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Current Specials

Cat Mouse Toy, Felted out of 100% Alpaca


Product SKU:HT-100016
Shipping Weight:0.10 lbs
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Product Details

Cat mouse toy. Felted out of 100% Alpaca.

Watch your cat(s) entertain him/herself for hours.

The mice toys have a *bell inside and a *string attached. (*Caution, it is possible for the bell to come out or the string to come loose, causing a potential choking hazard - The string can be removed if you choose to.)

These are handmade by a dear friend that raises Alpacas. Another all natural product, free of chemicals and dye, assorted natural colors.

1 per order.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.

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    Already loves them!

By Jaime on December 19, 2019

We just got our first big box of meaty goodness today! And I included a couple alpaca mice. Our bengal was instantly obsessed. Usually we have to play some serious games of hide & seek and continually remind him his toys exist. Not with this! We had to make a run to our lobby and he usually tags along every time we head to the door. Sure enough, he came running....with his mouse in his mouth! Fantastic. =)

    Toy mouse

By Lisa on April 12, 2016

I gave this only a three because of durability. My young cats loved it but the tail was chewed off in the first evening. After the first few days, I had to start trimming the tufts of fur that were sticking out. One of my cats chewed a tuft off and threw it up.
By the second week I had to take it away from them as the bell had come out and it was pretty well shredded. My young cats will be a year in about early July so maybe this would be an okay toy for an older cat? I like the idea but would prefer to see the mouse in a tight knit or crochet format with no tail.

Response Hare Today: This is made from felt of the alpaca fiber so this can not be crocheted. You can cut the tail off with scissors if you prefer.

    Alpaca Fun!

By Brigitta on April 2, 2016

My cat loves these things! Something about the smell of alpaca wool triggers all his wild kitty cat instincts and he rolls around with this, gnawing and kicking at it for many a happy hour. He carries it around, throws it in the air, and generally enjoys it so thoroughly that he's made it into a shredded, dilapidated former mouse. Need more alpaca toys....

    Even I love these mice

By Melissa on April 1, 2016

It makes me so happy to know I can provide a toy that I don't have to say...hmmmm I wonder what this 'fur' is made out of, what kind of chemicals, dyes or other such harmful substances are on it or in it as I watch my precious cat lick it over and over. Yuck.
But not here, nope - I know THESE ARE SAFE for hours of licking!
I have a 16 year old cat who rarely plays with anything, but when I gave him this, he actually rolled around and fought with it for a good 15 minutes! I haven't seen him do that for a while.
All 10 of my cats were attracted to these toys right away because of the natural animal smell. They said - sniff sniff, "what's that? I want it!" I bought 2 to start and now I'm buying more!
Thank you so much for providing such an awesome toy!!

    alpaca mouse

By Katarina on September 19, 2015

I would like to thank Tracy and her family for outstanding services. I've received the package on time and the meat was still semi frozen.
I was not sure at first if my darling boy needs more toys, after all, I've promised myself not to spoil him. (Well maybe a little). So being a heavy handed mom I ended up getting every single one. When I unwrapped the alpaca mouse he went nuts! He played with the mouse so intensely I was able to sort the meat without too much interruption. I know I'll end up buying more toys quite frankly I cannot wait for the next shipment. After all I'm resolved not to spoil him at all. Katarina


By Jennifer on June 6, 2015

This are fun toys. Our cats love them. They last a long time unless the cats decide to tear it apart. They are healthy toys so these are our preference.


By alex on September 11, 2014

Our kitten loves this toy! He carries it around in his mouth and growls if the other cat approaches. I'm definitely getting more of these.


By anna on May 1, 2014

My cat will play with almost anything, so it almost seems silly to spend $5 on a toy, but he enjoys these so much more that I can't help but include them in my orders. Paper balls are his usual go-to for fetch, especially since he looses them so quickly and they're easy to replace, and he loves milk rings and bottle caps, but will go for the mouse over any of those when it's around. Too bad he looses them so quickly, we'll uncover a whole grave yard of these somewhere when we move!


By Lynn on May 24, 2013

I purchased only one of these mice. Both of my cats went wild for it and shared it back and forth, flipping it and having a wonderful time attacking it! I even think they played cat soccer with it. Next time I will order several! it was such a joy to watch both of them!