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Dehydrated Ground Rabbit


Product SKU:HT-100027
Shipping Weight:0.25 lbs
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Product Details

Dehydrated fine ground rabbit meat, bones, heart, liver and lung.

These are perfect for traveling when refrigeration would be a problem, or great for treats and training rewards.
6 ounce resealable bags.

Key Benefits
Grain-free treats
Natural and slow dried for a flavor dogs and cats love
No fillers, by-products, artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, or added fat or sugar
Made in the USA

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    Cat Approved

By Kat on September 30, 2023

My cats loved these.

    Perfect treats

By Ray on March 8, 2023

I was looking for something that had a bit more of a chew for my cats, and these worked well. They're clearly tasty as my cats devoured them pretty quickly! I'll have to grab another bag soon at the rate they're going through it.

    Wonderful treats

By Jessica on January 11, 2020

This makes really great treats. The treats I received didn't look tube-shaped as they are in the photo above. They are more like flattened hard pieces. They are easy to break off, and my cat really loves crunching on them. I hide small pieces of these on jar lids around the apartment to make my guy hunt for them. They are harder than the dehydrated turkey thighs, for reference. Obviously they are going to be hard since they are dehydrated, but the turkey thighs have a bit more grease to them if that makes sense. These are really great, and my guy loves rabbit! Thank you for having such high quality treats with no BS ingredients!

    excellent treats

By Karen on August 8, 2019

I'm doing a food elimination with my two Shih Tzu's and it was wonderful to find the dehydrated rabbit to use as treats. They loved them.

    Good treats

By Gabriel on December 8, 2018

My pup liked these. I also liked that they are not at all messy to handle.

    Good for IBD Dog

By christine on June 7, 2018

I have a dog with IBD, and it's hard to find low fat treats that don't have anything else in them. These rabbit treats do the trick. The one complaint I have is they are pretty dry and crumble easily when being cut (so hard to cut up for training treats) - but this is to be expected with a dehydrated product and no crap fillers added.

    Corgi Crack

By Cassandra on March 12, 2018

My pup goes nuts over these treats, so much that she tries to steal it from my hand! Unfortunately they arrived crushed, but I start using them as tiny treats on our walks.

    Very pleased!

By Sarah on November 5, 2017

I bought two packages of this dehydrated rabbit and have been very pleased with this product. It can be easily broken down into smaller pieces and gives my dogs the crunch they love. I love it because I know it’s a safe and healthy option. Rabbit is a favorite protein and this is a neat way to offer it!

    Dehydrated Ground Rabbit

By Laura on June 20, 2017

There was a lot in the bag- 6 oz is more than you think! One of my two cats loved this! Both of my cats are chewers and I figured that something dehydrated would keep them busy for a while and allow them some good chewing. One cat crunched it down. The other seemed a little unsure and eventually ate all of his with a little coaxing.

I will say, I was expecting more of a beef jerky like consistency (that's my only experience with what I thought was dehydrated food) but these are solid and hard! If your cat or dog enjoys crunchy things, these are the way to go. If they prefer soft treats, try something else. My only (non)issue was that my cats left little particles behind because they wouldn't lick up the tiny pieces that broke apart during chewing.

    rabbit treats

By Bella on March 22, 2017

This is my first and last order from this company. The treats in the package I received looked nothing like the picture which makes them look as if they are bendable, cylinder-like treats. Also, they are not soft at all, as other reviewers have said. This makes me feel like they have been falsely advertised and I paid over 18 dollars for 1 small bag, with shipping. These are completely useless for what I needed to use them for in dog training.These are hard
flattened, dry slabs of rabbit. I'd send them back for a refund but then I'd be paying more for shipping back and forth than the treats cost.

Response: I am posting this as it truly takes all kinds and you have a right to your opinion, however if you had an issue why not contact me first? Anyone that knows me knows I always stand behind my products and I find the fact that you would post nasty comments without trying to resolve first a reflection of your character.

As far as our products. If I would not feed it to my pets I would not sell it. No where in my product description does it state these are soft treats. Dehydrated means dried.
I emailed this person and asked for a picture to see what she was referring to and her response was rude and needless to say no picture was sent. This tells me that she did not want to resolve an issue, if there really was one to begin with.

    Tasty Meow!

By Akiko on March 15, 2017

Two paws up :-) I broke them in tiny pieces and mixed with their food, and kitties seems like enjoying added little crunch. I am hoping that they will get used to taste of rabbit so that I can feed raw rabbit - in near future!

    The only novel treat for allergies

By Kathy M on January 18, 2017

Ground rabbit treats are the only novel protein my dog with severe allergies and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, can have. They are 100% rabbit meat and keep well in the freezer until ready for the next bag. Thank goodness for Hare Today. Without them, my dog would have no treats or anything special at all.


By Maria on January 11, 2016

I have never seen dehydrated ground rabbit before so I naturally tried them for our dog. Rabbit is an excellent meat for dogs who have allergies, who are often sensitive to both beef and chicken. These are fresh and if you ask our dog, delicious!

    Very attractive to cats and

By Jessica on October 6, 2015

Very attractive to cats and dogs!
If you have cats (and depending on the eating style of your cat) you may want to keep an eye while they're eating these. I had to give the rest of the package to the dog because these kept getting stuck in one of my cat's back teeth.

    Dehydrated rabbit treats

By Lynn on September 25, 2015

My cats love rabbit (their favorite) and I decided to see if they'd like this treat as well. They absolutely do, and I give it to them as lunch or a treat after I groom them. They stay while I brush them because they know they'll get a piece of rabbit.


By Lisa on October 29, 2014

This is the first time I gave rabbit to my cats and they loved it. I crumbled some of the dehydrated ground rabbit in a bowl as a treat and they really enjoyed it. They both licked their bowls clean.


By Alyse on September 5, 2014

I ordered this to split with a friend for our ferrets. Sadly, they weren't fans - but the product is great quality and gets 5 stars :)


By John on April 20, 2013

Our cats simply love these treats! Even our problem child who would rather use any food for baiting the other cats into play, was emitting a modest growl while he was nom nom nomming on it.


By Laura on November 18, 2005

I'm thrilled that Hare Today offers dehydrated, natural treats! Since it's important to me that my dog eat natural, raw foods, I certainly didn't want to treat her with factory-farmed beef treats, or soy based jerky treats! She loves the dehydrated rabbit, and it makes a great meal on the go if you can't bring raw food with you.