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Dehydrated Chicken Breast Strips


Product SKU:HT-100023
Shipping Weight:0.25 lbs
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Product Details

Dehydrated, skinless, boneless all natural chicken breasts. Cut into strips.
6 ounce resealable bags.

Our treats are a delicious and healthy treat for your dog or cat. They are produced using the finest quality meats

Key Benefits
Grain-free treats
Natural and slow dried for a flavor dogs and cats love
No fillers, by-products, artificial colors preservatives or flavors, or added fat or sugar
100% meat
Made in the USA

Warning: Poultry may contain Salmonella
Please use Safe Handling Practices and reference the Bacteria and Raw Food information on our Resources page.

Meat/Bone/Organ Ratio

100% Meat / 0% Bone / 0% Organ

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    Such a help!

By Carol on August 18, 2021

Some of the variety of meats aren’t our cats favorites but when I shave some of the chicken breast strips on the meat, they are more than happy to eat it.
I am so thankful that I have the strips as it makes getting them to eat beneficial food less stressful. Thank you Hare Today…

    Decent treat

By chenkun on May 24, 2021

Treats is decent. Some of my cats like it. Good for their teeth and muscle practice

    Yummy treats

By Jessica on January 11, 2020

We really like these chicken treats. You can't go wrong considering there is only one ingredient: chicken. These are a bit harder to break apart than the turkey thighs, but unlike most dehydrated chicken treats, these don't break apart into dust. These treats stay together so your pet gets lots of crunching. My cat absolutely loves these. Thanks so much!

    Dog and cat both love these

By Wendy on March 2, 2019

I've tried several of the dehydrated treats from Hare Today so far (chicken breast, turkey thigh, rabbit ears, salmon) and my cat and dog both love them all. I like that the chicken breast is very lean and leaves my chubby cat satisfied without giving him too many extra calories. There are different size pieces in the bag and I give the bigger ones to my dog (80-lb Rhodesian Ridgeback) and the smaller ones to my cat, so it works out perfectly. I tried giving a big piece to my cat to see if he is able to eat it, and had to take it away from him because he used his claws to hold down the treat and tried to tear it with his mouth, like he might do with a piece of fresh chicken, except this dehydrated chichen is too hard to tear this way. It wasn't working for him and I was worried he might break his teeth if he kept trying, so I took the treat from him and broke it up into smaller pieces before I gave it back to him. They're not hard to break into smaller pieces.

    Can't go wrong!

By Alex on January 6, 2019

My cat and my mother's cat love, love, love these! Why wouldn't they? No artificial ingredients, no fillers, nothing but chicken! My cat, Noodle, loves to push these around, carry to his bowl, crunch and munch.... Then cuddle up on the couch. Best snacks/treats, hands down. Must buy!

    These are a must!

By Claire on June 21, 2018

My two Siberian cats LOVE these as a healthy treat. We also use them to sprinkle on top of new proteins we try that are not a huge hit for whatever reason. Definitely worth the price and they last for a long time - the portion is very generous.

    Great treat

By Maureen on April 25, 2017

I ordered this for the first time a few weeks ago. Very impressed with the quality of the chicken. I was afraid to order this because the turkey strips were not a hit with all 3 of the cats.All 3 like the chicken so I will order it again.

    Sawyer goes bonkers for these

By Sawyer on March 26, 2017

I love spoiling my 3.5 year old Golden Retriever; I don't have human children and he's my sweetest boy in the universe, as I tell him all the time. He goes bonkers for these chicken strips. His recall is 100% when I have these with me! I love to listen to him crunch crunch crunch then lick his lips so happily. Makes me so happy to see him so happy. The HTGT dehydrated chicken strips and turkey strips are tied for his #1 faves. #2 is the HTGT dehydrated green tripe strips. Yum yum!

    Great treat!

By Lesa on August 11, 2016

I keep these in a glass jar and whenever I want my cats to come to me for bedtime, I just have to unscrew the lid and they come running from the other end of the house, up the stairs to my feet where they look at me expectantly. Tasty (I'm assuming), healthy treat. I'm happy with this product, as are my 2 kitties. :)

    Paw Lickin Good

By Roberta on May 30, 2016

I was surprised how much my two cats love the chicken breast strips. I ordered several types of treats for them including the ground rabbit which they liked well enough and they are trying to get the hang of the rabbit ears but they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the chicken breast strips, paws down. I will be ordered more of these.

    Great for Cats too!

By Brigitta on April 2, 2016

My cat has loved to gnaw on things ever since kittenhood, so I thought I'd try something like this for him. But when I looked at the jerky treats in my local pet supply store, I found that they were almost always full of crap like rice, sweet potato, garlic, and random chemicals to preserve them. These, however are JUST chicken! And my cat LOVES them! I think if he had to choose, he might chose them over catnip. And food. And chin rubs. And I get to feel good about him eating them. Try the turkey strips too!

    chicken strips

By DORIS on September 4, 2015

I received my first order of strips a few days ago and they lasted exactly 2 hours and gone they were. My cats inhaled them, I guess if this is how this is going I will be broke just buying chicken strips..lol

    Best treats EVER

By Lilian on August 31, 2015

This is my cat's favorite treats. If he's in the mood for it, he'll refuse to eat his food and circle me and beg for them. It's great because it's easy to crumble up and that's really all I give him on his food when he demands it. I also give it to him after he's been good and let me trim his claws and gone to the vet. All around fantastic addition to his raw diet :)


By Kimberley on May 13, 2015

My 6 cats love the dehydrated chicken! I use the dehydrated meats kind of as a substitute for their formerly free access kibble. I leave out 1 bowl with each dehydrated "flavor" (chicken, turkey, rabbit, salmon) and the chicken is always the first to be emptied. I use scissors to break up the large strips/chunks into bite-size pieces. The dehydrated meats seem to satisfy their "need" for crunchies.


By Karen on August 5, 2013

My cats love the dehydrated chicken treats. They get very excited when they hear the bag come out of the refrigerator. It makes me feel good to give them treats they love that are actually healthy for them. Only the best for my babies!


By Patricia on March 24, 2013

We have found that our pride is crazy about poultry in general, but, the only way we can get molly (our very picky cat) to take any medicine, is with the deyhrated chicken breast strips crumbled in her bowl. Works every time.


By Belinda on June 6, 2007

Healthy snacks for dogs are at a premium and these dehydrated chicken strips are quality treats. My dog loves them and I've also used them to enhance meals or instead of meals on the road. Easily digested and never had a problem with them. Sometimes I break up a strip into smaller pieces and toss it in the yard to give my dog a good search activity with immediate reward. Our new puppy loves these, too!