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Salmon Skin Rolls

$9.49 Sale Price: $8.99

Product SKU:HT-100047
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Product Details

*Updated All-natural treat*
These Rolls are even better and more beautiful.

SINGLE INGREDIENT: This high-protein dog chew is made with only dehydrated salmon skin that is so loaded with Omega-3s that it is visible with your own eyes, these healthy oils are absolutely dripping from these precious skins.

DENTAL DOG TREAT: Gnawing on these long-lasting dental chews can help clean teeth and support healthy gums.

HUMAN GRADE: TickledPet fish skins meets the rigorous FDA safety standards to use the label 'human grade', ensuring the highest quality dog treats that you can eat yourself!

ALL NATURAL: This healthy dog chew is made with no by-products, preservatives, or fillers and is 100% from Sustainably farmed salmon.

Ingredients: Salmon Skin

3 rolls per bag
Each roll is typically 7-9 inches in length.

Crude Protein(min) 60% Crude Fat(min) 20% Crude Fiber(max) 3% Moisture(max) 11% Omega-3 Fatty Acids 3.0%

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    Stinky and delicious

By Sarah on January 4, 2021

Oh my, these are so smelly but my dogs loves em’ for sure! I like that they are a healthy treat. Hare Today offers an amazing selection of foods and treats. You just can’t go wrong! They are my one stop shop for all of my pet food needs.

    How do these last so long?

By Esther on September 9, 2019

I honestly thought my dog would finish gobbling these up in minutes. I mean, they're made of fish skin. But surprisingly I noticed, she was still working on her first one after an hour had gone by. I don't know how these are so durable. I never bought them before thinking the price seemed high for fish skin, my dog would end up destroying within minutes, but I was wrong. Great, awesome product!

    Nice size treats

By Gina on May 24, 2018

My GSD’s love these treats. It takes my one boy that weighs 128lbs about 30 mins to chew this up, but he’s a take your time and enjoy your treat dog, my other boy weighs 133lbs and he is my pig dog that don’t know how to chew and savor. He gulps everything down but with this he actually took a little time with it and lasted about 5 mins. Overall great quality and my boys love them and they are nice size treats even for my big boys


By Shawni on December 14, 2016

My pup loves these! Definitely getting them again soon.

    My Dog Loves Them

By Julie on June 19, 2016

My dog loves these salmon skin treats! She is a shepherd mix (about 50 lbs) and will eat one in about ten minutes (she is definitely a chewer, though, not a gulper). I definitely plan on buying these again!

    Very stinky!

By Danielle on March 5, 2016

I could not believe the smell when I opened these up. I was dumb and used my hand to feed these to my cats and could not get the smell off. I left these out thinking they'd eat it right away but it took them a few days. The only reason I won't buy these again is because of the smell and it took them forever to eat the whole thing. Obviously it's going to smell fishy but it's a little too fishy for me. We'll stick with the salmon bites from now on.

Response from Hare Today: Lemon juice will take away odors on your hands.

    She loves these!

By Maria on January 15, 2016

These are a new treat for our dog & we weren't sure how she would react to them. Well, one sniff & she was off. It took her a while to chew one so it is a nice & healthy alternative to recreation bones which we don't feed. We like the fact that she is getting the omega with these also

    Salmon Bones

By Amy on December 10, 2015

This treat is a favorite at our house. Watching our dog devour her salmon bone with such gusto delights me. It's a treat for me to offer treats that are fun, tasty, and Healthy!

    Salmon bones

By Heather on October 15, 2015

These are amazing. My dogs go crazy for these, I love knowing they are getting such great nutrition from a treat.