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This is the best!

By Susan on October 21, 2015

I have been feeding my 18 y.o.cats raw all their lives, but the food we had been getting did not have organs included, and they refused it much of the time.

So when we started with HARE meats, they now enjoy their meals more, and I am impressed...it is really fresh!

Thank you Tracy!

A Life Saver!

By Heather on October 15, 2015

I have 4 cats. About 8 years ago my grey cat Smokey was suffering with constant urinary blockages. Surgeries, many vet visits and their recommendations of food was not working.

I started doing some research and came across articles on raw feeding. I found you site and decided to give it a try.

He has been blockage free since! He is happy and healthy and like a kitten! Another one of my cats would get bumps from some kind of allergy.

The vet would just give him a cortisone shot and it would go away for awhile.

Since I switched them all to raw, his skin cleared up as well!

I can't thank you enough for the high quality of the food. I feel so good knowing they are getting the right nutrition and a fresh high quality product.

The best protein source for your pet

By debbi on October 11, 2015

I started purchasing Hare Today Gone Tomorrow meats about 9 years ago and find that they are an honest and extremely consistent company.

Tracy and her family put lots of love and good energy in their high-quality food for my dogs.

Honest 5 star Company

By Sherry on October 11, 2015

What an honest, helpful company this is!

Placed an order yesterday 10/10/2015 and today received an order e-mail letting me know when it would be shipped and also an e-mail for a refund on shipping, stating my order could be shipped in 2 boxes instead of 3.

I appreciate your honesty and integrity. Have been ordering since 12/2014 and have been nothing but pleased.

Thanks Tracy and Hare Today Gone Tomorrow!!!

Quite Possibly a Lifesaver

By Jessica on October 5, 2015

My 2 year old Savannah, Mephi, came to us with a severe upper respiratory infection. This poor kitten was lethargic and was only 4 months old. He was given antibiotics which worked like a miracle overnight, but a week later developed pneumonia. Cue more antibiotics. He had been prescribed so many and had taken them for so long his poor gut bacteria was DESTROYED.

This poor little dude wasn't able to keep anything in his system after that. It would quite literally go right through him.

We were constantly inspecting him for signs of dehydration and to find a food that would help. Nothing worked even with adding Fortiflora. The vet gave us some horrible carb filled canned food that he wouldn't even go near. This went on for almost THREE MONTHS.

After reading reviews of raw diets, I decided to give it a try. After I prepared my first shipment from Hare Today he not only gobbled it down with abandon, within 72 hours we saw his first non-medication induced solids in the litterbox.

By the end of the first week, his fur stopped being as coarse and the amount of water he was drinking reduced. By the end of the next month his fur was silky soft, his energy levels off the chart like you'd expect from a kitten, and my stress levels drastically reduced.

Fast forward to today: All four of our cats eat raw food, none have any stomach issues, #2s are odorless and like little dry clumps, and even my 8 year old cat likes to play like a kitten.

I fought allergy issues for years

By Robin on September 26, 2015

I have 5 dogs, 2 Labs, and 3 French Bulldogs, they are all raw fed! I fought allergy issues for years. It wasn't until I started them on a raw diet that my dogs an I found relief.

Buying their food from Hare-Today allows me the opportunity to get all their food from one source and the security of knowing my dogs will never suffer from recalls and poisoning seen too often in kibble fed dogs. I will never get my raw food from anywhere but Hare-Today. Their quality sets the bar and sets it high, for all others to follow. Thanks Hare-Today.

He was a mess. Itching all of the time.

By cindy on September 21, 2015

We started feeding our first GSD, Rico, raw about a year ago. He was a mess. Itching all of the time.

The vet put him on so many different medicines that he gained weight and his wonderful personality changed. Then it was RX food. What a joke. He still itches, but not nearly as bad.

When we rescued Eevee we started her on raw the day we brought her home.

Hare-Today is awesome because it takes the guess work out of feeding raw. I don't worry that they might be missing something in their diet. The bones are great, too.


By Michael on September 20, 2015

First and foremost I am writing you this note to express my overwhelming gratitude for saving my beloved Puddy's LIFE !!!!!

Your food which is actually from farm to table for dogs is the best food on the planet for animals!!!!

Puddy was dying a slow and terrible death due to allergies from food, then more visits to the vets. The more pills they gave him which began to compromise his immune system and the rest of his body!!!

He was very sick with a terrible Cysts between his front paws. He also began having idiopathic head tremors.. He was down to 51 pounds, and my heart was bleeding for Puddy ....

His younger brother ROMEO's breeder recommended the Raw diet which would alleviate a lot of Puddys problems, and suggested I just put Romeo on it also because it would be easier to feed in the same food. Immediately I went online and started doing research.. Unfortunately you weren't the first company I started with.. I found another company which is supposed to the best RAW DIET FOR DOGS !!!

Began speaking with one of the owners, Jacqueline, she immediately shipped me out raw pork and goats milk... This to say the least the product was loaded with whey ,fillers ,and all kinds of preservatives!! To be frank it's complete garbage and Puddys condition did not improve, he just got sicker . Romeo his younger brother who has never been sick in his life ended up with a terrible case of the hives , don't think Puddy or Romeo took a solid bowel movement in seven weeks and they were always vomiting!!

Finally I called another company and the woman was kind enough to tell me after I explained PUDDYS condition that I needed to contact you and your farm immediately !!!! You were really the only person that could probably help my two boyz!

I reached out to you started Puddy &Romeo on ground rabbit with organs then we introduce tripe then we introduced beef and goat..

It is now September 20, I have followed the course of continuing feeding the boys your product, PUDDYS CYSTS are completely gone!!!! His LEAKY GUT healed WHICH WAS CAUSED BY ALL THE PILLS THESE VETERINARIANS GAVE HIM, he has not had an idiopathic head tremor in months!!! Romeo is just ROMEO is also as healthy as a dog can be!!!!!!!!!

I hope you let some of your customers or some other people read this testimonial, because if there are people on this planet that love their dogs the way I do and having problems with allergies they need to call you ASAP!!!!!

Below are some pictures of Puddys paws before and after, and I just threw in some pictures of ROMEO for the heck of it!! Warmest regards.

Michael , Puddy , & Romeo


We LOVEyou TRACY !!!!!!!!!!!

Tolinkas journey to raw

By Nichole on September 18, 2015

When I first got Tolinka she was about 6 months old, she looked like a perfectly healthy girl. I had her for about 5 months when she got demodectic mange.

I tried every dog food on the market an nothing helped two months into the mange she looked like the resident evil dogs, she had patches of hair missing and big bloody scabs everywhere.

Spent $5000 in vet fees for them to tell me to euthanize her. Because she is a coydog they said she wouldn't take to the treatments. They told me that even if I cleared it up, she would get it over and over.

Vets said I should cut my losses and pts. Well I wasn't going to do that! so I started researching and came across raw. With in a month she was getting better and better!

It's been 5 years and she has never looked better! The vets (who said raw would kill her) couldn't believe she made such a recovery and never got it again.

Raw feeding saved my girl and I now do everything as natural as possible for her!

Nichole, IN

Marco and Cancer

By Angela on September 13, 2015

I have to tell you I've always felt that raw food just makes sense but fear of some poor standards in meat processing has always kept me away.

My cat, Marco, has very advanced cancer in his nasal cavity which was the final push to switch to raw.

A friend of mine strongly suggested your company. Between the raw food and the homeopathic remedies, Marco is doing fantastic.

He has already long surpassed the Veterinarian's prognosis and continues to be healthy and happy.

My redneck husband is now a believer and shares with all his friends about Marco's miraculous recovery. (Truthfully, he still has cancer to my knowledge but you would never know it by how great he is doing.)

I hope some day to put all the animals on raw food but currently can only afford his. I just thought it might be nice to hear what your company has done to help this pet family.