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Ground Pheasant/Bones/Organs, 1 lb., Fine Ground


Product SKU:HT-010061
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs
Current Inventory:179

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Product Details

• Raw ground USDA inspected pheasant, bones, heart, liver, and gizzard.
• Hormone and antibiotic free pheasant.

Product Weight, Packaging, and Processing Details

• 1 lb. chub bag, FINE ground.
• FINE Ground products are finished with our ¼” grinder plate, resulting in the diameter of the bone being no larger than 1/4”, but the length can vary a bit depending on how the bone is pushed through the grinder plate.
• Frozen in commercial freezers maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

• Remember, heart and gizzard are considered muscle meats for feeding purposes, while liver is a secreting organ.
MBO percentages are averages based on total lot production, but typically fall within a 1% variance.

Meat/Bone/Organ Ratio

75% Meat / 20% Bone / 5% Organ

Nutrition and Benefits

• This food is low in Sodium. It is also a good source of Niacin, Vitamin B6, Phosphorus and Selenium, and a very good source of Protein.

Helpful Tips and Reminders

• 🐈 Cats typically do well with poultry.
• 🐕 Dogs prefer red meats, but poultry is good for rotation.
• Novel protein which can be helpful for animals with sensitivities and/or allergies.

Our mission includes advocating for optimal health and safe handling of raw materials. Make sure to use safe handling practices and reference our Raw Food Education pages.
Warning: Poultry may contain Salmonella

Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min.) 11% Crude Fat (min.) 6% Crude Fiber (max.) 3% Moisture (max.) 80%

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    Kitty hated it

By Patricia on March 12, 2024

This was the first raw protein we tried from here. I had high hopes given the stellar reviews. This review is only based on the cat's judgement and not that I saw anything wrong with it. The community cat ate it with no problem. Just know it isn't a slam dunk that your cat will like it.

    Cats loved the pheasant!

By Lotus on May 21, 2022

We just tried pheasant today for the first time and it was happily gobbled up. My one cat who doesn't always like being petted and picked up wanted to be picked up and was purring. I did mix it with some boneless quail (I took the semi-boneless whole quail and skinned and deboned because the cats were confused by the quail) and turkey organs, so it's possible that's what they like, In any case, the mix was a hit!

    Great Protein Source in Rotation

By Maegan on March 29, 2022

I like to switch up my cat's source of protein. At first he didn't take a liking to the ground texture as he is used to meat chunks. After gradually mixing the ground pheasant into his chunks of meat, the pheasant became a favorite.

The ground meat makes food prep easy as it contains bones and organs already. I mostly use this to switch up my cats protein sources. Just make sure you also include chunks/raw meaty bones for dental health along with this ground pheasant and your pets will be happy and healthy!

    One of Cat's Favorite

By Betty on December 4, 2021

My mom bought our Cat and her little Maltese 1 lb each to see if these finicky eaters will like it and our Cat loved it. Glad to have another protein for him with his allergies.

    My cat's favorite so far

By Brenda on October 23, 2021

I ordered this as a 'treat' since it's more pricey than I usually spend! My cat absolutely loved it, and I'm sad that I only got one pound (but I wanted to be sure she liked it!). It will go on my occasional list for sure. Very good quality.

    Another great protein source for my cuties

By chenkun on June 27, 2021

Pheasant ground meat makes my cats diet even more diverse. No cats dislike it, so it’s a good meat source.

    Ferrets love it a lot

By Bryn on January 19, 2021

Had to buy some grinds because of one of my ferret's health issues. All the ferrets seem to really enjoy this pheasant grind. Would definitely buy again!

    Serval Favorite

By Tina on August 8, 2020

My serval will not eat anything unless pheasants are in it since I purchased pheasants. She’s nuts for pheasants. Her most loved and favorite food.
Thank you for making my baby happy and full.

    A big hit!

By Wanda on April 3, 2020

This was my dog's first time trying pheasant and she likes it just as much as chicken and it's now one of her favorites. The ground meat/bone/organ grind is also so easy to serve, just thaw and it's ready to be eaten.

    Simply Amazing!

By Olivia on March 30, 2020

I can’t explain how relieving it is whenever you get a hold of a whole ground product!

Makes for quick meals and they absolutely love it!!!!

    Cats love Pheasant

By Valerie on July 12, 2019

I have many rescue cats and try and feed half raw. Most eat some raw but only chicken or turkey. I have tried cavies, rabbit and duck with some success, and now pheasant is a big hit. The cats went right for it and its gone in one meal (lots of cats).

    Kitties Love Pheasant

By Amy on December 7, 2018

I put down 3 bowls - one with whole ground pheasant, one with quail, and one with rabbit. They eat the pheasant first, then the rabbit, then the quail. They eat them all but the pheasant is by far their favorite appetizer. Grind is lighter in color than other grinds and it looks so clean and smells really fresh. Great product- try it- your cats will thank you. Cheers to healthy critters.

    Easy to feed, fresh and clean!

By Sarah on February 5, 2018

Love the 5% liver content and 20% bone in this grind - I just follow it up with a boneless meal. The meat is fresh and clean looking!
Hare Today Gone Tomorrow has an amazing selection; we just love buying our raw food here!

    Bruce’s first encounter with Pheasant

By Christopher on October 21, 2017

First off, let me say I love that you carry a few more exotic proteins than other raw food companies. Pheasant has been an instant hit for Bruce. At first I thought he would be hesitant of the new protein source but he steam shoveled it right up. He only concern I have is, I hope that you can also eventually carry it in 2lbs as well. However, I will continue to purchase the 1lb sizes.

    Tito & Penny Apple LOVE this

By Karen on October 11, 2017

My two puppers LOVE pheasant! This is my second time ordering Pheasant from Hare Today :) I'll be back for more!!

    Easily my cat's fave

By Kristen on June 26, 2017

Every time I defrost a bag to prepare I'm super pleased with the quality of, in particular, the coarse ground. It smells great and the grind is perfect, lots of pieces of bone that are the right size for my cat, who has had several teeth removed, to crunch on.

    The best!

By denise on May 21, 2017

This is my cats' favorite of all. They really love this pheasant, and the grind is well done (although I re-grind it even finer as my cats are pretty small). I trust Hare Today and am happy that they offer this quality meal to my babies!

    Beautiful Grind

By Maureen on May 10, 2017

This is a winner. I have been trying a lot of different protein sources lately. The cats love them all and the Pheasant is no different. They like it more than the quail . In future I will order more of it. The quality is obvious, it radiates 'fresh' I just told my husband we need to move closer to PA,I would love to live close enough to pick up more in person.

    Ground pheasant

By Amanda on August 8, 2016

This has been a big hit with my pups as a change from chicken. They seem to really love the ground pheasant

    Odd smell but cats will eat it.

By Danielle on March 5, 2016

All of my cats will eat this when its served but they don't have the gusto they usually have. I'll mix this in with rabbit because they take way to long to eat it alone. They like it but definitely don't love it.

    A Great Addition

By Joni on February 19, 2016

A great addition to add variety and different protein sources. I have not run into much of an issue with picky eaters like a hear so many talk about. My 6 dogs have enjoyed everything i have got from Hare-Today. I strive to add as much variety as possible and Hare-Today allows me to add tons of variety all in one place. It is a One-Stop Shop for me, which is super convenient for me.
This Pheasant Mix is a great addition to furry-family members. I would recommend this to those that may be having issues with chicken, I hear some say Pheasant is a bit easier on them. It is super high in protein and low in sodium. A nice amount of potassium as well.

    My kittens loved this

By Lisa on January 15, 2016

We recused four kittens who are now about seven mos. old. I am transitioning to whole animal food for them and this one was a success with all of them! As they get older, I may try the coarse ground.

    A favorite!

By catseatingmeat on September 21, 2015

Between the ground quail and ground pheasant, my trio of cats prefer the pheasant! I feed this twice a week. It's one of my more "expensive" proteins I rotate with, but considering conventional beef prices can easily go to 9 dollars a pound, I think this is a good deal! I wish the bone content was listed, but because I already dilute many of the higher bone % grinds down I haven't found any issues with constipation.


By caryn on August 10, 2015

This is pretty much all my picky kitty will eat! This is what we feed him pretty much daily!!! (of course mixed with supplements, fish oil, egg yolks and water mixed in)....... But he LOVES this ground pheasant! So glad he does and SO THANKFUL for HARE TODAY!!!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'd DO WITHOUT YOU GUYS!!!!! Feeding raw has changed my cats life!!!! He no longer is sick on daily basis with Diarrhea, so in turn he is no longer on steroids daily and antibiotics! He CAN NOT tolerate any other food!!! This is the sole reason I turned to raw feeding (6 years ago).....I had no idea this is how our pets ARE MEANT be fed....THANK GOD I found HARE TODAY as my one and only raw pet food source...THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!

    The ground pheasant is a hit

By GINNY on December 19, 2014

The ground pheasant is a hit with my 2 cats, along with whole ground quail, and ground turkey. Still working my way through the extensive Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow product line, but so far I'm very pleased with the cats reception of raw meat/bone/organs.


By GINNY on November 28, 2014

My two cats, even my most finicky feline, LOVE the fine ground pheasant and always lick their plates clean. I've tried other "raw" pet foods but they really aren't raw, have synthetic nutrients added, don't smell good even to my human nose, and the cats wouldn't eat them. Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow raw pet foods are truly raw, species appropriate, and the animals know it.


By caryn on September 9, 2014

This all my cat will eat currently...He LOVES it! I just add vitamin supplements, raw egg yolk, salmon oil, and water and mix it all up. He gobbles it right down!


By caryn on November 14, 2013

My male cat LOVES this ground pheasant!!! I alternate feeding him this and the ground turkey! He is now a healthy boy because of Hare Today!!! No more prednisolone for "Inflammatory Bowel Disease" as per the vet anymore!!!If I left it up to my vet my poor boy would STILL be taking steroids to relieve his CONSTANT diarrhea!


By Carley on March 20, 2013

Perfect for my Lizard, the fine texture is perfect for her, she's such a picky eater so having options that she'll go after means a lot to me. Thank you


By Leah on May 10, 2012

Great product. Cats loved it. Just wish the ground was a little less coarse. All my other products purchased were perfect. Quick delivery.


By Traci on February 23, 2012

My cats really like the ground pheasant. Even the picky one that I thought might have something to say about the change. They all chowed down with no problem and asked for more. There were not large bone chunks and the grind was very nice.


By Jeannine on October 25, 2007

So far, my cats adore every Hare Today raw food we have fed them, but of all the fabulous foods we get from Tracy, our cats like this coarse ground pheasant the best. They absolutely LOVE this product -- so much so that two growing kittens finish nearly 1/2 pound in one feeding and beg for more EVERY TIME. Of course, at this point our cats are eating better than we are (WE wouldn't mind a little pheasant in our diets every now and then!), but we all tend to take better care of our cats and dogs than we do ourselves, and it is a joy to see how enthusiastically they wolf down this food. This is a wonderful, wonderful addition to the Hare Today line. Definitely worth the few extra dollars!