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Antlerz - LARGE


Product SKU:HT-100009
Shipping Weight:0.25 lbs
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Product Details

Large Antlerz™

Wild deer shed their antlers once a year as part of a natural process, after which the deer re-grow another set. These shed antlers are gathered, and antlers are cut to the appropriate size, cleaned, and packaged to produce ANTLERZ™ brand dog chews. ANTLERZ™ hold up substantially longer than most traditional chews made from plastic, bone, or compacted starch. Unlike processed livestock bones ANTLERZ™ don’t chip or splinter when they are being used by even the most aggressive chewing dogs. A dog’s chewing action grinds ANTLERZ™ down slowly. ANTLERZ™ are a 100% natural dog chew that contain no plastics, no petrochemicals, no empty starches or artificial flavors. ANTLERZ™ are not a by-product generated by a meat processing facility or slaughter house.

Product Weight, Packaging, and Processing Details

• Approximate Length 4.5" - 5", Diameter 1.25" - 1.5" (if looking at one end)
• This is like wrapping a tape measure around the product.

Nutrition and Benefits

• ANTLERZ™ are 100% naturally shed deer antlers
• Mineral rich dog chew that contains no plastics, no petrochemicals, no empty starches or artificial flavors.
• Rich in calcium, phosphorous
• Long lasting, no splinters

Helpful Tips and Reminders

🐶 Best for dogs between 30 and 50 pounds.
• ANTLERZ™ are not bleached or dyed....this is their natural color
• Excellent for heavy chewers, teething puppies

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By Lea on May 1, 2014

Antlers are awesome for dogs. Moose is a better animal to get an antler from and I was reminded of this information when i got my order in. One of our dogs went to town on the deer antler and had it nearly gone in less than an hour. He is a heavy chewer... The antler seemed much softer even to the give of my own nail digging in to it. I couldn't figure this out at first because all of the other antlers I have gotten were quite strong. I sat down and did my handy dandy googling and remembered that I had always got them moose antlers. They last a lot longer because they are much stronger due to the hardness of them compared to a deer antler. Never-the-less, these deer antlers are great. A larger one would be better if you have a heavy chewer.


By Raven on April 19, 2014

My golden loves to chew and I'm glad I finally found an all-natural bone, as an alternative to some plastic bone sprayed with unhealthy chemicals. This is a big hit with my golden guy.


By Samantha on April 15, 2013

My chihuahua mix loves these antlers. She went though a spell for a while where she got too lazy to really chew more than she had to, so I tried a small Antlerz out of desperation to give her something new, and she wouldn't let it go! I'm very impressed, and I have a dog with clean teeth again!


By MaryAnne on October 26, 2012

Not too happy with this purchase. The photos and description lead you to believe there will be 2 in the package - there is only 1. I ordered the medium and my dog ate most of it in about 3 hours. Sorry, this product is too pricey for my budget.

All dogs chew at different rates. The length and width of the sizes are listed on the description page. The picture does show 2 and I have update the description. There is one per purchase.
I have had 4 of the Jumbo size antlers out for my dogs for close to 9 months now. I have Great Danes and Mastiffs which all chew on these frequently. They have not made a dent in these.

I would suggest the Jumbo size for all dogs that are aggressive chewers.


By robin on January 31, 2012

We have a huge, overflowing toy basket...Antlerz are the preferred chew all the time! I feel good that they are natural, not plastic or processed animal hide. I always have to have two on hand so there is no fighting!