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Dehydrated Rabbit Feet


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Another truly natural, healthy snack. The feet are washed with hot water and dried in the dehydrator.

This dries the fur and meaty part of the foot, but does not dry out the bones. Great treat for cats or dogs!

Packaged 15 feet per bag, assorted smaller front and larger back feet per bag. Resealable vacuum bag.

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    Rabbit feet

By Victor on September 19, 2023

If your dog has a soft stool almost watery, this product will bulk up his/her stool. It is like a natural fiber for dogs. My cat loves this rabbit foot as a toy, he won't eat it

    My cats went bonkers!

By Ray on March 8, 2023

The moment I opened the package, my oldest cat lunged for a foot and scurried away with it, batting it for hours. My 2 other cats took a few hours to figure out what to do with the feet, but eventually got the hang of it and carried a foot everywhere they went! These were the most effective toys I've had, and it's great that they're edible if the cat does decide to chew. Will definitely be buying more down the road once we work through all the feet (each package will supply you for quite a while!)

    My dog loves them

By Marcela on November 12, 2022

My 2 year old pittie loves these. I add them to her Kongs as a special treat and freeze them. I also add them to her dinner. Will be purchasing again.

    My cat completely ignored the rabbit feet.

By Donna on February 26, 2022

I presented my 14-year-old cat with his first rabbit foot. He gave me a look that said, "So what?" He had absolutely no interest in the rabbit foot. Completely ignored it.
Now I'm not sure what to try next. He does still play with his toys, but only when I use catnip. Maybe I should focus on treats that scream, "Eat me!"?? But what says, "Eat me" to my cat? I guess I'll just have to experiment until I hit upon a treat that he likes.
Thank you, Hare Today, for all the different natural treats.

    My kitties have a new favorite toy!!

By Vicki on December 3, 2021

I just received these rabbit feet about an hour ago and my 2 youngest have been playing with these almost non-stop! They're batting them around on the floor, throwing them up in the air, and pushing them underneath the closet doors! I've been buying from Hare-Today for years now, but this is the 1st time buying the rabbit feet...it certainly won't be my last!!

    Surprising New Favorite!

By Christina on June 14, 2021

I actually wanted to buy the rabbit ears as recommended by https://feline-nutrition.org . When they were out of stock, I bought this one instead. I was hesitant at first, but the cats loved it immediately.

My two cats tossed it around the house like a toy, and even preferred it over their favorite rat toy. Eventually, they found out it was edible too, and fought over the meat. I gave them each their own, but they would still growl at each other to protect their rabbit feet.

I also wasn't expecting to get so many of them! It lasted me until I ordered again in 2 months.

    Rabbit Feet

By Elise on May 9, 2021

This was my first purchase from Hare Today and I do not regret it! I read the reviews before purchasing and it seemed like most cats enjoyed playing with them but weren’t sure when it came to eating them. Well I left for a long day at work and thought this would be good entertainment for my cat... I came home to two tiny fur bits and a very happy cat. These are definitely a win!

    Lots of fun and good exercise!

By Corey on April 4, 2021

My two cats haven't figured out they're edible yet, because they're having too much fun hunting and chasing these little guys around. They must smell amazing to them because they were curious about the package my order came in before I'd even opened it, and when they "hunt" they're more active and excited than they are with even their favorite wand toys. It really brings out their predator instincts. I've watched them both play for hours at a time, pouncing and hopping and galloping across the room, until they've completely exhausted themselves - then they take their prize with them for a little nap. I think they're burning more calories now because they've been asking for more food than usual, so if your kitty is reluctant to exercise with traditional toys these would be worth a shot. Don't let the fur eek you out, I promise you get used to it pretty fast and it's good fiber. ;P

TIP #1: If you have multiple cats, know this is a *high-value resource* they're very likely to compete for. I offer each of mine their own in separate rooms out of view of each other. Otherwise each will try to steal the other's and I end up having to break up a squabble.

TIP #2: When the cats are done playing, I like to take the rabbit feet and re-hide them in places for them to discover later. Nestled in their cat tree, under a blanket, inside a closed paper bag or paper towel roll... The look on their faces once they discover their prey is priceless!

    Cats love these

By Kylie on March 28, 2021

All 3 of my kittens love playing with the rabbit feet. Only 1 of them will actually eat the feet but they spend hours just tossing chasing and batting the feet around. Even if they won't eat them it keeps them entertained for relatively cheap. Only thing is they drive me crazy at night with these. They throw them against the hardwood floor and walls making lots of noise. But that's no fault to the product.

    Rabbit feet

By debbie on February 23, 2021

I feed rabbit feet to add a bit more bone to diet, as well as the fur for fiber. Spike loves them, it's his favorite part of the meal! Hare today is great about getting orders shipped quickly and also keeping these in stock. Love this company!!!!

    Rabbit feet for sure

By Gina on February 15, 2021

My cats prefer the ears but nothing wrong with these. They sure do look like rabbits feet laying on the floor.
My husband was a bit taken aback at first. He said "ok this is where I draw the line". Lol

    Finally a fun, chewy (edible) toy for my kitties

By Sara on January 27, 2021

Just gave my 8- and 10-month old kittens their first rabbit feet. My little boy immediately thought it was the BEST TOY EVER. But it wasn't 'til my girl figured out hers was edible, and growled at him, that he understood it was even "more better"; it was FOOD.

This is the first time I have given them anything that either of them thought was worth growling over! Next experiment: the bunny ears.

    Dog is in love with these

By H on January 25, 2021

1st time with rabbit feet. Wasn’t sure if she could handle them but she had no problem. All the hair adds extra excitement too. I did trim the nail tips with basic nail clippers just in case though. This is a better price than what I’ve seen on Etsy.

I’m going to give some as gifts to a couple dogs who need some excitement from a boring diet as well.

    5 Stars from my kitten, not so much from the adults

By Sam on January 21, 2021

My cats are new to a raw diet so when I originally gave a couple feet to my two 6 year old boys, they didn't care much for them. One chewed on it for a bit and then ignored it and the other had no interest. However, my new kitten is obsessed!! He doesn't eat the feet but he loves to chew on them and play with them. I've never seen him go so crazy for any other cat toy--he'll play with them for hours at a time. I wish I had never purchased any of the toys he has now because this is the only thing he wants to play with.

    Dog treat & toy combo!

By Kristin on December 19, 2020

My pitbull had never eaten anything with fur on it yet, so was unsure what he would do. Handed him one and he behaved as if I'd just given him the greatest new toy ever. Wiggle butt and whippy tail was going so hard that he was whipping both sides of his body with his tail. He ran to the door to play with his new "toy" outside. Pure excitement. He eventually realized his toy is edible and started crunching and playing at the same time. After awhile he ate every last piece, even scouring the ground for missed pieces. He's crazy happy every time I pull one out for him.

    Love, love, love!!!

By Traci on November 21, 2020

My girl loves her rabbit feet so much!! The quantity and quality we get from Hare Today far surpasses other online stores, especially for this price! We’ve been giving these to Piper for a couple years now I believe, and we will continue to come back!

    New Favorite!

By Emmelie on January 20, 2020

Nothing keeps my cat more occupied and distracted than these fun little treats! She spends days carrying it around like a toy before she finally decides to crunch them up! It's adorable, she will go and grab her current foot from wherever she hid it and spend countless hours wrestling with it. These are great!

    Great for chewing and cleaning teeth

By Jessica on January 11, 2020

I'm so happy to have many options to give as treats. The feet are clean and come in a few different sizes. My cat eats up his food in under a minute, but it took him five whole minutes to finish a foot. Some are much larger than others so I typically break those. I gave a really large one that took 20 minutes to eat! He ended up vomiting some of the fur so now I know that's too much for him. They are really easy to break apart so that you can offer smaller pieces at a time. Bones are great for cleaning teeth, and your pet will get some jaw exercise too. Thank you so much for such wonderful treats!

    My chihuahua loves it

By gloria on November 7, 2019

My chihuahua sweet pea is a very picky eater so I was surprised to see how much she loved these rabbits feet I'm very pleased

    Perfect For My Raw Fed Dog

By Mi on November 2, 2019

We have never been able to source rabbit before locally so I was very excited to receive these from Hare Today. We chose to get the dehydrated feet since we live in Texas and we didn't want to chance any weather related shipping complications. These are perfect treats for my raw fed dog - she is 40 lbs and has no problem chewing it up. Sometimes I include it as the raw meaty bone part of her meals as well. Great source of fiber and manganese in her diet.

    Another home run.

By Cheryl on January 31, 2019

After a discussion on a FB page about products we have bought from you for our pets, someone recommended the rabbit's feet for my 4 cats. My cats LOVE the rabbit ears, so I thought we'd try the feet. Out of all the toys I have bought for them, I have never seen them go so crazy as they did for those feet. Each cat had their own, and they all ran off with them to different parts of the house. They played until they were exhausted. I think I'll still buy the ears, as they like to eat them after playing with them, but will also keep the feet around for some good playtime. Thanks again for another great product! Special thanks from Odin, Loki, Hamilton, and Pru.

    Great for snacks and for meals!

By Erika on September 11, 2018

My dog LOVES rabbit feet. I give them as snacks as well as toppings for his meals. They're fresh and crunchy, and make such great treats! My dog goes crazy for them.

    Misty meows for these!

By Patty on September 1, 2018

Our Misty Cat meows for these treats. It never fails that when I'm cooking, Misty Cat will meow for food. That's the perfect time for chewy treats like dehydrated rabbit feet. They take longer to finish than the ears, and that gives me more peace and quiet to do my work. Plus I know they're good for her jaws and teeth.

    Dogs can't get enough!

By Shelby on April 6, 2018

By far my dogs' favorite treat EVER, HANDS DOWN! It's crazy how much they BEG for these. I love how long it takes them to get through one, keeps them entertained for several minutes. Plus I love that I don't have to feel any guilt over what they're eating!

    A Fun Treat

By debbi on April 1, 2018

My pups love the dehydrated rabbit feet. The fur adds additional stimulation in their mouth. Always begging for more.

    Great snack

By Cassandra on February 10, 2018

This makes for a great snack for my corgi. She was a bit confused by the fur at first, but now runs over in excitement for these! The bag contains rabbit feet of various sizes.

    Maybe not so much for a cat

By Constance on July 18, 2017

My kitten played and ate a couple in the package and then lost interest. The older cat was uninterested even in playing with them.
So I gave them to my friend with a Ridgeback. He LOVED them. Chomped them right up. Maybe more of a dog thing?

RESPONSE: Some cats LOVE the feet. Cats being cats though what 1 likes another wont.

    Awesome, natural treat!

By Sarah on June 11, 2017

Finally... treats I feel safe giving my dog! These rabbit feet were a big hit. I was concerned my picky girl would be less than thrilled about the fur but she didn't even hesitate, she just inhaled!! I also like that these feet aren't a messy treat and a great value.

    Fun to watch them play with these

By Lesa on April 26, 2017

Didn't think my cats would like these, but they have just as much fun with these as the rabbit ears. Of course, the one cat who enjoys actually eating the rabbit ears will eat these after he's done playing with them. The other cat is not interested in eating these or the ears, but he's usually the more picky one anyway. Love watching them play with these. My boyfriends dog eats up the pieces that they leave.

    First impression - Fun Toy for Cats

By Akiko on March 15, 2017

We received both bunny legs and ears today. Maybe because my cats are not eating raw (yet), they are not going crazy like I was expecting. One cat tasted ear a bit, the other one enjoy batting little paw. She is obviously more excited than mouse toy. Hopefully they will realize their new furry "toy" is actually edible, and start chewing!


By CHRISTINE on March 8, 2017

It started with a friend visiting a show in IL & meeting up with a breeder from WA. She brought back a rabbit foot toy/gift to TX, then ordered more. My little girl was gifted with one that disappeared quickly. I thought she had hid it... requested another for the show this last weekend. WOW! Watching her have fun, throwing it around/gnawing on it until by the end of the weekend what had started out 3-4" long was just a postage stamp size scrap of fur & bone. I already forwarded info to my daughter in CA & will be ordering enough to pass around to other friends I meet up with.

    Rabbit Feet...YUMMY!

By Sandy on May 19, 2016

First time giving Boo (11-lb poodle) a dehydrated rabbit foot from Hare Today. Took it out of the bag and was amazed at the quality...furry soft...Boo was instantly interested! When I handed it to my salivating pup, I wasn't at all sure what her reaction would be, but not to worry. She laid down on the floor, picked it up in her mouth, and "chomp-chomp" all gone. Then she had to go into the other room to see if my daughter's dog had finished hers yet! (Boo was thoroughly disappointed to find that the other one had been eaten as well!) These will definitely be on my next order from Tracy...have to keep my little poodle girl happy, you know!

    Favorite edible toy!

By Tess on April 4, 2016

Alfred, my (mini)panther, is obsessed with these rabbit feet! It took him a while to figure out this toy was truly edible; but now that he has, he goes nuts with them, and will even play "fetch" with them! It amuses me immensely to see Alfred go racing down the hallway after it, and then come happily trotting back with a giant bunny foot hanging out of his mouth! ^_^ Too cute!

On the other hand, my other cat, Roscoe, thinks Alfred is nuts and could not be more disinterested in the bunny feet. Oh well. More for Alfie! ;)

    Cats love them.

By Danielle on March 5, 2016

Leaves these out when we know we'll be gone for awhile. My boys love these things! They do sometimes leave the toes/nails but other times they leave nothing behind. My boys love it but my family could care less.

    Dog loves them

By April on February 1, 2016

The cats weren't interested, but the dog acts like these are the best thing ever. If I want the cats to have a chance to do anything with these, I have to keep the dog away or he'll take it immediately.

    If only I would let her

By Maria on January 10, 2016

If I could teach our dog to use the computer & give her my credit card, I think she would have pallets of these delivered! She can't get enough of the rabbit feet.

    great rabbit feet

By Rose on October 15, 2015

I have been buying rabbit feet from this company for many years. My dogs all love them. I use them specially as a reward for when my picky eaters clean their bowls. Needless to say, I hardly ever have a bowl with any food left in it when they are done eating!

    Dehydrated rabbit feet are a hit!

By Dena on October 14, 2015

I got some bags of this for our customers, and they flew off our counter! Dog's loved them, people would come back for more. They are a great natural snack.

    dehydrated rabbit feet

By tina on October 3, 2015

Good amount for the price. Every now and then I'll find a front paw a little too small and I need to give 2 (as I have giant breed dogs). But they love to crunch them up!

    Cats favorite toy

By Chelsey on September 29, 2015

I bought these for my cats they smell the blood and lick them but will not eat them. Ziggy my cat loves the small front foot I gave him its his favorite toy, he carries it around throwing it up and jumps too catch it. I use them for treat for the dogs they devour them. Going to try the ears next maybe the cats will eat them, or maybe will be a interesting toy


By Kimberley on May 13, 2015

5 stars for the quality. However, none of my cats nor other family member's cats liked them. My cats completely ignored them. I gave them all to my sister's dogs, who absolutely love them.


By Walter on April 22, 2015

Picked up two bags of rabbits feet for my two 6 month old kittens (brothers). I just assumed they would love them. My one kitten won't leave it alone. He carries it around and has been playing with it all night and morning. His brother seems uninterested (so far). I have only just received them yesterday but so far so good. Packaging was good and feet seem clean and very fresh. Here is a video link to Winston playing with it. Hopefully the link works on here, otherwise copy and paste.



By Sabrina on October 1, 2014

My kitty, Charli, went BEZERK for these! She's 7 months old, and she loves LOVES playing with these. She races around with it in her mouth, shakes it up and tosses it, chases after it, carries it all around, hides it under throw rugs then seeks it out. It's never ending fun. Thanks so much for everything you do, Tracy!


By Lisa on September 26, 2014

I bought these rabbit feet for my 2 cats and the feet really bring out the "inner big cat" in them. They just love playing and chewing on them.


By Egor on March 31, 2014

Kittens growled for an hour when they first got them. Weren't sure what to do with it at first, so they played with it, nibbled on it, and then by the end of the night finally ate it. Excellent entertainment.


By Pamela on January 25, 2014

My greyhounds went for these right off... No surprise!! What self respecting greyhound wouldn't like to eat the feet of their nemesis?

But really, they love these, and even my notoriously picky Deerhound came to love these crunchy snacks.


By Tina on August 19, 2013

I ordered one bag of these for my dogs to try. I was a bit skeptical, but they absolutely LOVE them. I have a soft coated wheaten terrier and a mixed breed who is very picky. I took them outside and tossed two of the feet in the yard and they tracked them and played with them at first and then ate them. At first my mixed breed wasn't sure what to do with the fur but she ended up eating fur and all. They love them. I like to take the rabbit feet outside and drag it around so the dogs have something to sniff out and when they find it they get to eat it as a reward. I knew they would like rabbit as they like to chase the rabbits when they get in the yard. I'm glad to be able to give them something else that they like so much!! Will order again and again.


By Brittany on August 9, 2013

This product is beyond amazing, not only is it perfect to put in treat toys but all 5 of our dogs approve!!! We have a household full of dogs with multiple food allergies and this is one treat everyone can have.


By Maria on August 5, 2013

Our dog LOVES these, fur & all. She can't get enough of them. Chomp, chomp, chomp & then she's looking for another one.


By Emily on November 13, 2012

These are AWESOME for reward based training! My french bullies LOVE them and even the eight pound mix we've got crunches them up! Such a healthy natural treat! Another hit from Hare-Today!


By Linda on October 17, 2012

OMG! These are the best toy/snack for my snowshoe Harry-since all my cats have been on a very soft raw food diet he seems to utterly enjoy chopping these. It sounds almost like he's eating a bunch of corn-nuts. When I hold onto one end I can actually feel the trembling tension in his jaws as he bites down. I wonder if these are good for a cat that will absolutely not let me brush his teeth??


By Garrett on September 30, 2012

My cats love these. They will not eat them but I have never seen my cat react this crazy to something they think is a toy.


By Toni on September 10, 2012

My cats and kittens LOVE the dehydrated rabbit feet!!! I have Oriental shorthairs and Siamese and you would think these cats had lived in the wild the way the growl and fight over the feet.

My friend Liz introduced me to them and now I'm sending some over to my friends in the UK!!!

Love the rabbit feet!!!!


By Andrew on March 16, 2012

Our cats love these. They will play with them and chew on them and chase them and run around. If the cats seem to need some heavy duty playtime and you are too tired to be involved, throw them a rabbit foot and watch them entertain themselves for hours.


By Rose on February 16, 2012

I've been buying the dehydrated rabbit feet for years for my canines. Specially for Deanna, my Ibizan Hound, princess. Deanna receives a rabbit foot when she finishes her bowl of food. She knows that she gets one, as she runs to the fridge & starts to bark, looking up to where we keep them. If she doesn't eat all of her food, she knows she doesn't get a foot, & doesn't ask for one. (Although Deanna has been known to lie...) We started to single her out for extra feet, in 2006, when Deanna was bred. She didn't want to eat, & we needed to make sure she did, for her sake & the sake of her puppies. So when she did eat, we made a big deal about it & rewarded her with a treat. Nothing really excited her except a rabbit foot. And that's when we knew we had another princess, just like her mother, Madja, was. We did the same eat/reward with Madja. Deanna also gets a foot when she comes back into the house after hunting in the yard. IF, she comes in without being called, or after the first or second call. If we have to call her 3 or 4 times, she gets a biscuit when she comes in. Any more than that, she doesn't get anything.


By Malgorzata on February 15, 2012

My cats just love them!
There's no other thing that would make them growling and hissing like they do when they get a rabbit feet. They have a lot of fun before they eat them, we even play fetching!
Great alternative to those controversial real fur mice toys, and 100% safe.
I am so happy seeing my cats happy that I can even forgive them leaving rabbit fingers in my bed (yes, another game they play is to brake off all fingers, one by one).


By Laurie on September 14, 2011

I have multiple cats and kittens. They absolutely love the dehydrated rabbit ears, but the feet don't go over nearly as well. Only the tiny front paws really got played with. The back feet are just too big for my cats. I don't think any of the feet were eaten. I think this treat would be better received by dogs.


By Sandra on January 10, 2011

My cats wouldn't eat the ears, but as soon as Amadeus saw a little bunny foot (the back feet and front feet were both included in my bag), he took it, slunk off, and ate it. This is the cat who hated the idea of switching to raw, unless it was a raw diet of 100% chicken gizzards.

Temperance, my 8-month kitten, doesn't really know what to do with it. Eventually, she plays with it -- if the dog is in her crate.

My puppy eats these, but then again, she eats apple cores. :)


By Cara on August 12, 2010

My greyhound loves these rabbit feet. We feed him these as snacks with the rabbit ears and raw chicken feet. Total hit!


By Colleen on December 29, 2009

My small dogs (15-pound fox terriers) love these treats. The rabbit feet packages have been a mixture of small (front feet?) and big (rear feet) which has been a good combination for my dogs, as one of them has dental problems preventing him from adequately chewing the larger feet.


By Rebecca on July 7, 2009

This is THE favorite cat toy in our house. One of our cats plays fetch with us every morning for about 20 minutes with his "bunny leg". The cats have them hidden all over the house, under furniture and in nooks. Every once in a while I'll find one that seems to have been chewed on, but mostly they just want to chase after them or throw them in the air themselves and pounce on them. The 2nd bag of these that I ordered contained very small feet as opposed to the original bag. I haven't given the new ones to the cats yet because I'm concerned about the small size.


By Jeannine on July 11, 2008

Okay, I don't usually do second reviews, BUT

Our cats are just over a year old, and we've been giving them dehydrated rabbit feet to play with for most of that time. Now that they're no longer kittens (although they're DEFINITELY still growing on their 100% raw diet) we're in the process of switching them from 3 meals a day to 2 meals a day, which some days they're okay with and other days leaves them considerably aggrieved. Anyway, about 2 weeks ago when they were obviously looking to be fed well in advance of their next scheduled feeding time, I broke out the rabbit feet to distract them. I was at the bottom of the bag, and only had one large foot and one very small foot left, so I put them both down and -- to my astonishment -- our male cat ATE THE ENTIRE small foot. He didn't play with it, bat it around, or any of his usual capers, he just ate it. Munch, munch, crunch, crunch, all gone. Then the two of them played with the other foot until it was nap time.

So the lesson here is that cats eat these feet too, but only the small ones. YIPPEE!!! From now on, I'm going to sort each bag into "play feet" and "eat-em-up feet" and see what happens.


By Jeannine on February 22, 2008

Hours of fun in every foot! Forget buying toys for your cats, just give them one of these and watch them play themselves into exhaustion! Seriously, my two cats get SO EXCITED when I give them these rabbit feet that they can hardly control themselves -- they bat the feet around, jump in the air and pounce on them, and grab them in their mouths and slink out of the room to ensure their treasures aren't "stolen" by the other cat. My 6-month old kitten is a terror and sometimes torments my 7-month old female by attacking her when he gets bored. When I see her losing patience, I sometimes give them each one of these (or rabbit ears) and that so distracts both of them that it diffuses the situation. These last a long time, and when the cats fall asleep (or when the feet are "lost" under the sofa), I pick them up and put them in the bag with the rabbit ears to refresh their scent. (Caveat: These are so popular that each cat needs his/her own foot to play with, or a hissing match will inevitably result.)


By Stacie on July 10, 2006

My German Shepherds LOVE these! My cats won't eat them, but they'll play with them for hours. They also work well to get a guest who's overstayed their welcome out of your house. Simply ask them if they'd like to give your dogs a treat and watch them run out of your house after handing them two rabbit's feet. ;-)


By Marquia on April 20, 2006

I've got mixed reviews from my pets. 1 cat and 1 dog won't touch them. On the other hand, one of my cats kicks the rabbit feet around all day and one of the dogs absolutely LOVES them. They are by far his favorite treat.


By Laura on November 18, 2005

I feed these with every "bone" meal since the fur wraps around the bones in the stomach to help them pass through naturally. It's truly natural fiber for dogs! My Akita loves them as treats and my cats like to swat them around as toys, though they haven't tried eating them... yet!