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Cat Play Ball. Felted out of 100% Alpaca


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Product Details

Cat play ball. Felted out of 100% Alpaca.

Alpaca Balls - watch your cat entertain him/herself for hours running after these super-ball sized alpaca toys.

The balls are approx. 1 1/4 inches in diameter, a bell is inside and alpaca yarn string* attached. (*Caution, it is possible for the bell to come out or the string to come loose, causing a potential choking hazard - The string can be removed if you choose to.)

These are handmade by a dear friend that raises Alpacas. Another all natural product, free of chemicals and dye, assorted natural colors.

1 per order.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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    Its alive!

By Wendy on June 18, 2024

My kittens love these toys. Im on the third one now. My one kitten found this toy in the box herself while i was unpacking and quickly stole it away. They think its a real live animal. The one drawback is the long tail. It easily detaches and apparently was quite delicious

    Favorite toy of very picky cat

By Sarah on April 4, 2021

Our feline friend is semi-feral and rarely finds toys interesting. But she loves felted alpaca and this toy is her favorite!

She enjoys chasing the long dangling string and then "eviscerating" the meaty ball portion.

Hope to see more felted toys from your friend, this design is fantastic.

    Very fun toy!

By Jessica on January 30, 2019

Immediately after I threw the ball on the floor, Jericho started batting at it and running around with it. He carries the ball in his mouth or bites the string and drags it along that way. The jingle bell inside adds to stimulation, and the ball is soft just like prey so this is a great hunting toy. The string is quite long, so like any toy, you should not use unsupervised. A few reviews mention the ball comes apart quickly. I just received mine today so I haven't experienced that. Just be mindful that unless you are washing toys regularly they are not meant to last forever. Toys are in cat's mouths, rolling on the floor, and under the couch picking up dirt, dust, etc so replacing toys like this every few weeks/months is a good thing.

    6 hrs and 1800.00 later

By Amelia (Caprice) on January 9, 2019

I receive the order today, and within five minutes my eight-month-old kitten had removed the 13 inch string off of the felt ball. We rushed to the emergency veterinary hospital where he had to undergo an Endoscopic procedure to remove the string. Please, if you order this toy I highly recommend you remove the string!

    Huge hit

By Claire on June 28, 2018

My two cats love this toy. The kitten loved it so much he stole it out of the box and ate the string as I was unpacking the rest of the order. As other reviewers have mentioned if your cat is a fan of chewing strings it might be a good idea to cut it off, although it didn’t cause any problem whatsoever to my little one who ate the whole thing. I will definitely be ordering more
of these toys for my picky boys who were won over by the alpaca play ball

    They love them

By Theo on August 31, 2016

Both of my cats love these little toys.

    Favorite cat toy

By Elise on April 25, 2016

Both of my cats go absolutely crazy for these alpaca balls! They love the little bell sound inside and the string on the end ... Great product. My only complaint is that there aren't more alpaca toys to choose from!! I have both these and the alpaca mice-- also highly recommended

    They adore it

By Alanna on January 23, 2016

This is an excellent toy, and I only wish it had lasted longer! My 8 month old boys had a great time chasing and carrying it around and shredding it with their teeth and claws. After a few play sessions it went from a solid, well-felted ball with a string to an amorphous blob the consistency of a cotton ball. Highly recommended, especially if you have less sharp and determined kittens than I do. Toys don't last long around here. I might try re-felting it.

    Mixed reaction from kittens

By Lisa on January 18, 2016

I rescued four kittens, now around seven mos. old. Three of them played with it like any other toy except, because it smelled like an animal, they were more excited over it. But Franklin got ahold of it and would not share and growled a lot at any of his siblings who got near. None of them have every growled at each other before so his siblings were a bit frightened and taken a back. I finally had to take it away from Franklin and put it away. He was growling more and more and I was afraid he would get aggressive over it. I did like the way it moved and bounced and flew, just like a real animal. But later on in the day one of the other kittens were growling at his other sibling and never had before so I am not sure if I will present this toy again, at least not with Franklin. I may try ordering Franklin one of the mice and calling it his and play with the ball with the other kittens. All my kittens are spayed and neutered so that was not the issue. They always have gotten along very well.

    My savannah goes CRAZY for

By Jessica on October 5, 2015

My savannah goes CRAZY for the alpaca play balls. I've caught his brother "playing" with him by dragging it across the floor by the string while the other chases.


By Jennifer on June 6, 2015

These are excellent healthy toys for our cats. I love them too!


By Egor on March 31, 2014

Perfect toy! So glad I purchased it.


By Elizabeth on June 17, 2012

This toy, "Paulie the Ball" is the all-time favorite with my cat, Azalea. She will run madly again and again to fetch it, and then trot back proudly with her tail in the air to hand it to me. No other ball will do. It must be Paulie! She will roll around with it endlessly until he's stuck under furniture. Soft and light-weight, this is a perfect cat toy-- not too noisy either.


By tatjana on March 6, 2012

Great for a cat who is a chaser and a swatter, like mine, because here you have a 2-in-1 toy that rattles. Plastic balls do nothing for us, we like to grab with front claws and tear toys up with rear claws. The texture of alpaca felted is perfect - soft, yet it lasts and lasts. And the color is great, just blends in to my carpet and sofa, so finally our apartment doesn't look like a cat kindergarten anymore with random bright colored commercial toys here and there. Great product!


By Jessica on March 6, 2012

My cats absolutely love these! They roll perfectly, but are soft enough for cats to pick up in their mouths. The rattle inside is a nice touch. Super durable too. The perfect all natural cat toy. (I actually cut off the included string so that the cats can initiate their own play without worry of getting caught up in the attached string.)


By Lynn on February 24, 2012

I've already purchased more of these balls since my cats absolutely love them. My one Bengal queen loves to carry one around with her while making mewing sounds......so cute!

The Alpaca is so tightly woven that the balls last quite a long time considering my guys love to shred normal cat toys in record time.

If you are not going to use the string to play "catch me if you can", I agree with the other reviews that it should be cut off since I also caught one of my guys trying to swallow the string.

Great product!


By Carrie on February 22, 2012

My cats love these felted ball toys. I did have to trim the string to shorten it because my one cat decided to swallow some of it. They're so cute to watch them chase after it. When the ball starts rolling, the little string looks like a tail moving. these are adorable toys. I like that they're made out of 100% alpaca, not synthetic materials. They also have a little bell inside. Your cat will love these!


By Stacey on February 21, 2012

These toys are completely addictive to cats! They are a high-quality felt that stands up to endless batting and chewing, and come with a tiny rattly device inside that drives cats insane. My two guys have tried and failed to get the rattle out of the toy, so the balls are made very well. The only problem is having to fish it out from under the stove six times a night, they love it so much!


By Malgorzata on February 18, 2012

Absolutely worth to buy, cats are really enjoying the ball!
Ended up cutting yarn string off - dropped the ball on the floor and string was half eaten in seconds!
If your cat has tendency to chew on strings, consider removing it.


By Lee on February 15, 2012

I bought one of these Alpaca balls for KITTY LYNN. She absolutely went nuts over it! She played like a kitten with it, altho she is 2 yrs. old.

I am going to visit my son in Cali. who has a few cats so Grandmom will bring them each one too.

Thanks Tracy for giving Kitty such a fun toy!