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Current Specials

Ground Duck/Bones/Organs, 2 lb., Fine Ground


Product SKU:HT-010046
Shipping Weight:2.00 lbs
Current Inventory:108

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Product Details

• Raw ground USDA inspected, all natural blend includes the following:
➡️ 54% Boneless Ground Duck (With Skin) (100/0/0)
➡️ 25% Duck Wings, Bone-In (With Skin) (61/39/0)
➡️ 10% Duck Liver (0/0/100)
➡️ 5% Duck Heart (100/0/0)
➡️ 5% Duck Gizzard (100/0/0)
➡️ 1% Duck Neck (Skinless) (61/39/0)

Product Weight, Packaging, and Processing Details

• 2 lb. chub bag, FINE ground.
• FINE Ground products are finished with our ¼” grinder plate, resulting in the diameter of the bone being no larger than 1/4”, but the length can vary a bit depending on how the bone is pushed through the grinder plate.
• Frozen in commercial freezers maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

• Remember, heart and gizzard are considered muscle meats for feeding purposes, while liver is a secreting organ.
MBO percentages are averages based on total lot production, but typically fall within a 1% variance.

Meat/Bone/Organ Ratio

80% Meat / 10% Bone / 10% Organ

Nutrition and Benefits

• This food is a good source of Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Phosphorus and Selenium, and a very good source of Protein.

Helpful Tips and Reminders

• 🐈 Cats typically do well with poultry.
• 🐕 Dogs prefer red meats, but poultry is good for rotation.
• Duck is higher in fat than most other poultry.
• If you feed even amounts, 1-1, of boneless meat to the 80/10/10 grinds, you would be at a ~90/5/5 ratio. A 1-2 ratio, respectively, could be favorable as well, resulting in a ~86/7/7 ratio. Balance MBO ratios with our Raw Food Ratio Calculator here: https://hare-today.com/raw_food_ratio_calculator.

Our mission includes advocating for optimal health and safe handling of raw materials. Make sure to use safe handling practices and reference our Raw Food Education pages.
Warning: Poultry may contain Salmonella

Prior blend: prior to Lot #02.20.2019 (Processed Date)
All natural, USDA inspected duckling, duck is higher in fat than some other poultry. This is fine ground with the bone, heart, liver, and gizzards included. 1 lb chub bags. 71% meat 24% bone 5% organ [liver]

Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min.) 11% Crude Fat (min.) 6% Crude Fiber (max.) 3% Moisture (max.) 80%

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    My kitten loves it!

By Kylie on February 3, 2024

My girl loves the ground duck! We tried it for the first time on our last order and will definitely continue adding it to our rotation. It adds a nice variety to the other proteins she likes!

    Easy to Use + Cat's Favorite

By Marjorie on May 22, 2022

Easy to add on into my mixing bowl with my recipe's other ingredients, high quality - my 5 year old Blue Russian's fav

    The BEST Duck

By Linda on April 28, 2022

My cats have special needs and this duck product is nothing short of lifesaving and amazing in quality! They love the texture, no more tummy issues, and my cat's "lupus" is cleared up... High quality, frozen solid, thus great shipping and handling - highly recommend, thank you!

    My cat won't eat ground duck.

By Donna on February 26, 2022

I tried serving my 14-year-old cat this ground duck. He hated it! He wouldn't go near it.
I guess he's a cat who doesn't like poultry.
I'll try a different protein next time.
I order all my cat's food from Hare Today. There is so much to choose from, I'm sure I'll find something that my cat likes.

Hare Today Response:
Don't be discouraged, cats can be stubborn and very picky. Warming meat a bit with a warm water bath can be helpful, make sure the meat is in a sealed container and place the container in warm water. This brings out the natural juices of the meat and helps to entice them to eat. NEVER cook bones or microwave. Make sure the meat is fresh, cats are very particular as far as freshness goes, 1-2 days in fridge.

    cats spent time enjoying this

By chenkun on February 21, 2022

great meat, time-saving and convenient to feed. cats loving it !

    Cat Loves It

By Nadia on February 15, 2022

The package is easy to mix, prepare, and divide. I use my silicone cupcake trays to easily portion out the servings. My cat has become extra loving and cuddly since she switched to raw food. She barely poops and doesn't throw up anymore!

    Cats enjoy taste

By Kylie on January 11, 2022

Happy to find another protein all 5 of my cats enjoy. They are so finicky about what proteins they will eat and they are completely happy with this duck grind. Great product and high quality

    Meow for it

By Betty on December 4, 2021

My Cat can't wait for us to put this down for him. As soon as we take it out of the fridge and warm it up he is going all around our legs.

    Another hit for my cat!

By Brenda on October 31, 2021

I love finding different proteins for my cat now that she's not limited by canned food. She is very happy with this, and will often try to 'help' as I'm getting it ready for her!

    daily duck meat

By chenkun on October 8, 2021

Not as popular as chicken, some of my cats like it

    surprisingly popular

By chenkun on September 15, 2021

Previously most of my cats didn’t like duck meat. I gave it a try, surprisingly they all like it this time. Quality is as great as always.

    Worth it

By Lillie on August 20, 2021

My cats are always extremely happy to eat the duck. They love it so much.

    simple and convenient food

By chenkun on July 16, 2021

Later on i'll buy more 1-2 lbs bag duck food, much easier to thaw and keep fresh. Meat itself is tasty.

    Back for another review

By chenkun on June 27, 2021

My cats started to enjoy duck more and more. That’s the reason why I’m here in review section again. More duck, happier cats.

    Fresh and juicy meat

By chenkun on June 7, 2021

Once I bring it to them, they all rush toward to me in a split second. Very popular among my cats. Definitely buy more next time

    Additional Great protein source

By chenkun on May 5, 2021

All my cats like it. Not main raw food for my cats, but it’s a great addition to their raw diet.

    Another great protein source

By chenkun on March 28, 2021

After bought chicken ground meat, bought 1lb of duck too. It took just couple meals for them to get used to new meat. Will buy more next time!!!

    Cats loving it

By chenkun on March 11, 2021

Food is fresh and I can see blood. Cats couldn’t put their head up. Very enjoyable!

    Juicy red meat

By Jessica on November 12, 2020

I find that duck is darker in value than turkey and chicken. Super rich and the moisture is perfect. My cat really loved this, and it was his first time having duck. I'm so happy to offer variety!

    Always fresh

By Karen on November 2, 2020

I've been ordering this product every month for a long time and it is consistently fresh. I know it's fresh because it never has a smell to it when thawing. My dog just loves duck.

    My kitties enjoyed it

By Meg on August 8, 2020

This is one of my cats favorite proteins!

    My ferrets favorite meal

By Bryn on September 11, 2019

It’s official. My ferrets found their favorite meal! They are obsessed with this grind. They always eat ALL of it!


By Lisa on June 13, 2019

This was my kitty's first experience with raw duck, and he couldn't get enough of it. We'll definitely be ordering this again.

    Love it!

By PAUL on February 25, 2019

My 12 year old mini schnauzer LOVES this. I foster cats for an organization and some love it, others take a bit to warm up but will eventually give in. Some kitties have a preference but it definitely doesn’t go to waste!

    Love Duck

By Chrissy on January 11, 2019

My Lab loves Duck and it always smells fresh. I like to include the duck as a fattier meat since i usually feed more lean meals. I like to stock up on this grind when on sale.

    Good product

By Gabriel on December 8, 2018

Very important component of my dog's overall diet.

    Nom Nom Nom :)

By Esther on December 5, 2017

She loves it!
I wanted to try a different protein for my dog. She's a foodie; very adventurous eater. She loves the duck! I know this more popular with the cat crowd, but my dog isn't a picky eater, so I went for it, and I'm so glad I did!
Great quality, great smell, great texture.

    Definitely a kitty favorite!

By Rebecca on November 13, 2017

Both of my raw kittens took to duck instantly, probably because it's so fresh and fatty meat tastes delicious! The meat arrived frozen as always and looked great to me! As always, recommend diluting the bone content with some boneless (lower fatty) meat to balance it to avoid constipation (and weight gain lol). Thank you hare today! Without all these meat options to add vareity for my kitties, they would be eating chicken their whole lives! Duck is a really good meat for rotation

    Bruce is quackers for Duck

By Christopher on October 21, 2017

I absolutely love that Hare Today has a better supply of duck than MPC. They are always running out of it. He absolutely loves this blend. I use this as a fattier protein to help balance out more of the less fattier ones. Duck is Bruce’s favorite protein source

    Cat Heaven

By Constance on July 18, 2017

OK, my cats LOVE duck, I found out. I made the recipe with the duck hearts. I think this is their favorite protein so far. I actually love the smell of it too, when preparing the recipe. Smells fresh. My only complaint is the with the 5 pound packaging, there are some holes, so when thawing it, you have to make sure it is in a pan that will catch the fluids or you end up with a bloody mess in your fridge.

Response: Being bone in meats occasionally there are small punctures. I address this on the RAW FAQ.

    A great buy, beware of higher fat content

By Michael on June 4, 2017

This duck was amazing and is one of Nala's favorites. One thing to note is to make sure you decrease the quantity you feed per meal as this meat has a higher fat content, and therefore more calories. I noticed Nala put on a couple pounds after I fed the tub and didnt adjust. Note, that it does list the higher fat content in the product description.

    Great option for adding variety!

By Sarah on May 23, 2017

I don't feed ground duck too often but it's nice to offer when I want to change things up a bit. My dogs seemed to really enjoy it and I like that the duck is a little fattier option since they eat pretty lean meats most of the time.

    One Paw Up! (So far...)

By Akiko on May 18, 2017

We are in the 3rd month of Raw and tried Duck for the first time. One kitty ate it, and the other one was struggling. It is always this way - one of my kitty needs some time to adjust new food. I am sure she will start eating it pretty soon.

Yesterday was 80+F and I was very anxious until food arrive - I don't have much freezer space so ordering smallish order. Turned out that everything came rock frozen - relieved!!

Thank you very much for providing fresh and healthy food for my kitties!

    They love it!

By Yang on May 9, 2017

Good stuff, saved me time and easy too feed. They love it and I love it!

    Hog Heaven in a Duck's Body

By Constance on April 24, 2017

OMG! I could not believe how much my cats loved this duck. I got the 5 pound ground and because of the fat/bone content of duck, I mixed in a 4 pounds boneless/skinless chicken thigh and also 2 pounds of duck hearts.
The cats went insane! The duck smells good, even to me. It's a winner and I will definitely be reordering both the ground duck AND the duck heart.

    You never know

By Angela M on February 12, 2017

Most of the kittens liked our trial pound of duck, but the big surprise was my senior cat, now getting towards the end of her time with us, taking a real shine to it AND it not giving her sensitive stomach troubles. Had to quick place an order for a big package ASAP!

    Great Product

By Denise on February 9, 2017

Great color and consistency and obviously fresh and exactly what you ordered, no mystery ingredients. Packaged well, very happy with this product.

    Love it a million

By Nicole on January 31, 2017

My cat loved this. Since it was my first order, it was suggested I not buy too much because Duck isn't the most popular for kittys. HOWEVER, it was probably his favorite. I made it with Alnutrin and froze it in little ice cream scoop size balls, froze them on a tray and then ziplocked them. He went bananas.
I could even tell it was very freshly frozen. I don't eat much meat, bUT I love duck on occasion. This is very good meat.

    cats won't touch, dog loves it

By anna on January 29, 2017

I buy the course ground duck for my dog and I can see that it is very fatty. I'm all for fat, but my dog gets indigestion with too much.. I have decided to not feed him quite so much of the duck for this reason. I think that's why my cats don't like it...too much fat. Thankfully, there are plenty of other meats on Hare Today that they do like.

Response: Product description does state duck is a fattier meat. When introducing higher fat do so in moderation and adjust quantity over time.

    Ferrets approve!

By Brittany on November 23, 2016

I was hesitant to try a new protein for my ferrets but they love duck eggs so I thought I'd give it a try. So far, this is their favorite item from hare today.
Usually, my boy ferret (Gus- Gus) waits until everyone is finished eating but he joined in eating with the others!

    Ground Duck

By Kolby on November 14, 2016

My dog loves the ground duck and eats it with gusto. She eats all of the grinds with enthusiasm. I thaw the meat in the refrigerator in a glass casserole dish with a glass lid. The grinds take about a day to thaw in the refrigerator and are always ready to serve.

    MY Sphynx cat cannot get enough

By Sara on July 22, 2016

My cat LOVES this duck grind. He eats the fine and coarse grind like a champ. He actually loves all the proteins I've given him from here. I got lazy and switched him to commercial food for a while, but after noticing some signs of allergies, I am switching him back to 100% raw, and I know he will be so happy to see the duck back in his bowl soon!

I cannot say enough good things about this company and the service I have received!

    he liked it...

By Wendy on June 30, 2016

my cat liked this in the beginning but it's definitely not his favorite. he has gotten sick after eating duck a few times :-/ the quality is good just as with the other meat. i wanted to give him more variety by feeding him chicken, turkey, rabbit, and duck but i don't want to risk him getting sick so he'll stick to the other meats for now

    Cats not crazy about

By Lisa on June 19, 2016

I thought my cats would like this since it is a higher fat content and when I first rescued them, I had them on a canned duck food for awhile and they loved that. But they just did not care for this. Maybe it was a little too greasy or something with the texture for them. I don't know. I may try a pound again one more time to see if their taste has changed. They are so hooked on the rabbit, I cannot get them to eat much else. I was hoping to vary their proteins.

    3 Paws Up!

By Jennifer on June 9, 2016

Duck is one of the proteins that all three of my cats adore. All three cats eat enthusiastically, and clean their dishes! I love it because i know how fresh and wholesome the meats from Hare Today are; i know my cats are truly eating well.

    Practically Inhales It

By Kim on May 1, 2016

We have a 23 pound whippet mix who loves the ground duck, especially with some scrambled egg mixed in.

I can't say enough good about the convenience of the packaging. The grid lines make cutting portions easy. I always receive my shipments on Wednesdays, let thaw in fridge until Saturday, portion out all food, then refreeze.

Last time we were at the vet I asked how she looked and was told "She's perfect. Keep doing what you're doing." If we weren't already sold on the excitement she gets out of eating Hare Today's food we'd be sold on the obvious health benefits.

    Crazy about Duck!

By Janine on March 20, 2016

I'm so impressed with the produce packaging and how easy it is to portion this out and serve to the dogs. The fact that the grind includes everything the dogs need, it makes raw feeding super simple. I thought the ground goat was my dogs favorite....until they tried the duck... :)

    Will definitely be ordering again and again!!

By Rachel on January 17, 2016

My new foster dog has severe allergies, the only two foods that she is not allergic to are duck and eggs, so I decided to give this a try after it was recommended by her nutritionist, and boy does she love it! The meat appears and smells to be very fresh, she licks her bowl clean every time and the cats try and eat it too! It came very well packaged for shipping, I ordered it in the 5lb packages and made patties according to her serving size then refroze it until the day before needed...this made meal time a whole lot easier!

    Easy mix!

By Yee on December 15, 2015

I like the fact that in the description it is pretty close to the 80/10/10 mix. I just either have to add a little more meat or organs. I definitely have to order this again sometime soon!

    Ferrets' Favorite Meal

By David on December 2, 2015

Both of my ferrets have been raised on raw and out of all the different sources, duck is their absolute favorite.

I love the fattier content as it helps ferrets which have very high metabolisms.

    Favorite Meal Of The Week

By debbi on December 1, 2015

Ground duck is my dogs favorite meal of the week.

    My cats eat better than I do

By Jessica on November 28, 2015

The ground duck is yet another staple for our monthly-ish orders. The grind consistency has been fantastic with no large bone fragments.

    Good fats for the cold seasons!

By catseatingmeat on September 21, 2015

Now that the temps are dropping I am incorporating the duck ground again due to its nice fat content. Because of the higher bone content, I do use the ground chicken organs along with boneless ground duck to cut down the bone. I highly recommend this grind for those who need to keep weight on, and also kittens! The duck grind is definitely one of my staples for kitten rearing, along with the mutton.


By Heather on April 17, 2015

My ferrets love this it counts as a complete meal and the bag it comes in is very easily stored.


By GINNY on March 1, 2015

I thought this might be too fatty, but it's a great balance of meat, organs, bone and some fat. My one cat, who has been sick and lost a lot of weight loves the duck and has gained back some of the weight he lost when ill and is getting healthier since switching to a mostly raw diet.

While both cats seem to have allergic reactions to canned poultry and fish cat foods, they have none with the raw food.

Our other cat is still not fond of raw, and won't touch canned food if raw is in it, but we keep trying. She has recently started to nibble at raw, so she's gradually coming around.


By Linda on January 25, 2015

This was my first time ordering from Hare today, I was very impressed with my delivery. All of the ground products I purchased included organs and bones. All were perfect. I will be ordering again!


By Samantha on May 29, 2014

My dog loved Hare Today Duck! I love the consistency and how nicely it thaws. I add in my own vegetables and mix with a 3lb bag of the pork or beef. I was really happy to find a single protein source of duck in this quantity because I try to feed my dog "cool" proteins. Just reordered!


By Lisa on February 3, 2014

There needs to be a rating for Excellent! My ferrets go crazy for the Duck grind.


By selena on July 30, 2013

My dogs love getting the occasional duck. I was told to feed duck to my allergy dog and she does great on it.


By Emily on July 4, 2013

One of kitten's favorites -- consistency is finely ground "mush" - will definitely repurchase!!!
2 day shipping is the best, food always arrives still frozen!


By Marina on June 21, 2013

my puppy loves the duck and it comes in convenient 1lb tubes. She is always happy to eat hare products!


By Tina on June 6, 2013

My dog has allergies and has been eating Ostrich, but I knew she would need to start getting other meats mixed into her feedings. I was very pleased with the texture and look of this duck. What is even better is that my dog went crazy for it!! One of the 5lb packages will feed her for a whole week! I got the delivery, put 2 packages in the freezer and cut the other one up right away so I could place individual meals into baggies into the freezer. I will take out her meals the night before and put them in the freezer. It's only 3pm here and she is begging for her dinner!!


By Arleen on April 15, 2013

Wonderful food! Since changing my dogs to this raw food selection they are looking much healthier. Had taken one of my Tibbies to Dr for blood work to see why he was losing his top coat. Blood was fine. Since being on this food happy to say his coat is back and both of my dogs never looked better. Other dog was itching to the point his belly fur was gone:( Well its back now and looking great!! My dogs have always been raw fed but this has to be the best food I have had the pleasure to feed them.


By Cindy on March 13, 2013

My Frenchie's allergy and yeast problems are finally under control now that she is on the raw. She tolerates the raw duck, goat and rabbit and is healthier than ever at 10 1/2 years old. Thank you!


By Sara on March 12, 2013

My cat was newly transitioned to raw when I decided to try a non-commercial raw diet. It has been super easy, and I know it's because of all the options on this website. My cat LOVES this duck grind. I thought the bones would be too much for him but he dug in to the meat with such gusto that I have no doubt that he loves it!


By Chazz on February 10, 2013

Our Sphynx love this!! A perfect source of protein and amazing quality!! All of the meat we buy comes nicely packaged and easy to mix and serve. Our sphynx appreciate and love the freshness!


By Zakiyyah on February 4, 2013

I recently started feeding this to my two cats and I'm happy to say they really, really like it.

Thank you. I definitely recommend this product.


By Kelly on November 18, 2012

Our dogs aren't the most picky eaters but I wanted to give them high quality raw food. I'm so glad I found Hare Today Gone tomorrow! Ground duck is a great alternative to chicken, too.


By Michael on June 5, 2012

This is a wintertime favorite with out 2 cats. We mix it with ground rabbit, and they both love it!!


By Ruth on March 19, 2012

My dog ADORED this. Cleaned his bowl and looked for more. He likes the beef alot, but the ground duck, wow, you'd think it was heaven. Definetly ordering more for him!


By Christina on March 1, 2012

Ordered this in my very first order from Hare Today. Shipping was speedy, and delivery was on time. Packaging was appropriate, and the meats were still nice and cold (though no longer truly frozen).

This enabled me to break them up, mix in the supplement, and portion out for freezing. I managed to get it all done in just over an hour. Easy.

Can't wait to see how the kitties react to the new meat source.


By Nicole on February 29, 2012

Ground duck is great stuff Saya loved it I got it along with goat, and mutton because I was going places and it made it easy for family and me to feed her and for boarding to feed her too.

I can only find duck, but never with the organs so it's a nice plus and for price it's pretty good.

I love giving her variety of different meats so duck was new one and I plan to get again if I need to board her or just as yummy snack.


By Lynn on February 24, 2012

My Bengal cats go crazy for their duck breakfast every morning. This was a great addition to their normal meal of the rabbit, which they also go nuts for. Great products!


By Jennifer on January 31, 2012

My cats have eaten the ground duck. It is a great alternative to their basic meal of rabbit and chicken. I recommend it in rotating the meat protein in the raw food diet for cats.


By Daliana on October 13, 2009

My cats love this. They're happy, and so am I. Healthy kitties.......proud owners!


By Jessica on March 22, 2009

My cat is accepting this stuff really well. He was recently diagnosed with chicken and fish allergies on top of his grain allergies so I decided to go 100% raw for his diet, finally. Previously I could only get him to eat raw chicken, so I only bought a pound of the ground duck to try it out. He is so picky it's not even funny so I wasn't sure he'd even eat it, he'd starve himself half to death before he'd eat something he doesn't like. But, 1 day later he is already eating 50% ground duck with 50% canned food, that's a lot faster then the transition it took to get him to eat the raw chicken that he liked. So, 1 day after receiving my first order from here I have already placed my second order for 30 pounds of ground duck.


By Laura on April 21, 2008

Aside from the ground rabbit varieties I had yet to find any other protein source that my cats liked that is until the duck. Like the rabbit, it was an accident that I discovered they liked it.
I was serving up the duck to my two dogs and as soon as I turned away from the counter to put their bowls on the floor the cats jumped up and started eating it. I put a little on a plate for them and they happily munched it right up!
The duck is so easy to use with less smell and little to no visible bone in the mix.


By Shaneen on January 13, 2008

Awesome product. Ground smooth, no bone pieces, but the fat and meat made all 5 cats chew and eat slower, nice jaw workout/teeth cleaner. Finally, another product everyone agrees on too! I was really worried because of picky eaters, so far the only other thing everyone agrees on is ANY form of chicken.


By Jeannine on September 30, 2007

My cats LOVE duck. This product is as fresh and clean-smelling as everything that Tracy sells. I really like the idea of varying my cats' diet, and having duck as a reasonably-priced alternative to the usual rabbit-goat-beef-chicken-turkey diet is great. I'm only sorry that I just purchased 1 lb the first time I ordered it, as now I have to re-order sooner than I had anticipated. Of course, I already have an entire drawer in my stand-up freezer devoted to Hare-Today products, but that's a different story!


By Jenny on September 13, 2007

I received my first order from Hare-Today yesterday afternoon - contents arrived still frozen and everything looked great! Fed my two dogs the Ground duck last night, and they LOVED it. The 6 month old carried his bowl to me when he was done - I swear, asking for more!

Thank you for providing such a great and much-needed service, I'll be ordering again soon and regularly!

Jen Craver
& her two happy, raw-fed German Shepherd Dogs.

➡️ Review the 1 lb. package size, More Info tab for ADF Recipe Details and Sourced from information.