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Current Specials

Ground Green Tripe with Spleen (BEEF), 1 lb., Fine Ground


Product SKU:HT-010051
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs
Current Inventory:524

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Product Details

• Raw ground beef green tripe with spleen.The spleen is attached to the stomach and may also be included.
• All natural, hormone and antibiotic free beef.
• Locally sourced.

Product Weight, Packaging, and Processing Details

• 1 lb. chub bag, FINE ground.
• FINE Ground products are finished with our ¼” grinder plate, resulting in the diameter of the bone being no larger than 1/4”, but the length can vary a bit depending on how the bone is pushed through the grinder plate.
• Frozen in commercial freezers maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

• The spleen is attached to the stomach and is also ground with the tripe. The amount of spleen is less then 2%.
MBO percentages are averages based on total lot production, but typically fall within a 1% variance.

Meat/Bone/Organ Ratio

99% Meat / 0% Bone / 1% Organ

Nutrition and Benefits

• This food is a good source of Protein and Zinc, and a very good source of Vitamin B12 and Selenium.
• Feeding tripe can be benefical in gut health as tripe is the stomach lining of ruminating animals. These animals (i.e., cattle, sheep, goats, etc.) are classified as being four-footed, hooved, cud chewing mammals with a stomach that consists of four chambers.
• The protein in tripe is composed of balanced amino acids, each in low concentrations.

Helpful Tips and Reminders

• The white tripe that you find in the grocery store has been cleaned, scalded and bleached. It has almost no nutritional value. Green tripe does not necessarily refer to it's color. Green refers to not having the tripe cleaned, not bleached and not scalded. It's actual color is tan, brown or black and sometime there will a greenish tint due to the grass or hay the animal ate just before processing.
• For items such as tripe, our demand surpasses our available supply, and we sell out on a weekly basis. The best way to get limited items is to order immediately, once you are notified that the product has been added. We process tripe on Thursdays each week, depending on supply availability and enter inventory on the website around 4-4:30 pm EST, first come, first serve.

Our mission includes advocating for optimal health and safe handling of raw materials. Make sure to use safe handling practices and reference our Raw Food Education pages.

Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min.) 11% Crude Fat (min.) 6% Crude Fiber (max.) 3% Moisture (max.) 80%

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    Cat likes tripe

By Kristine on May 2, 2024

I introduced tripe initially as part of the ground mutton mix, so that my cat just got a whiff at first. Today I tried the pure ground tripe and she gave it a paws up.

    Green Tripe

By Linda on April 4, 2024

OMG, dogs love it! I have gotten tripe before and it was just to chunky. This fine ground is great and the dogs are happy

    This is my dog's favorite food

By Gabriela on May 25, 2023

This smelly stuff is definitely my dog's favorite food to eat. Wish it wasn't sold out every time I'm ready to order :( hopefully I'll be able to get it for her again sometime soon. She really loves this stuff!

Helpful tip from Hare Today: For items such as tripe, our demand surpasses our available supply and we sell out on a weekly basis. The best way to get limited items is to order immediately, once you are notified that the product has been added.
We process tripe on Thursdays each week, depending on supply availability and enter inventory on the website around 4-4:30 pm EST, first come, first serve.

    So much easier

By Logan on January 23, 2022

It's nice and easy to handle for meal prep, I also like how there's spleen in the mix as well

    LOVE this product - Green Tripe

By Wendy on June 7, 2020

I have used tripe products from other supplies but I love this one! Very easy to slice into manageable pieces and freeze for later use. We buy the 5 lbs tubes and slice it into rounds. Will definitely buy again.

    Good for gut health

By Wanda on April 3, 2020

I give the ground green tripe to my dog by freezing it in ice cubes in small portions and my dog likes the green tripe cubes so much she asks me for one everyday.

    Great stuff

By Chrissy on October 5, 2019

My dog loves this tripe. I usually mix about 4 oz with most meals on prep days. We recently got a kitten and surprisingly she ate a small piece that he somehow missed. So I will be trying it more with her once she is fully transitioned over to raw. Great consistency with product!

    In the name of love

By Lesa on August 10, 2019

It smells horrendous, but anything for the dogs, right? I feel good feeding this to them because I know how good it is for them with all it's benefits. PRO TIP: work with it before it completely thaws so the smell isn't so pungent.

Cats won't touch it, of course, but that's to be expected. I don't want to cuddle with a cat that had just eaten a food that smells like cow poop anyway.

    Best tripe out there

By Anessa on October 11, 2018

This is by far the favorite protein at my house. Both dogs love it! I have ordered tripe from other raw food suppliers before and though the smell is unavoidable and incredibly strong, I will say I find this tripe the most tolerable smell wise. This is also the most fairly priced tripe I have found from an online raw meat supplier. The other two places I had tried prior to finding hare today charged almost twice as much per pound. I get the 5lb chub, basically pay a little under $3 per pound. Great price for such a high quality protein, what more could you want.

    My pups favorite meal

By Christi on June 29, 2018

My German Shepherd Leilani LOVES your tripe.
Thank you for making another awesome product for my furry baby.
I will have to order a lot more of this in the future

    Feed outside if you can!

By Megan on June 21, 2018

My two dogs go ape for this stuff. Of everything we feed them, this goes down the fastest and most enthusiastically. On a possibly related note, this is the smelliest/grossest thing I can imagine. If at all possible we prep and feed this outside!


By Luis on June 16, 2018

First time for tripe for my girl. It smells horrible but she loved it. Will order larger supply next time.

    Stinky but good

By Destiny on May 13, 2018

Dogs go nuts over this! One of the better quality green tripes I've ever bought! I feed this a lot to help with gut health and manganese!

    My cat loves it!

By Jennifer on May 7, 2018

I associate tripe with something that dogs prefer, but my cat goes crazy for it! She tries to bite through the packaging to get to it! It’s certainly stinky stuff, but the nutritional benefits of tripe far outweigh the smell. Cat owners—I’d encourage you to give it a try—you never know, maybe your cat will love it, too!

    Gut health

By Mary Beth on March 25, 2018

Though I struggled at first with the smell, my dog LOVES this. And I love all the great prebiotics. This is so much better than the canned tripe or any other options.

    Picky dog loves it

By Brittany on March 23, 2018

Don't know what it is about HT tripe, but my dog absolutely loves it. I've tried giving her tripe from other suppliers but she wouldn't even try it, just sniff and walk away. Then when she finally did taste it she immediately spit it out. With this tripe she eats it with no hesitation and looks for more. She can be texture picky too so really glad it's very finely ground.

Oh, I also don't think the smell is THAT bad. It doesn't stink up my kitchen or anything.

    Gourmet for Dogs?

By Natalie on February 5, 2018

I don't feed our dog as much raw food compared to the cats, so she does not typically like meat she wasn't exposed to a scrap in our house. What she does like is really gross stuff like feces, human baby or cat. So when I read this was terrible smelling & had such good ratings, I thought she might like it and I took a chance on 1lb. since it was fairly cheap. Sure enough, she loved it. My cats on the other hand found the smell to be as offensive as I did & tried to bury it. Next time I'll have to pay more attention how it came out the other end but this was enjoyed with delight even for a dog that only dabbles in raw food. Which is a good thing since it smells like grassy poo, don't care to have that linger. She loves it though and that's what matters most.

    Love this!

By Chrissy on January 7, 2018

I use the ground tripe to mix into other HT ground products to make patties for my two Labs. They love it, and I love the ease of the 5 lb chubs. The smell is not as bad as it first was, but it does help alot to use gloves :-). My young 1 1/2 yr old lays right under me while my older 14 yr old lays a discreet distance away- both waiting for "tasties". I like that I can give them the good stuff and it has really helped with my young Lab and getting his sensitive tummy to rough up some. :-)

    A staple

By Sarah on November 29, 2017

Each dog gets at least 5 lbs of tripe each month. The ground tripe is easier for me on prep day and it's a favorite of every raw fed dog I've ever owned.

    Loves it!

By Marinella on November 13, 2017

My dog absolutely loves the green tripe. After reading some of the other testimonials about the smell, I was a bit worried about what I'd gotten myself into but it's really not so bad. (No, I wouldn't take a big whiff of it but it doesn't stink up the house or even the kitchen - and I'm pretty sensitive to scents.)
More importantly, my dog goes NUTS for it. I've ordered more and will be adding it to most of his meals since it's nutritional benefits are so great. This is definitely now a staple.


By Sarah on May 4, 2017

I am quite new to raw feeding so I didn't know what to expect with this tripe. Yes, it does smell but it really just reminded me of a barn smell so it wasn't as bad as I had anticipated - which was a plus! My dog inhaled this tripe and she can be quite the fuss pot! I am super excited to have found this product and to be able to offer my dog superior nutrition.

    Best Super Food!

By Esther on April 20, 2017

Such a great source of protein and includes necessary enzymes that promotes great gut health. I will always have this product in my home, and with me at all times while traveling with my dog.

My dog's bloat (she had for so many years) has completely diminished. I mix it in with all of her main raw meals, and I also give her bite size frozen tripe ball treats when she's being good. She LOVES them. She no longer will eat processed over-the-counter treats after giving her tripe balls for a month. She knows the term, "tripe balls" now. When I ask her if she wants a "tripe ball," her head, ears, and eyes perk up and she runs to the kitchen knowing that's where they're kept.
Surprisingly, does not give my dog bad breath (which by the odor, you would think it would). I'm thrilled I found such a great fresh product that's uber good for my dog and at such an affordable price. Thank you!

    Another winner!

By Carole on February 17, 2017

My pup likes this much better then the strips/chucks.

    All-in-one meal!

By Kelly on December 19, 2016

The best meal for my dogs. Has everything they need! Will always be a part of our menu!

    The one raw food my dog will consistently devour!

By Viktoriya on December 7, 2016

Our 10 year old lab is a few months into eating RAW and he is EXTREMELY picky. The one food he never turns away from is this green tripe. It really does smell awful, but our Buddy just LOVES this stuff!!


By Kelly on November 27, 2016

I have been a hare-today customer for 4 years now and can't believe I am just now adding this to Jersey's diet. She LOVES the tripe mix. It is a great supplement to the weekly menu she has, and provides her everything she needs in one shot. She loves it! It is some of the best tripe I have ever used. Easy to thaw and easy to portion out.

    Tripe for the win!

By Wendy on September 25, 2016

My dogs love this stuff! I use my scooper to make tablespoon sized balls of it and freeze. I use as treats right out of the freezer for them. They would eat the entire bag if I let them!

    Stinky favorite

By Susan on September 5, 2016

Can't say my human nose enjoys this but my four legged family is highly enthusiastic. Even frozen solid my dogs were all over this while I unpacked the box. Very much appreciate being able to feed such a nutritious item to my pack. This is impossible to get locally and as always the chubs arrive frozen and on time.


By Amanda on June 25, 2016

My girls absolutely love green tripe. Even if they don't feel like eating they will gobble this stuff up!

    My dog's favorite meal!

By Julie on June 19, 2016

This is by far my dog's favorite meal! It has a strong smell, which is probably part of the appeal for my pooch. It is a definite item on any of my orders.

    Ground Green Tripe

By Samantha on June 15, 2016

My dog absolutely loves green tripe and the ground stuff is 10x easier and faster to prep for her. I proportion it and then its just thaw and go.

    Green Tripe - Ground

By Haley on January 29, 2016

I've gotten green tripe before from other places, but this ground tripe was so nice it will definitely be on our next order. Compared to other places, this tripe is definitely a favorite and I prefer this over any other kind from other places. The ground is so nice and fine and the smell is so stinky you know its quality tripe :) Thanks for such a great product!

    Pawfect For Any Pooch

By Joni on December 11, 2015

I have got Green Tripe (ground) from another supplier and it was good. But nothing compares to the Quality of Hare-Today's Green Tripe. We get this ground one and the Green Tripe Chunks. I'm completely confidant giving this to my 6 dogs, it is super quality and pure. Most dogs tend to like this meal and gobble it up. I'm sure the smell helps attracts them. The smell is totally worth dealing with to feed your dogs this.

    Great Product, Great Packaging

By Alex on November 30, 2015

This is a stable of my Belgian Malinois' diet. Tripe seems to be very healthy for her. She not only loves it, but the day after eating tripe (which is most days, honestly) her coat shines. I also dehydrate the tripe without the fat or spleen for yummy treats. about 20hrs at lowest temp setting in my dehydrator and they are crispy. less time and they are a little chewy. She loves it raw and dehydrated! and I love the packaging, and I am thankful the strips are not cut too small (plenty of big pieces).

    Green tripe

By Ljones1126 on October 23, 2015

Khaleesi is my 10 month old 73 pound Native American Indian Dog. She absolutely loves this stuff. It smells awful, but it is the favorite part of her meals. She is a picky eater, and I have no problem getting her to eat this mix. She stands next to me with excitement while I am preparing it for her, and she inhales it when I put her bowl in front of her. Great product.

    Ground Green Tripe

By Amy on October 15, 2015

Hare-Today makes the best tripe I ever served our dog. Until I gave our dog Hare-Today"s tripe, I didn't feel confident that it was an edible product. I am thankful for the purity of this product because it has such a strong odor. Hare-Today's tripe is strong, yet it doesn't have that rancid meat smell and that tells me it's made from great meat in a clean and healthy way.

    Green Tripe

By Cheryl on October 7, 2015

My two Leonbergers love this and would eat it for a whole meal every day if I let them!

    Best priced and favorite tripe of our big pack of Dachshunds

By Dianne on September 30, 2015

We feed 8 dachshunds,and an old mixed breed and sometimes cost matters but quality NEVER should. We were shopping for our tripe when money got tight from a local Texas vendor and when my Susie found a metal nut in her tripe I was disgusted as she has a compromised immune system. Their nutrition specialist assured me dogs do eat worse and the owner took two weeks to get back to me asking me..."What do you want??"

That's when I realized the mistake I made! Back to Hare Today!


By cindy on September 21, 2015

Both of my GSDs love this tripe. We feed it frozen and it is always the first to get gobbled up.

    Ground Green Tripe with Spleen

By Kelly on September 11, 2015

This is my GSD's favorite of all, and she get's quite the variety!


By Vinnie on June 25, 2015

Bought this and a good deal Cosi loves it also!


By Trisha on June 9, 2015

We have tried a few different tripes from other distributors and this is by far my dogs favorite.


By Nadeem on March 19, 2015

Stinks just like everyone says, but the dog loves it. I recommend wearing gloves when handling just because the stink stays with you even after hand washing. I like that it is a coarser grind and i can just cut the portion i need. Great product and company. I ordered 3 x 5lb on the first order and just ordered 4 more after i tried it.


By Lisa on February 28, 2015

My GSD dog L-O-V-E-S this! Excellent quality & great source for my boy to get his daily probiotics!
HINT: I thaw it just enough to be able to cut through it and then divide it up into 1oz portions and then refreeze them in plastic bags. Now I have a frozen green tripe treat for my boy that I can give him anytime and the BIG bonus is that it's much less odoriferous than when it is thawed. ;)


By Rebecca on February 21, 2015

Let me start off that my dog loved it! She ate it right up, however, disclaimer, this really smells. Not abnormally but it smells, we'll like tripe.... If you're not used to it it's quite jarring. The ripe almost 'fecal' type aroma lasted most of the day in my kitchen.

Health benefits are really great, yet next time, I will definitely open this up outside and use disposable plate for the dog.....


By Sabrina on December 7, 2014

My dogs get green tripe every day. This is an excellent product which helps them maintain their overall health and puts beautiful color in their coats. I would recommend this product for every dog.


By anthony on October 8, 2014



By anthony on July 18, 2014

been getting your tripe for some time now,always comes fresh and quick,my dog loves it


By SOPHIA on April 17, 2014

Ground Green Tripe with Spleen (BEEF) 5 lb.... My 3 Mastiffs love this product. They actually refuse to eat with out it in there food. I have never had any trouble with shipping or ordering this item. 2 Thumbs Up to Hare today gone tomorrow! Keep up the great work.


By Valarie on March 11, 2014

My papillon dogs love homemade raw "meatballs", made from Hare Today products. I always start with a base of the ground green tripe. The tripe's digestibility is especially healthy for my rescue dog, who suffers some health problems from having had heart worms. The tripe does have a distinctive odor, like fermented grass. It reminds me of my childhood visits to a farm, when I would hand feed ears of corn to the cows and smell their warm breath on my face! In other words, it's not that bad when you get used to it, and well-worth it for the health of your pets.


By Lindsey on February 11, 2014

My dogs absolutely love Tripe! :)


By Lynn on October 29, 2013

My cats love the green tripe. I feed it to them as a treat or sometimes as their main meal. It is rich in probiotics and very healthy for them. They love it and when they smell it I tease them a little bit so I have a cat chorus before I feed it to them. They become really excited and are very happy eating it!

RESPONSE Some cats like tripe but my experience is that most dont. If you want to try this for your cat I would suggest a 1 lb bag to start and see if they like it. On the other hand dogs LOVE tripe.


By Jessica on August 19, 2013

Excellent product! minimal packaging and my dog LOVES it! he always looks forward to tripe day! Thank you so much for this wonderful website!


By Michelle on July 17, 2013

I am very pleased with the Ground Green Tripe with Spleen. It's a very good price, a high quality product and my dog loves it. He is a bull terrier and he is doing fantastic on your raw foods. Thanks so much!


By Debra on June 15, 2013

All three of my dogs goes nuts when I open a bag of this stuff! They just love, love, love it! Yes, it's smelly but it isn't all that bad....once you get use to feeding it. Well worth it.


By Arleen on April 15, 2013

Wonderful food! Since changing my dogs to this raw food selection they are looking much healthier. Had taken one of my Tibbies to Dr for blood work to see why he was losing his top coat. Blood was fine. Since being on this food happy to say his coat is back and both of my dogs never looked better. Other dog was itching to the point his belly fur was gone:( Well its back now and looking great!! My dogs have always been raw fed but this has to be the best food I have had the pleasure to feed them.


By Doug on April 5, 2013

Green Tripe from Hare Today is absolutely the freshest product...there is no bad smell to it, just a natural, organic "aroma" which brings all my dogs and cats running to the kitchen every day. I know tripe is a healthy addition to their diet but, just like kids, I don't tell them that ;)


By Jennifer on March 6, 2013

I have two leonbergers that have been eating raw for about 1 1/2 years. One of my boys can be very picky, but both LOVE this tripe. They have always liked any tripe product I've bought since they were puppies (canned, freeze dried, raw), but this one they absolutely love. Of course, like all tripe it smells terrible, but it seems the smellier the tripe, the better they like it. It is extremely good for them so I give it to them 2-3 times a week. I definitely recommend this product.


By dana ann on February 14, 2013

My dog loves this too--it is smelly--as is to be expected from tripe, but he'll eat it pretty frozen, so I don't deal with the odor too much. All the products I've tried from you are very good!


By Allison on February 12, 2013

My whippets love this stuff. This is the least stinky tripe I have ever dealt with. Thanks for such a great product.


By Candice on September 26, 2012

My dog has been eating this tripe blend as a part of his varied diet for a month now and absolutely loves it! Initially I was concerned about the smell, but when it arrived and I portioned it out, it smelled no worse than what I would describe as "mild barnyard". Not disgusting at all! And a very reasonable price for green tripe. My dog and I are very happy with this product!


By Emily on September 23, 2012

I was so happy to find this at a reasonable price!
I haven't cracked open the packages yet, but I love that it comes in convenient sizes and without all the fuss and mess of getting the tripe from the butcher and trying to process it yourself!
Awesome product!


By Susan on September 11, 2012

My vet suggested I add green tripe to my dogs raw diet.. I did, I love the tripe I get from Hare Today.. it doesn't smell horrible like the canned stuff does. Being uncooked it has all the enzymes still in it..And being frozen it is easy to just get a 1lb package to use every week for each dog. It is easy to handle and the dogs love it. IF I have capsules or pills to give them I can put them in a little ball of tripe and they swallow it right down.. Each of my dogs get at least a full pound of tripe every week. . I think it has added something special to their diet because after feeding Hare today products to them , they are clean smelling , white toothed, shiny coated , happy dogs.... try it. Your dogs will love you for it.


By Dianne on August 27, 2012

I have 7 miniature dachshunds and a large mixed breed who all eat raw. With one of the girls having issues with her pancreas we have to limit the fat content in her food. Tripe is one of our staples and with the prices some suppliers charge (nearly double this price or lower quality at this price) I am So happy to say all of our tripe will be bought from Hare Today! The quality is amazing!

Ladybugz Lowriderz


By Kathleen on August 25, 2012

This is a wonderful product. As soon as my dogs smell the tripe coming out they run to their crates to eat! I am happy to recommend this ground tripe for my puppy buyers. Having small breed dogs I like having it ground up in convenient 1 lb packages also.


By Stacy on July 18, 2012

My pitbull and border collie LOVE this stuff! I get 1 lb packages since the 5lbs lasts a couple of days, and they like the smell FAR more than I do.


By Monika on June 12, 2012

Green tripe is so hard to find but Hare Today has it!!! Thanks for Tracy!!! Its a very good quality,very healthy and my dog loves it!!! Every dog need it ,its the healthiest thing for them..It comes in grounded version so its easy to handle ..Great product!!!:)


By Teresa on May 3, 2012

This is some stinky stuff but my dogs love it! They eat tripe about once a week and no bad breath from eating it, just wagging tails!
Thanks so much for providing tripe for our pets!
Teresa C.


By Suzanne on March 28, 2012

My dogs favorite food is HT tripe. I really like the convenience of the ground tripe in the tubes. I used to order the strips, but the ground minimizes prep. Makes it easy to partially thaw, slice up and portion out. I always keep a section of my chest freezer well stocked with HT tripe. Quality and price are terrific.


By Ken on March 27, 2012

I have been purchasing tripe from Hare Today for over 3yrs. My Australian Shepherd goes crazy for it! Aside from that, I know she's getting the vital nutrients she needs. In addition to tripe, I give my Aussie a variety by also feeding her turkey and chicken on different days of the week. The owners of Hare Today always fill my order accurately, and it's always well packaged. I would highly recommend Hare Today and their raw food products!


By Annette on March 26, 2012

I will always have Green Tripe in the house for my two little maltese. They absolutely love it and I love it knowing how good it is for them. It is amazing to see a formerly fussy eater (my 8 yr old male) waiting (not so patiently) for his meals. He is now the first to clean his dish every time. Thank you for a wonderful product. Here's to healthy happy pets!


By Jeannie on March 24, 2012

This product is so good for dogs and my Goldens absolutely love it! You probably won't like the smell as much as your dog does so personally I like that I can purchase it in 1 lb packages so once it's opened I use it all in one or two feedings.


By jennifer on March 7, 2012

This green tripe is my dogs' absolute favorite food. If you haven't tried tripe before, it's rather smelly to us humans.... and apparently smelly to dogs, too, but in a good way! put it in the bowl, and stand back!


By Felicia on March 6, 2012

Your raw foods have saved my dogs lives!! Between vaccines and processed dog food they were sick all of the time with allergies and irritable bowel syndrome and even pancreatitis. Thank you so much for keeping your business going!!


By Carol A. on March 1, 2012

I had purchased Green Tripe from several other suppliers prior to finding Hare Today Gone Tomorrow - none of the other tripe was as fresh. The others had several ingredients added to their green tripe that I prefer not to give my dogs. I have recommended Hare Today Gone Tomorrow to several of my friends and have received the same comments back - best greed tripe available. I'll never grow accustomed to the horrible smell of green tripe but the dogs love the smell and love the food so I deal with it:)


By Nicole on February 26, 2012

I only ordered the 1lb of tripe since never fed it raw before just to be safe. Saya really enjoyed it and she can't wait till I order more for her.


By Stephanie on February 25, 2012

Green Tripe that I get from Hare Today saved both me and my dog, forget the carpet.

I would highly recommend this product for a dog who has any kind of stomach or digestive issues. I was cooking chicken and rice until I found green tripe.

My vet even recommended to another patient and they are doing great

Thanks Tracy


By Judith on February 22, 2012

The green tripe is great. Does have a little smell to it but the benefits for my dog sure out weighs a little odor. Love having it frozen in the tubes. Cut off a small amount for the next day and we are good to go.

Otis my dog says to tell you thanks for doing what you do. He also loves your other products.


By Carol on February 18, 2012

I feed green tripe exclusively on trial weekends. Not only is it a favorite meal, it helps relieve stress associated with travel and competition. Don't be put off by those who talk about the smell. The odor is not "bad", it simply smells like a barn. It disappears within seconds of serving and then there is nothing to smell anyway.


By Bonni on February 17, 2012

My Standard Poodle gets this green tripe daily for breakfast every morning. She adores it and I know how good it is for her. Love the tubes it comes in- I thaw and put in freezer containers, then refreeze to use as needed.


By Vickie on February 16, 2012

Our 2 dogs love the fresh tripe. We have been feeding raw for almost 2 years & have always received great products from Hare Today.


By Mary on February 4, 2012

My yorkie and maltese adore your green tripe. They dance and twirl as soon as they smell it. They inhale it, LOL!

Mary Johnson


By Melissa on January 24, 2012

I love the quality of Hare Today's tripe, it has never disappointed me. Shipping has always been smooth and without issue and the product has arrived in great condition.

The 5lb size may be a little large for feeding 1 dog without repacking but if your feeding several dogs like I do it works out great.


By Melissa on January 24, 2012

The sweet smell of tripe has my dogs drooling and waiting with so much anticipation for their meal! You quickly get over the "barn" odor when you see how much your dogs love it! The 1 lb package is very convenient and is divided up between my gang at a single feeding.


By Krista on November 19, 2009

I'm a first time customer, but I will definitely be a repeat customer. I can't say anything bad about Hare Today. It's all good, and this is only after opening the first package. I bought a 50 pound sampler for my 9 cats, and 3 dogs. Goat meat was a new experience for all of us this morning. I'd never dealt with it before, and was surprised at how much cleaner, fresher, and better looking than grocery store meats this actually was. I'm also really fond of goats, so I wasn't sure if I could handle this. It was easy. Super easy. It didn't smell, wasn't sticky, or unpleasant, nothing bad about it. It was a big hit with most of my kids. I think the others will come around. Raw feeding is still fairly new to them, and I've been getting from the commissary until now.

As for shipping, my order arrived as promised, packed very well, and still frozen after a 2 day trip. I would definitely say this is the best thing you can do for your furry children.


By Tiffany on August 28, 2009

I've been feeding canned green tripe for a while, and was hesitant to try fresh/raw tripe due to people talking about the smell. Let me say, this tripe isn't near as stinky as I was expecting. There is an odor, but it's not that harsh. My two dogs loved it! The five lbs was big enough for me to separate into containers and should last a couple of weeks with both dogs. Also, this is much cheaper than canned tripe. Def will order again!! Quality product!


By Judith on May 19, 2009

I have been feeding this to my dogs for a while now. My in-laws came to visit last weekend with their dogs and I was asked to feed and watch them one day. These are 100% kibble fed dogs that have odor, teeth and skin issues. They were fed this food for that few days and there was a practically immediate difference in their moods and energy. This could be the most perfect dog food ever. And to think, dogs naturally knew this the whole time! Don't forget your Green Tripe.