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Dehydrated Pork Liver


Product SKU:HT-100034
Shipping Weight:0.25 lbs
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Product Details

Another wonderful healthy treat.

100% natural dehydrated pork livers. Great for big and small dogs and also cats!

These treats can be broken up and used for training. No antibiotics, hormones or preservatives, 6 ounce vacuum sealed bag.

Meat/Bone/Organ Ratio

0% Meat / 0% Bone / 100% Organ

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    Super CRUNCHY!

By Esther on April 3, 2018

I've always ordered the Dehydrated Lungs in the past. First time ordering liver, and it's a lot crunchier than the lungs. My little Boston Terrier loves them as well as the bigger dogs I sit for. One of them went crazy and licked the floor from the crumbs that fell when breaking the treats apart. A little more difficult to break apart; has a peanut brittle feel to them. And I don't know if it's just psychosomatic, but they smell kind of like peanut brittle as well, to me.


By Charity on March 3, 2012

As a dog trainer I'm always looking for the perfect treat. I love that I can place a large piece of this liver in my pocket while training dogs and I don't end up with a stinky pocket full of crumbs. It's not greasy like some liver or meat treats, so I don't end up with oil stains on my pockets either. Due to the small, diamond-pattern scoring it can easily be broken into much smaller pieces. My dogs are picky and have allergies, but they love this treat. You also get a lot in a bag. I order several bags of these treats just about every time I place a raw food order.


By Patricia on February 20, 2012

My dog is allergic to chicken, beef, turkey, wheat and corn, and she, like every other good dog, needs a treat. I was hard put to find any until Tracy came out with this dehydrated liver. It comes in sheets, which are easy to carry in my pocket, when we go for walks. It's also easy to break the sheets into smaller bits. The other day, I had some in my pocket, and a German Shepherd who was on duty for the local police followed me. Good thing I didn't have to go go jail!


By Jodi on April 25, 2009

My cats and dogs are crazy about the dehydrated pork liver. I like to keep some on hand as a convenient way to give them a little organ meat.