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Whole Carcass Ground Mouse, 1 lb., Fine Ground


Product SKU:HT-010093
Shipping Weight:1.00 lbs
Current Inventory:181

Product Details

• Raw ground whole carcass mouse. This is the ENTIRE mouse including the hide, stomach, and intestine.
• Sourced from a USDA inspected and passed facility.

Product Weight, Packaging, and Processing Details

• 1 lb. chub bag, FINE ground.
• FINE Ground products are finished with our ¼” grinder plate, resulting in the diameter of the bone being no larger than 1/4”, but the length can vary a bit depending on how the bone is pushed through the grinder plate.
• Frozen in commercial freezers maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Nutrition and Benefits

• How much taurine does a whole mouse carcass have, since it is a natural prey of cats and ferrets? A typical mouse will contain 2.4 milligrams (mg) per gram (g) of taurine (or for better comparison with whole numbers: 100 g would contain 240 mg of taurine). 4 ounces of ground mouse would equal over 2400 mg taurine. Recommended values of taurine for an adult cat is 2500 mg per day. Taurine figures are that of a fresh mouse. There have been some studies that show taurine levels will decrease from freezing and this is an approximate analysis, NOT a guaranteed analysis.
• An adult mouse is roughly 67 percent water, has a calcium-to-phosphorus ratio of 1.1:1, which is ideal, has 3 percent carbohydrates, consists of about 57 percent crude protein, and contains 23 percent fat.
• Given this product is ground whole, your pet will have the added benefit of insoluble fiber added to the diet.

Helpful Tips and Reminders

• An ideal whole prey food source for cats and ferrets.
• Whole Carcass fiber has shown to be beneficial in diets, but high fiber may lead to lower amounts of pancreatic enzymes. Whole Carcass ground products should be fed with a balance of dressed proteins.
• Adding fur to a carnivores raw diet can be beneficial in so many ways:
➡️ Again, it is a good source of fiber which aids the cleaning of the digestive tract.
➡️ When the digestive tract is clean, it can improve nutrient absorption and can support the immune system.
➡️ Fur can help eliminate worms and parasites.
➡️ Added fiber can help bulk stool and naturally assist in expressing anal glands.
• Before jumping into whole prey, make sure the raw diet is well established, ensuring a low pH, or highly acidic stomach which is important as digestive enzymes work best in an acidic environment. The acidic nature of the stomach helps to sterilize pathogens and bacteria and is important to break down bones.

Our mission includes advocating for optimal health and safe handling of raw materials. Make sure to use safe handling practices and reference our Raw Food Education pages.

Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min.) 17.81% Crude Fat (min.) 7.86% Crude Fiber (max.) .2% Moisture (max.) 71.6%

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    How to Feed to Picky Cats

By Vashte on May 24, 2022

This is such a high quality source of fiber (and all the rest) that even though 2 out of my 3 cats are VERY not into it, I still feed it to them all anyway-- here's how:

I typically feed them between 2.2-2.5 oz at a time for their total meal

Cats Who Don't Like Mouse: They will get 0.1-0.3 oz of mouse folded into their ground chicken/turkey/duck/whatever they love, which makes up the difference. I hide the little wad of mouse inside of the other meat, almost like a pill pocket.

Cat Who Likes Mouse: She will get 0.5-1oz of mouse, which I can put on top of/next to/whatever the 1.5-2 oz of chicken/turkey/duck/etc.

This way, everyone finishes their food. The ones who don't like mouse, if they even smell it in their bowl on top of or mixed in with something they love, they won't touch it.

    WOW did they gorge!

By Kristy on January 28, 2021

My 6 month old and 13 year old cat went absolutely crazy over this, both of them gorging themselves and begging for more. Since we're trying to put weight on the old man (hyperthyroid and under treatment) and the kitten is still growing, we gave them more. The kitten ate until she got to the point of just dipping her paw in for a few more morsels, like she was full but it was so good she couldn't stop herself. My 8 year old is more picky and not fully sold on the raw deal. She sampled a bite or two before deciding it wasn't for her. I have no doubt that has nothing to do with the quality as it seemed very fresh and well ground. With his medicine and raw feeding, my old man kitty has put on 4 ounces in 3 weeks and has stopped throwing up after eating or having loose stools. I won't be going back to canned ever again. Even the high protein stuff has too much carbs for kitties with sensitive tummies.

    Product is great - boys don't care for it

By Lisa on December 29, 2019

The 3 stars are because my boys don't care for it. As for the quality - that would be 5 stars.
I gave this a try because I thought what says cat food more than mouse meat? So initially my two guys - cats ages 15 and 11 years - seemed to like it. But follow up meals were not so well received. I mixed it with some cavies and they eat most of it, but they don't go after it the way they go after the rabbit or the cavies alone. You don't know unless you try, right??


By Melissa on November 9, 2018

My raised in a barn, calico girl, growls and snorts over her mouse dinner. My boys aren't quite sure what it is but they're getting used to it. She eats their leftovers so none is wasted. Good stuff.

    None of my three kittens like it

By Zhongrun on February 22, 2018

But it's not the product's fault. Who can understand cats? The packaging is complete and the meat inside is still frozen, so it deserves a five-star.

    My kitten LOVES this

By Christina on October 18, 2017

I've been feeding my kitten raw since she was about three months old. She's a light eater, but I've never seen her eat anything as heartily or for as long as the whole ground mouse! She loves it!

    I wish my cats would eat it

By Catherine on May 29, 2017

Another high quality product from Tracy. Thoroughly ground and obviously fresh. Unfortunately, my cats wouldn't eat it, even though one of them has caught and killed a mouse. It has a distinct aroma, not like the gaminess of quail but a rodent-y smell. It didn't bother me personally, but it was off-putting to the cats.

I wish I'd bought this right from the beginning when my cats were kittens and still impressionable. I tried mixing pea-sized amounts into their regular food for a few weeks, but the cats still will not recognize it as food, and were hesitant about eating the mixture. I had to throw out the rest. Shame, because the nutrient profile of ground mouse cannot be beat.

    Not a hit but ...

By Akiko on May 27, 2017

Kitties are evolved to hunt mouse. I thought it is a shame for them not eat a bite of mouse for their entire life so ... ordered this one. Also we've been trying to mimic nutritional composition of mouse for our raw food, so if mouse meat is available, why not?! Well, one cat didn't touch at all even with tons of toppers, the other one ate with about the same amount of topper on it. I guess it will take some time ... my cats are not eating red meat so that maybe one reason ...

Mouse is going to be an acquired taste for my kitties. Once they get used to I want to include on their rotation, because, it should be very good for them!

    Maybe, maybe not

By Nicole on January 31, 2017

I bought this because, what the heck, why not and it seems popular. My 6 month kitty didn't really dig it. He ate it, but didn't go crazy. It definitely looked fresh and was very easy to mix up with the alnutrin. It was ready to handle for packaging with the alnutrin within a day, so be warned, if you are going to freezer prep it, it should be immediate.
I am definitely interested in seeing it come back through on the rotation. I froze it in ice cube trays for convenience and the silicone pop up trays are awesome! Quick to freeze, pop out and easy to clean

    Here's Micky!

By Lisa on October 26, 2016

Well, finally, one of the very few foods that won't make my little guy throw up.

I have two 5.5 year old cats. My female cat is very, very fussy with any thawed raw and unfortunately she won't eat this but I haven't been able to get her to eat any frozen raw over years, only commercial freeze dried.

But Mikey ... he is loving this, licks his little bowl clean. I do have to add a pinch of a freeze dried meat topper, but once he gets started no topper needed.

Mikey is FHV and has all kinds of environmental allergies, anything I can do to improve his diet and boost his immune system, I will do.

I'm also very happy to feed him a "novel" protein that his species has adapted towards, versus venison, goat, etc... No need to worry also about high bone content and having to "dilute" the mouse meat with some boneless meat -- who has time for that?! Nope, this is purrfect.

"I'm feeding Mikey whole carcass ground mouse", I said to Mikey's vet (a "traditional" vet, however, one who supports raw feeding). "Hmm. Interesting. Well, that is their natural diet. Let me know how that works out."

And I'm not entirely sure what all the hoopla is from some of the reviews about the whole carcass ground mouse having a strong odor. I don't smell anything unusual or out of the ordinary that I haven't smelled with other raw meats and trust me - I have a very strong gag reflex. When I first got the meat I put my nose right up to it, nothing - nada. Maybe when those reviews were written, Tracy's source for mice was different.

Also, the photo that is posted for the meat actually looks very different from what it actually is. I expected to see a lot of fur and maybe a chunky type of loaf.


The outside of the meat is kind of mousy (ha) colored but the inside, a deep, rich red. It's very fresh and the texture smooth. In fact, if I were to serve this up as an h'ourderves on a cutting board with cheese, crackers and a baguette, you'd never know it was mouse meat - kind of looks like liverwurst.

So for those who've been hesitant about trying the whole carcass ground mouse because it might be "gross" - no need to worry about any of that.

I'm not quite ready to feed whole prey, I'm not sure if I'll ever be ready, however, the whole carcass ground mouse is the next best thing.

Next on our menu, the ground quail, stay tuned ...

    My cats love it

By Andrea on October 19, 2016

I was surprised at how much my cats liked this. They jumped on to the counter, which they know is not allowed, after I let them smell it. I like being able to provide them a natural prey for a cat. Might try the whole mice in the future.

    Kittens Prefer It

By Plamena on August 13, 2016

My kittens have enjoyed a number of raw meats but they clearly prefer the whole carcass ground mouse. If I set out a bowl of mouse and a bowl of chicken simultaneously, they lick the bowl of mouse clean before touching the chicken. Some reviewers noted a strong odor with the whole carcass ground mouse but I haven't experienced this. I took several long whiffs and the only faint odor I noticed reminded me of children's play-doh, which I kind of enjoy. Otherwise, the ground mouse is a rich red color and a nice consistency. I noticed my kittens had to chew on the ground mouse slightly more, which is great for them, and it didn't deter them from gobbling it up with gusto. I have also tried adding a teaspoon or two of warm water to the ground mouse and they love it with a soupy consistency as well.

    Cats like it.

By Danielle on March 5, 2016

I wish it was cheaper. I love that it's packed full of taurine. I only bought this once and cats didn't seem to mind. The only reason I haven't reordered is because it's a little on the expensive side but it really is a great product.

    Kittens went nuts over this

By Lisa on January 18, 2016

I wish I could afford to get more of this because our four kittens went nuts over it! I bought the fine ground. I have seen posted various places that people don't like the smell of it. I want to address that. Considering my son has not been out of diapers that long, I cloth diapered (think toddler poop) and I clean up his vomit if he gets the stock flu, smell is relative to me. Mouse meat, not much smell at all comparatively. There have been a couple of the whole ground animals I have not liked the smell of more than the mouse. I did not think the mouse was that bad. I think canned cat food smells worse with the strong smell,of liver! My kittens thought it was wonderful! What may help, is I use the reheat setting with my convection toaster oven and then add room temp water from our R.O. I just heat the meats to room temp. with the toaster oven.


By Megan on February 25, 2015

This is my cats absolute favorite! Admittedly, it smells gross, but he loves it so much I don't mind it anymore. I hope that one day she will offer this in 3 or 5lb rolls at bulk discount, mouse burger is expensive, but worth it!


By GINNY on December 19, 2014

To my shock, neither of my two cats would touch this.

Response: Try mixing it in small amounts with something they like and slowly start adding more and more.


By Joanne on October 8, 2013

This was not a big hit. Only half of my cats would eat it. And the smell of warmed up ground mouse is very unappealing. I'd rather just give them a whole mouse. Even older cats with poor teeth can eat a whole mouse.

Response from Tracy. Cats are perfectly capable of eating whole prey. It is the humans that cant get over feeding a whole animal in some cases. The whole ground is an option for those people that want to feed whole prey but are just not there yet.
Not all cats like mice. If a kitten was not taught to mouse by its mother in many cases they dont recognize the mouse as a food source. You can try mixing in a small amount with a favorite food and keep adding more and more till they acclimate to the new food.


By Luis on January 20, 2013

If you want lean healthy cats, feed them the Ground Whole Carcass Mouse. We've been feeding our 3 feline companions the Raw Mouse Meat for almost a year now and they're doing great! It took us humans a little time to get used to serving it, but our cats took to it right away (you can't deny that millions of years of instinct are at work there). Our 8 year old tuxedo tomcat Yoshi has lost about 5 pounds and is once again a lean hunting machine (I won't include mean 'cause he's a big mush : ). No more big belly and no more flabby hanging fat pad underneath. And his energy level and agility are back too, in other words he's feeling good enough to be jumping up on our counters again, not something we're exactly happy about but he's like a cat half his age and we couldn't be happier about that, so we tolerate it. Of course the biggest benefit for Yoshi is that he doesn't get crystals in his urine anymore. We had him on an expensive "prescription diet" for years that didn't cure of that (what a waste of money that was). Less than two months later after switching them all to the Raw food diet and the crystals were gone. Anyhoo, there's no doubt in our minds that we're doing the right thing for our furries now (and forever).

Thanks Hare Today for providing the right food at a great price with wonderful service. - Luis & Elizabeth Martinez


By Krista on September 25, 2012

This product is amazing. The meat is rich, finely ground, and I'm not ashamed to admit it smells good. Everything I get from Hare-Today always looks and smells better than the meat we buy for us at the grocery store. My kitties were very upset when "mousie burger" was out of stock for a while. We started buying this when my little Merlin collapsed, and we rushed him to the emergency vet. We were surprised to find out he had a severe calcium deficiency, and spinal trauma. He'd been eating fine with my other cats, but then I realized that his little mouth must have been too small to eat the bone from the meats. The vet wanted to put him on commercial kitten food, but I'm not at all comfortable with that, so I came to Hare-Today, the best place I know. It clicked in my head; Mother Nature had already given me a way to save my baby kitten. He couldn't move for about two weeks, but he'd taken to the ground mouse right away, and soon he was strong again. He's very strong now, and getting so big. My other kitties don't have to be jealous of him now, as I buy it for everybody when I can. A few of them were hesitant, but now this is their absolute favorite. Please keep mousie burger in stock for us! We love it~!


By Michael on June 5, 2012

We feed our cats directly from the plastic bags the food comes packed in, and when ground mouse is on the menu, the cats attack the plastic bag before we can get the food in their bowls. Another big hit around here!!


By Mira on June 4, 2012

I don't know how they know that this is the food that cats are meant for, but my cats will gobble this up. I rotate feeding raw foods from this site to Better in the Raw. However, I much prefer to do it this way because it just seems more natural and my pets seem way more enthusiastic.


By caryn on May 29, 2009

My male cat who is normally a piggy and eats ANYTHING, would not touch this. My female cat who is PICKY PICKY PICKY LOVED this!!! I think she actually likes it even more than the rabbit!!! Go figure!!!!! I'm just glad one of my cats really likes it! SO EXCITING!!! I'll definitly add this to my rotation of rabbit, and pheasant.... for my female anyway.


By Wendy on May 27, 2009

My cat wouldn't eat it (he won't touch any raw yet) but my dogs thought it was delicious!


By Cindy on February 18, 2009

My cats absolutely LOVE this! And not knowing what to expect when I opened the bag, it was fine - just ground meat. But they gobble it up so fast and then beg for more. They've definitely let me know that it will have to be a staple in my house from now on.


By Jeannine on February 16, 2009

My cats and I became very excited when we saw that Tracy had a new raw food available. We ordered the one pound package on the theory that we'll try anything once -- and because the 2 lb package was sold out.

My first reaction on opening the package was that this is a very dense, very rich meat -- I think Tracy triple-ground it to remove any identifiably mousy bits.

Boy cat (who at nearly 20 pounds will eat almost anything, anytime) likes it a lot -- not as much as the pinkie rabbits, of course, but he definitely likes it. Girl cat, much the fussier eater, looked at her bowl, sniffed, and walked away at the first feeding. At later feedings, she ate it, but without the enthusiasm she demonstrates when faced with veal or goat or whole rabbit (but not the pinkies!). So we'll definitely keep buying it. Mouse is the 100% complete, perfect cat food, of course, and it's a great addition to our weekly rotation of rabbit/goat/pheasant/turkey/game hen/veal/chicken organs.

Thanks, Tracy, for another winner!