couldn't be happier.


By Carrie on February 22, 2012

My 3 cats devour this raw rabbit/bones/organs. They love it! I mix it with supplements bought from Hare-today also. I try to mix it up every week by offering a variety of raw meat, but with this they always lick their plate clean. I couldn't live without Hare-today.com. They are a lifesaver.


By Alexandra on February 20, 2012

I was really happy with the texture of this grind. Not too big, not too small. Very good for my Lab to get some benefit of crunching up the bones without all those big pieces. It was also very easy to divide into portions for re-freezing.


By Sandra on February 17, 2012

This is my cats favorite. It is ground perfectly.
Hare Today is the only place I order food from. Their packing is great. Items arrive fast.


By Heather on February 13, 2012

I have 2 little girl kittys that prefer this meat to any other and are so happy at meal time. When I feed them something else there's a lot of drama...every once in awhile they'll eat chicken or beef for variety but they really don't want me messin with their rabbit. They are so healthy, and I don't supplement with anything either they won't touch it. But they're eyes are bright, they're coats are great, they're teeth are great. I love Hare-today and love this meat!


By Janice on February 9, 2012

This is an excellent product! I have one cat with extreme food allergies. She got so bad she was dropping weight, even tho she was eating well, had constant diarrhea even on medication, and was very gassy. After just one day on this food, her stools returned to normal. 24 hours later, I took her off all meds. That was 4 years ago. Today she is a happy, healthy, vibrant kitty! She has never missed one meal! She adores her rabbit!


By Jennifer on February 6, 2012

After my cat was diagnosed with diabetes, I started feeding him the ground rabbit. The results were AMAZING. Within a couple of weeks his blood sugar level was normal, he had more energy, a nicer coat and the litter box was less messy! My vet even asked me for information regarding the raw diet.


By Peggy on February 2, 2012

My cat's absolute favorite food! My eleven cats go through 40+ lbs of rabbit a month. Quality is always excellent. My cat's give Tracy a special thanks for all the wonderful species-appropriate food!


By Kellee on February 1, 2012

Hare Today Ground Rabbit to the rescue for my Newf who had some fierce food allergies. Finally, we've found a food he can eat! (We're trying goat next - cross your fingers.) Since he's pretty large he goes through the food quickly, but the 5 lb size is very convenient - we just thaw, cut into 4 equal pieces and - for him - 1 piece is a a meal. Thanks to the Hare Today team for all you do!


By Evelyn on January 31, 2012

I have a cat that has symptoms of stomatits/gingivitis. He's been on the rabbit w/Alnutrin for about 2 weeks now and has significantly improved. He is now eating on his own and eating a good portion also. He is also using the bathroom on his own. Amazing what raw can do to their natural immune systems! Absolutely amazing!


By Rebecca on January 27, 2012

My cats just absolutely love this coarse ground rabbit. Its crunch crunch crunch every night with lots of excited meows beforehand. I really like that I get a solid frozen bag of meat that I can thaw and then portion out to just the right amounts for my two cats' daily meal and then refreeze. I feed them before bed and in the morning I just move their dinner from the freezer to the fridge to thaw. Thank you Hare Today!


By Paula on January 26, 2012

Hooray for Hare Today! Received my first order of ground rabbit last week and made our cats their first RRD (Raw Rabbit Diet).....they LOVED it. They like the RCD (Raw Chicken Diet) I have been making but the rabbit is definitely a preference. The dehydrated rabbit ears we tried are their favorite "munchy" treat, what a great idea. The fur on all seven of our cats has improved since switching to the raw diets...... soft, thick and less shedding. The cats are happy and so are we....thanks to the great service, prompt delivery and quality products from Hare Today.


By Ashley on January 24, 2012

I have two cats with IBD and nothing seemed to be working until I ordered from hare today. I started feeding my cats raw and with in a matter of three days my cats where 100% better and had no signs or symptoms of IBD. Rabbit meat is their favorite and I will feed them raw the rest of their life! I would recommend this product and everything else hare today offers. Thank you for providing excellent service and products for my children (cats)!


By Michael on January 14, 2012

My vet told me I would lose my prize ferret to IBD. We tried everything. I read about allergies and the benefits of raw rabbit and tried it. Oh my God, it was a silver bullet, unbelievable! In just three short days she was back to perfect. Hooray for H-T raw rabbit - (and great slippery coat). Spectacular product, spectacular service.


By Heather on August 14, 2011

This rabbit, along with ground duck is the best diet for sensitive tummies! My sphynx, Milo, absolutely loves the high quality raw diet from Hare Today! His digestion and skin is perfect - thank you!


By Brittany on July 25, 2011

My kitty, Sushi, loves rabbit... So this is super easy to please him.... Mixed with a little ground salmon or whitefish an some additional rabbit organs an he's a happy camper an I'm happy cause it provides what he needs


By B. Gayle on May 16, 2011

My service dog is highly allergic to most foods. The rabbit has been wonderful! She gobbles it up and I know that it came from a place that I trust. I've been very happy with the ordering/shipping process and have never had a problem. My dog also loves the dehydrated rabbit that I use for treats. Haven't talked myself into ordering ears/feet but maybe someday. If you have a dog with allergies I would definitely recommend you try this ground rabbit!


By Grzegorz on February 10, 2011

my cats love this! (all 5 of them)
we've tried all kind of raw diets (different manufacturers, different kinds of meat) and that's their favorite.
it's ground up really well, no bone chips or anything.


By Garry on July 30, 2010

My dog couldn't get enough I will run, walk my dogs for about 45 min to an hour before dinner so they have to work for there food. We would get back they get a chance to cool down then it's time to eat. It took them less than 5 min. to eat my pit bull eats about 1.75 LB per day and my jack russel eats about 4 -5 oz a day


By April on July 26, 2010

One of my cats has allergies, but had no problems with this. Two of my three just didn't care that much for the rabbit, so I had to mix in canned food with it. The other one would slurp it up with gusto. I'll probably stick with the poultry in the future.


By Andrea on June 22, 2010

I have a cat who is allergic to nearly everything in commercial cat food and is also toothless. He ADORES this product and throws a fit for it when I put it in his dish and can't wait to eat and then lick his bowl clean.


By Kathleen on June 2, 2010

My 2 love this rabbit! I ordered chicken, duck, and rabbit. Rabbit is by far their favorite (though I did add some chicken chunks to it using a recipe from Dr. Lisa P on the web).

I still want them to have a variety so I often have to add some rabbit into the duck to get them to eat it.


By Tara on November 9, 2009

It all started with the ground chicken....but once my kittens got a taste of this ground rabbit, they won't eat anything else.

I've actually been trying to slip other meats into my cats meals for variety, but my boy Teddy snuffles it out and gives me the hairy eyeball when I mess with his rabbit. His sister Maggie is a wee bit more amenable to other meats, but the longer she eats the rabbit, the less willing to give up her rabbit she is.

I love how healthy their coats are and how well they are growing. I'm battling a serious health issue in both of them (we may never know if its congenital or if they were exposed to toxins as neonates in the shelter), so I'm really grateful to have a resource for their food that allows me to control (as much as the cats let me :-) which ingredients are involved.

This time around, in addition to their regular rabbit, I'm also ordering some duck and mouse. Wish us luck!


By Diane on March 10, 2009

This food is a miracle for cats with IBD!!! Our cat Rusty has been battling IBD for the past few years and we were at the end of our rope. It seemed like we tried everything but nothing got him completely well. His BM's smelled like toxic waste and when I came home from work I just wanted to turn around and go back to the office! We read about this food but for a long time we were afraid to try it. Now I wonder why we waited so long. His BMs now smell like normal poo and we're hopeful that he will finally start gaining some weight soon. Rusty loves the taste of the rabbit and he seems happier too.


By Debbie on January 30, 2009

I am just starting my kitties on raw food. I have a 16 yr old female, 4 yr old female and 2 yr old male (he belongs to my daughter actually). I just received my order this morning. I was dividing it up to put in the freezer and I had a little bit on my fingers so I put it under the nose of my 16 yr old. I thought she was going to take my fingers off!!!!!! She loved it!!! I can't wait to see the health benefits this will have for my kitties and I hope my 16 yr old will be with me for many more years!


By Kami on December 20, 2008

My cat has been suffering from IBD for the past several years. She was allergic to all the commercial pet foods I tried to feed her. The vet also put her on prednisone. Nothing helped. She threw up multiple times per week and had lost half of her body weight. Then I started researching raw food diets and thought I would give it a try. My cat LOVES rabbit. She has gained a couple of pounds and has a lot more energy. Feeding my cat raw rabbit saved her life.


By Laura on November 6, 2007

I started my new kitten on a raw diet on a recommendation from the breeder. While I have had many cats in the past I have never seen a such a happy kitten. He loves, loves, loves his food. I wanted to avoid many of the health problems that come from feeding dry food to cats. Although this is a bit more work it is more than worth it. My happy healthy kitten and I thank you very much!


By debbie on October 31, 2007

I've been ordering ground rabbit/bones/organs for 2 years now. My cat loves it! He won't let me near the fridge at feeding times. Everyone comments on how beautiful and soft his coat is. I started feeding this due to allergies, although this hasn't cured it, I would never go back to feeding anything else. It did reverse his diabetes though caused from dry food and multiple steroid shots. Great service and product!


By Regina on June 8, 2007

My 3 cats rotate between food made with rabbit, with turkey, and with chicken, all of which I get from Hare Today. They're more than happy to vacuum down a dish of any of the above, but the rabbit is their absolute favorite. For ten minutes at a time, all I hear is the sound of slurping and chewing and happy, happy cats, and they lick the bowls completely clean--not a morsel left! Our oldest cat, a 12-year-old shorthair who'd had many health issues on dry food, astonished us the other night by jumping from the ground to the table--something he hadn't been able to do in YEARS! I love the service and the shipping--everything arrives frozen and in perfect condition.


By Gina on May 4, 2007

Just a short note about our first order of ground rabbit/bones/organs. It arrived at 6pm on the second day and the temp. here was 84. All was still frozen solid. We made up our first big batch of cat food and my cats all ate it eagerly, which they have never done with any other raw product. This is an excellent quality product--uniform and fresh. Thank you! We will be placing regular repeat orders.


By Tiina on March 6, 2007

I've been ordering from Hare Today for 2 years and they are still the best around. I tried a different distributor on the West coast, closer to me (which meant cheaper shipping), but went back after one order because Hare Today's quality and EXCELLENT customer service, SELECTION and professionalism were a million times better. My 3 cats adore the ground rabbit and pheasant and our new rescue doggie has been thriving on her new meat diet - all of our pets' fur have become incredibly 'mink' like and their eyes shine with radiant health! Hare Today is top quality all around!


By Ivee on December 5, 2006

Still my kitties favorite product...they beg, scream, chase & trip me until I feed them ground rabbit. I use to try giving them a variety of ground products, but they only half-heartedly ate their other food - wishing they were eating rabbit instead. So now it is their main stable. Four paws up for rabbit!!


By Sally on October 3, 2006

Our Australian Shepherd: Gracie, has I.B.D. along with numerous allergies. Tracy's ground rabbit is a one in a million source of protein our pet will tolerate. Hare Today has been a life saver for our wonderful pet.


By GIna on September 15, 2006

Pieces are large enough to give my papillon munch satisfaction. Saved my kitchen counters from cleaver scars!


By Sariah on July 18, 2006

Sebastian, was a shelter kitty, and was 2 days away from being put to sleep when we adopted him. He was thin, lethargic, had ear mites so badly he was deaf, and a horrible case of chronic diarrhea. Our vet cleaned up the ear mite problem, and I read up about grain allergies which isolated the diarrhea problem. I showed our vet a recipe I had found online for a raw diet, using Tracy's ground rabbit as the base. With a couple minor tweaks to the recipe (we had to add some glucosamine for his joints because Sebastian is a VERY large cat), he gave his approval.

Today Sebastian is a bundle of energy. Everybody that sees him wants to take him home with them. His fur glistens, his health problems are entirely gone away, and he is our pride and joy. Without having the ground rabbit from Hare-Today available, I don't know how we would have ever been able to solve Sebastian's health issues and give him his second chance at life.


By Ivee on April 12, 2006

This is the product that started it all for our family. I ordered the ground rabbit when I found out our 11 year cat, Simon, was on the verge of diabetes because of commerical dry food. He was obese, lethargic, losing the use of his hind legs and developing back problems - basically he was unhealthy and miserable. Tracey was so helpful and rushed my order out immediately. Simon is a brand new kitty. He's only been on the raw food diet for 2 months, but the improvement started within days! Now he is chasing around our 1 year old, Eli....jumping and climbing into places I never thought he could reach... he is king of his castle again. His non-stop energy can be tiring, but we love him so much, we'll deal with it. I could ramble on about the wonderful benefits of the raw diet and Tracey's amazing products...but the fact that my kitties are so healthy and happy is enough said. Thank you! Sincerely, Ivee & Vince and our kitties (Simon- 11yrs, Chloe- 9yrs., Natasha - 7yrs., Eli- 1yr.)


By Heidi on December 6, 2005

Right up there with pheasant on the kitty yum scale, and not nearly as costly, this is the meal that has them all spinning around as I open the bag! Very little if any bones are not crunched easily by all of the 8 cats living in my house, ages 4 wks, to 9 years.