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How raw food helped my IBD kitty

By Debbie on January 14, 2016

Bijou, my Birman, was diagnosed with food allergies at 4 years old. Shortly after she started having "pudding" pooh on a daily basis.

I tried every grain free kibble and canned food, but nothing helped. I took her to different bets and tried prescription food. I tried supplements that were "guaranteed" to work. One food made a very small improvement. Bijou is now 11 and after I put her on raw food, she had normal pooh within a week!

However, commercial raw food is expensive and I hate cutting up animals to put them in a grinder...it just isn't going to happen with me. So, I started doing research and discovered Hare-Today!

I love that they dont use antibiotics in their food sources.
I can buy it already ground and just add supplements.

Its cheaper than getting at the store! I got my cats eating the turkey, rabbit and chicken!
They inhale the food even semi-frozen (My fault for not thawing enough ahead of time). They even volunteer to help me mix the supplements in before I re-freeze it in smaller packages :)

Raw is the best!

By Lorraine on January 14, 2016

Towards the end of 2013 I adopted 2 German Shepherds from a German Shepherd rescue. The picture of the black & silver Shepherd was taken the day we brought her home. She was only two years old, was heart-worm positive, was underweight, her coat was dull with no shine to it at all. She was itching all the time and throwing up bile in the mornings two to three times a week.

I brought the second German Shepherd (sable colored) home 2 weeks later. He was less than a year old, his body/fur had an awful odor, his coat was dull and his fur felt very coarse. He was covered in old scabs from sores and had multiple new sores that had not healed yet.

I switched both dog to 100% raw food the first week I had them. The changes were remarkable! In the pictures you can see each dog on the day I brought them home and a recent picture of them together after they became healthy. Seeing the changes feeding raw food made, I will never feed anything but raw.

Dogs were meant to eat raw meat/bones/organs. I can’t understand why this natural diet was taken away from them. They deserve to eat real food, not a man-made highly processed kibble that has to be coated with synthetic vitamins and sprayed with enhancers to give the dead food some taste

Good Stuff!

By Taia on January 12, 2016

I have 11 Maine Coon cats and 10 of them absolutely love Hare-today.
One has IBS and doing fantastic on the raw rabbit. Everyone is fit with beautiful coats and shows up to the dinner table an hour early just to make sure they don't miss a feeding.

Healthy pup!

By Cora on January 10, 2016

I adopted a rescue pup 6 months ago. My daughter sold me on the idea of raw feeding and after research realized it was a no brainier to feed my pup raw.

He was given a very cheap unhealthy kibble when he was adopted. I quickly ordered food from hare today and made the switch.
He is very healthy and the muscle tone he has is gorgeous. Oh and his teeth are absolutely stunning. Pearly white and no tartar buildup all thanks to his raw diet.

Hare today has been a pleasure to order from and very responsive if you have any questions. Glad my daughter referred me here. I tell co-workers and friends who have fur babies to go to the site regularly with hopes they will make the switch to feed a better diet.

Sick kitties

By Amanda on January 10, 2016

Two of my cats developed horrendous digestive issues very early in their lives. Arya was barely one year old and Ghost was a kitten only months old. I thought I was feeding them the best food; an expensive grain free kibble and then supplementing with a grain-free canned food.

However, I had no idea until they got sick that even the highest end most expensive canned foods have horrible fillers and binders such as carageenan.

They began vomiting after almost every meal and had completely liquid stool.
Ghost stopped growing and Arya began losing weight.

I was horrified to find out that she went from her already tiny 7.5 pounds to only 6 pounds in a few weeks!

My vet put them on round after round of antibiotics, which looking back now probably made things worse by destroying the balance of their intestinal bacteria. After nothing worked my vet suggested IBD and told me to take them to a specialist to have parts of their intestines biopsied.

I found this to be completely terrifying and began doing my own research. I stumbled across raw feeding and how it worked wonders for endless issues in pets.

Switching them over took some time for Arya but baby Ghost took to the raw diet immediately. I saw results immediately, they stopped vomiting, their stool returned to normal and they began putting on weight.

They are so healthy now you would never know that they were diagnosed with an incurable lifelong disease. I was so impressed with their results I ended up switching over my 3 dogs and my other kitten as well.

They all have so much energy, beautiful teeth and coats and I know that I am doing something for them that is going to significantly extend their lives.

Finding Hare Today has made all our lives so much easier by providing us with endless variety, conveniently shipped to our house. I also appreciate that the meats are such high quality hormone and antibiotic free. I was very frustrated in the beginning of raw feeding trying to find quality meats and organs at the grocery store for a decent price.

Hare Today's ground meat, organ and bone mixes make it easy for me to feed my pets without worrying about whether I am feeding them the correct balance. My kitties may not be alive today if I hadn't found raw.

Thank you so much for making it so easy to order the products they need!

Saved my buddy's life

By Dana on December 30, 2015

For about a month my sphynx cat Anakin randomly started throwing up every commercial dry or wet food I gave him . I took him to the vet several times ... Had labs taken ... X rays .. Everything came back good . My vet said he had probably developed an allergy or sensitivity to his food . After about 10 different bags and cans of food ... I finally found one that he was okay on for maybe two months . Then again ... He started throwing up . With Anakin already being a little guy , at 6lbs we noticed a huge drop in his weight... After a few days of throwing up this second time around .. He completely stopped eating . I researched a raw diet ... And was desperate for my little guy to feel better and thrive . I made my first order with you guys two months ago and I'm happy to say I'll never go back to feeding commercial cat food again . Not only is Anakin thriving ... But my other two sphynx love it as well ! It took us about a week or so to transition them all ...once we finally got them all eating it I was so relieved ! Anakins gained his weight back and all three of my cats are so energetic and playful ! It has literally been a life saver and my cats are the healthiest they have ever been ! I am so thankful for how easy you make this entire process and all the education your website provides ! Thank you thank you thank you !

Turned things around for my aging mutt

By Hannah on December 23, 2015

After 8 great years, my golden/chow/who-knows-what started showing some decline. We had fed raw or home cooked on and off for years, but not as consistently as I should've. Would go back to commercial when I was short on time, cash, or energy even thought it wasn't too hard to do the right thing. Alas, a few months ago she was diagnosed as being in end stage liver failure with masses throughout her lymphatic system. I was told to expect a good couple weeks. We switched completely to meat from hare today and fresh veggies, no cheating. She had barely been eating and I felt like the end was near. I'm happy to say that was about three months ago, and she is looking and feeling great. I know the end is still near, but feels amazing to have the home stretch be such a high quality of life. Just adopted a new babe and can't wait to get her on the program too. Hare today makes it easy - can't believe I didn't find them years ago. Thank you!!

Great product!

By Heidi on December 22, 2015

My dog is allergic to everything except for rabbit. I was having a hard time finding a product that was of good quality and slightly reasonable and I found it here!

Came on time and was packed wonderfully. Easy website and checkout!

Hare Today is Wonderful!!

By Yee on December 15, 2015

I adopted a 5 year old sharpei/pug mix who was used as a stud by the original owners. They needed to rehome him because of a new rental lease change.

He was on store bought kibble and you could really tell. His coat was dull in color and very rough which I thought came from the sharpei side of him.

I switched him right to raw and in 2 weeks, his coat became incredibly soft and warmer in color. Even the tar on his teeth and gums started to disappear.

Hare Today raw is amazing!!!

Joni's Poochies Approve

By Joni on December 13, 2015

I have utilized another raw food supplier that is closer to me (in my own state) and while they are great I choose to use Hare-Today over them.

Hare-Today has a huge variety of proteins and multiple different forms of it such as cubes/chunks/organs and also grinds. I like to have both chunks and grinds for my dogs.

Because they have everything I need I only have to order from one place and don’t have to worry about ordering from multiple suppliers, this makes it super easy on me.

I have 6 dogs from 4 pounds to 25 pounds and have been on raw for 11 months now.
Even small chihuahuas like to rip/chew/shred meat like the big dogs do. I find the grinds work well with the new puppy until he gets better at chewing up the bigger pieces.

I have ordered multiple proteins and items from here and my dogs have not turned their head at any of them, they love it and eat up everything.

I get great compliments from the vet on how well my dogs fur/body condition look and since utilizing Hare-Today food the last few months I have noticed even more of an improvement.

Hare-Today has amazing customer service and an outstanding website that is easy to navigate.

You can tell a lot of hard work and time goes into this business and it shows through on everything. They work hard so you can give your dog the best and have many many years with your furry kids.

The whole entire process is smooth and easy, simply order and then get your dogs food on your door step; they make it extremely easy for pet-parents. The products are packaged very nicely, professionally and come to me looking great.

I feel 100% comfortable and confidant in feeding my dogs Hare-Today’s products and can trust I’m getting quality food for my dogs.