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Current Specials

Bully Sticks, 6", 10 per bag


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Product Details

10 per bag.

A bully stick is a dog treat made from a dried bull's penis. The penis, usually measuring about 24 inches in length, is removed and cut into sections. The sections are then dried and are sold as a dog treat.

Bully sticks are very hard and are typically purchased in lengths of 12 inches or 6 inches. Our bully sticks can range from Thin to Medium in terms of diameter around. They are prized by dogs (and thus their owners) for their compelling tastiness and how long they last. Indeed, it can take a strong dog well over an hour to eat one, and thus is an enjoyable, safe way to keep an energetic breed occupied and out of trouble, even when unsupervised.

The bully stick is pure beef, it is 100% digestible. This is contrary to rawhide chews, which have been reported to choke or obstruct a dogs' bowel if large pieces are swallowed.

Vertically dried, odor free bully sticks. USDA approved. 6 in length

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    Safer than most bully sticks

By Gabriela on May 25, 2023

I love that these aren't as thick as some of the other bully sticks out in the market. Making it safer for my pup to eat.

    Great product!

By Traci on November 21, 2020

Although we love getting our bully sticks from y’all, they just aren’t for heavy chewers. My girl goes through these like nothing, but she still loves them nonetheless! Great quality as always!! Please come out with thicker ones! :)

    Frenchie approved

By Rosie on January 10, 2020

My dog loves this, but I have to hold these sticks for him while he chews otherwise he will try to swallow it.


By Sarah on December 20, 2019

I’ve been ordering from Hare Today for a few years now and never tried these. I purchased the 6” length to keep my young, energetic, miniature schnauzer occupied - and boy, did this ever do the trick! It bought me 45 minutes of quiet time! Keeping these stocked from now on. Quality is fantastic as always... the best you can buy.

    For the Cat!

By Abby on April 26, 2019

I have a 1 year old Savannah cat who recently turned into a power chewer in the sense that he's destroying (& unfortunately also INGESTING) his toys. I've even tried "indestructible" dog toys but my cat has been able to destroy everything. I wanted to give these Bully Sticks a shot, knowing that they're tough to chew & 100% digestible. Works exactly as I wanted. My cat can play with his toys under supervision only and when I'm away or sleeping, he gets a bully stick.


    Great alternative to tennis balls

By Lesa on October 11, 2017

My dog loves to chew... these only last her about 20 minutes or less. But they're still great and will definitely buy again!

    Fantastic treats

By Kelly on March 6, 2017

These are the best bully sticks at a reasonable price I have ever come across. As soon as I pull out the bag my dogs are jumping all over the place! Great for occupying their time. LOVE THESE!

    Great treats!

By Kelly on May 12, 2016

My 55 lb 8 year old female dog loves these! They are great for occupying her in the car or when it's storming outside. She can get through one of the large ones in about 15 minutes. They are easy on the digestive system.

    Bully sticks

By Ljones1126 on October 23, 2015

My dog,Khaleesi, loves these bully sticks. She always comes running when I open the freezer in my kitchen because she knows I am getting one for her. It is a healthy way for her to curb her chewing urges :)


By Lea on May 1, 2014

I got these for our dogs and they love them. Are dogs are larger, about 60 pounds and chew pretty well. These last them about 15 minutes but might last a smaller dog much longer. These are a great calm-down treats. If the dogs are a bit too rowdy, giving them one of these helps chills them down.
I love them and will continue to get them.


By Raven on April 19, 2014

These were a great quick treat for my golden. He's a power chewer, and gets through one of these in 15 minutes. These are a great natural chew.


By Dorian on March 26, 2013

These are a great value, and have saved my furniture so far (knock on wood) from my teething pup! My older girls love them too! They have been lasting about 7-10 days with my Siberian Huskies!


By Nancy on April 5, 2012

These bully sticks are a great value. My dogs love them and it occupies them long enough for me to get some work done in the house!