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Alnutrin +Calcium for Cats or Ferrets, For boneless meats/organs


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Product Details

Alnutrin with EggShell Calcium (180g bag, measuring scoop included)


• Makes approximately 40 lb of food.

• A dietary supplement designed to add all the important nutrients in one step when mixed with 4 lbs. of ground raw meat, WITHOUT bone and 1 lb ground organs including liver.

• Simplify making food for your cat or ferret with our Alnutrin Supplements developed to add all the important nutrients in one easy step.

• For use in cats or ferrets only. Keep out of reach of animals and children. Store in a refrigerator.

Warning: This supplement should not be used in combination with any other supplementation, except salmon or sardine/anchovy oil. It is not a typical vitamin supplement for your cat. Please do not feed it to your cat without incorporating it into a homemade diet according to our directions. Do not add it to commercial cat food. In case of accidental overdose, contact a veterinarian immediately.

Nutrition and Benefits

Ingredients: Egg yolk powder, calcium carbonate, taurine, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, vitamin E, iron amino acid chelate, copper gluconate, manganese amino acid chelate, zinc oxide, potassium iodide, vitamin D3, vitamin B12, thiamine hydrochloride.

Contains no preservatives, sugar, yeast, starch, artificial flavors or colors.

All ingredients in our supplements are pure food grade products without silica, magnesium stearate or other processing additives. We do not use any raw materials from China or India.

Helpful Tips and Reminders

Directions for use:

➡️ 4 lb ground raw meat [no bone]

➡️ 1 lb ground organ mix with liver (Using our Ground Organ mix with a 67% Meat / 0% Bone / 33% Organ, keeping in mind that Hearts and Gizzards are considered muscle meats for feeding purposes and Liver is a secreting organ.)

➡️ 6 level scoops Alnutrin with EggShell Calcium

➡️ Water (cups) 1 - 2 1/2

Add together ground BONELESS meat, ground organ mix with liver, Alnutrin with EggShell Calcium and as much water as needed to get desired consistency. Mix well. Divide into storage containers and freeze unused portion.

When following the recipe below for mixing meat with organs, it is recommended to use the same protein and not to mix different proteins together, particularly for newly established raw diets. Once a protein is well established, I freely mix based on ratios and nutritional needs.

HINT: IF you are working on transitioning your cat or ferret to raw you can put your mix into ice cube trays and then freeze. Once frozen pop out of the trays and put in freezer bags or containers. You now have small easy to use servings.

Shelf life of frozen product mixed with supplements: The freezing process itself does not destroy nutrients. There is almost no change in nutrient values during freezer storage. However, prolonged freezing could affect the quality (odor, taste, water retention) of the diet. Taurine is water soluble and defrosting meat will release some water, so the actual meat might end up with a little bit less taurine when thawed. But this loss of taurine is not caused by freezing but water release with some taurine dissolved in it. In case of homemade cat food, if this released water is mixed back into the diet you should end up with the same amount of taurine you had before freezing.

The scoop comes in the Alnutrin bag and is a 5.2 gram scoop. 5.2 grams is .1834 oz; This is the direction for one pound.

0.1834 Ounces =1.1004 Teaspoons

Manufactured by: Alternative Nutrition LLC 2820 North Pinal Avenue, Suite 12-150 Casa Grande, AZ 85122 Current Reviews: 3

Typical analysis per 1g of Alnutrin with EggShell Calcium

Calcium 150 mg, Potassium 44 mg, Sodium 33 mg, Chloride 92 mg, Iron 1.5 mg, Copper 0.1 mg, Manganese 0.25 mg, Zinc 1.0 mg, Iodine 0.02 mg, Vitamin D 19 IU, Vitamin E 3.5 IU, Thiamine 0.15 mg, Vitamin B 12 0.25 mcg, Taurine 120 mg

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    Doing great

By Kat on February 28, 2023

I have 4 cats and they're all thriving on thier new diet. I changed diets because my older cat was suffering from traditional cat food but now all my babies are happy and healthy and I'm really thankful for that.

    Directions have changed

By Sandy on April 11, 2020

Alternative Nutrition (the company that makes Alnutrin) has revised directions/labeling on the Alnutrin just for Hare Today.
They are not the same directions as the Hare Today's old packaging that has directions just for liver. Now they assume you are buying their "ground organs" to mix with the meat. I contacted Alternative Nutrition and they said the supplement was the same mixture, but the directions were adjusted for Hare Today and using their "ground organs." So if you want to buy your own liver and not use Hare Today's "ground organs", you use the old directions which are 2 pounds of ground meat, 13.4 grams of Alnutrin, and 28.4 grams liver. Now, that 28.4 grams of liver is 3% liver, so I double it to 56.8 grams which is 6% liver.

Response from Hare Today: We recommend our ground organ mix with the Alnutrin + Calcium as Liver, Heart and Gizzard are included in our poultry ground organ mixes, all of which would be naturally included in a prey diet as our creator intended.

    Great to use when recipe has no bone

By Jodi on February 6, 2019

I started using Alnutrin because of the convenience and because my cats liked it better than my homemade supplements. This product is great for those recipes that don’t contan bone.

    Easy supplementation!

By Doris on May 19, 2017

I use Alnutrin w/ Eggshell Calcium to supplement boneless meat/organs, following the recipe in the product description. It is slightly more expensive than purchasing all the individual supplements, but also very convenient and easy!

I prefer to use a scale to accurately measure the amount of supplement, however, so I contacted Marta Kaspar to determine the appropriate amount -- the scoop provided when purchasing this product is a Hare Today exclusive!

"One leveled Hare Today scoop is equivalent to 5.2 grams of Alnutrin with EggShell Calcium," so 31.2 grams of supplement is needed for the Hare Today recipe.

Note: I also add a source of Omega 3 fatty acids when using Alnutrin, such as salmon oil, krill oil, or green-lipped mussel powder.

    A life saver

By Maureen on March 20, 2017

I positively love the Alnutrin + Calcium. Cats need a calcium source, no exception to that rule. When I am feeding a boneless meal this makes my life easy. I have no interest in bone meal and don't want to save, dry and grind eggshells. When I feed a boneless meal all I need is 4 lbs boneless meat, 1 lbs organ and 6 scoops of Alnutrin with mixed in 1 cup water. So easy.

    Contains eggs

By tricia on June 2, 2016

I think this would be a great product, but our cat can't tolerate eggs; it created an allergic reaction.
It's difficult to find feline food products and supplements that don't contain eggs, even though it's not unusual for cats to be sensitive or allergic to them.
Alnutrin stood behind their product with great customer service, but we had to search for an alternative supplement for making our food.
I hope they will reformulate their product and make it vegan.

Response Hare Today: Cats are obligate carnivores and should not be fed a vegan diet. Egg Yolks are usually not an issue with most cats but if you do have a cat that has an allergy to eggs follow this recipe but omit the eggs. https://hare-today.com/product/other/taurine_powder

    Very happy

By Patty on February 28, 2016

I feel better knowing that our cat is getting complete nutrition. We use this when our cat food recipe is short on ground bone.