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Current Specials

Beef Gullet, 3 lbs.


Product SKU:HT-020004
Shipping Weight:3.00 lbs
Current Inventory:41

Product Details

• Raw beef gullet.
• Locally sourced.
• All natural, hormone and antibiotic free beef.
• The Thyroid gland is not included, however the gland is in very close proximity to the gullet, so very small amounts may be possible.

Product Weight, Packaging, and Processing Details

• 3 lbs. per bag.
• Packaged in a vacuum sealed bag.
• Cut into approximate 2” x 2” x 2” cubes and/or strips.
• Frozen in commercial freezers maintained at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Meat/Bone/Organ Ratio

100% Meat / 0% Bone / 0% Organ

Nutrition and Benefits

• Gullet [BOVINE CARTILAGE] is the esophagus and has anti-inflammatory agent, believed to ease the symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
• Cow gullets are an excellent natural source of chondroitin sulfate. They are solid cartilage surrounded by muscle meat.

Helpful Tips and Reminders

• 🐕 Most dogs favor red meat best so this product typically works well with dogs of all sizes.
• 🐈 Some cats will eat red meats, but others simply will not tolerate it. If you chose this product for your cat, start with a small amount and introduce slowly.

Our mission includes advocating for optimal health and safe handling of raw materials. Make sure to use safe handling practices and reference our Raw Food Education pages.

Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein (min.) 11% Crude Fat (min.) 6% Crude Fiber (max.) 3% Moisture (max.) 80%

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    Be careful, bones present

By Kimberly on March 25, 2024

In one pack I found at least 6 bones, small 1-2 inches long. Potential choking hazards. I cooked some of the gullet chunks to test out on my girl, and thankfully sorted through it first. The cooked bones would have been even more dangerous. This product says 0% bones, so was not prepared for that.

Hare Today response: Remember, beef gullet is the esophagus of the cow, made of cartilage. Bone, not to be mistaken for cartilage, should not be included. Please make sure to email a picture so I can examine further if there is ever a question with Quality Control.

    Great chew!

By Logan on January 23, 2022

My dogs go nuts for gullet day, it's definitely a staple in our house!


By Wanda on April 3, 2020

My dog really likes them as they are very crunchy and full of cartilage. Paired with some organ meat it's a meal.


By Chiao Chen on May 24, 2018

Love this product!

    It's a Treat in a Meal!

By Esther on October 30, 2017

My 14lb Boston Terrier takes about 15 minutes to eat one of the pieces. She chews and chews ... and chews. Sometimes she takes a minute break between chewing ... it's hilarious. She usually doesn't rest until she finishes a treat/meal. This one kind of exhausts her a bit so she needs to rest, once or twice. One piece is usually good for one meal for her.

    Lots of good chewing action

By Amy on May 26, 2017

My 3 dogs loved the beef gullet. It is full of cartilage which took some time for my dogs to chew up, cleaning their teeth & gums. It is very fresh & has a large amount of meat on it. It comes in big chunks which I prefer so my dogs get chewing exercise. I will order this again soon.

    The dog loves them!

By karen on April 11, 2017

My 45lb heeler loves these, however I have to watch him very carefully and feed them frozen as they are too small for him. I wish they came whole! He tends to swallow anything he can. I will keep buying them as they are good for him, but if you have a GULPER like I do please be aware dogs that gulp can choke on these!

    Awesome crunch!

By Kelly on November 27, 2016

These are fantastic for my dogs! Love the portion sizes they're shipped in. They're meaty and crunch, so paired with some organs, it makes a great balanced meal. Also, slows a fast eater down because they really have to chew these up. These will forever be a staple to our diet.

    So good

By Wendy on August 6, 2016

My two dogs really enjoy the gullet. My older dog is almost 14 and she has some arthritis and stiffness in her back end. I like that she gets the extra cartilage with the gullet to help with that. She sure does the happy dance for her raw food even with the arthritis!

    Crunchy Goodness

By Sharla on June 23, 2016

My GSD loves the gullet. These are cut into strips that are a great size for her to munch on. I like that they contain the cartilage so she gets a little teeth cleaning and jaw workout while getting the added benefits of joint support, something I'm always looking to add to her diet.

    Great for Dog with Hurt Leg

By Alex on November 30, 2015

I order these a couple weeks ago for my Belgian Malinois who hurt her leg jumping off a cliff. I am ordering more. Not only does she love them, but I am hoping the extra cartilage in her diet will help her repair her hurt leg.
4 stars because I wish they were cut bigger (about 1-2 in tall and 2-4in wide). otherwise, great product and I am buying again today.


By Raven on May 8, 2014

My golden loves everything beef, so the gullet is a huge hit with him. The chunks are perfect for a light snack on those days after gorging.


By Angela on November 3, 2012

This is my dogs' new favorite chew! The chunks are perfectly sized for my 13 lb. dogs. I thaw the whole package just enough to separate the chunks, and then wrap each one in wax paper and refreeze. This makes it easy to hand them out still frozen, to prolong the treat. These keep my guys busy for quite a while -- so we all love them! :)


By MELISSA on August 11, 2012

I bought these not knowing if my dog would like them or not. She LOVES them! I love that they are a excellent source of glucousamine for her, and give her some chewing exercise without the worry of her not being able to chew up the cartilage. She has swallowing issues so I need to know she can chew things up totally and this fills that need! It will remain a staple on my ordering list.


By Patricia on May 7, 2012

Steamed, sliced and dehydrated this and my dogs LOVE it! It is expecially good when trying to gain the trust of a new foster.


By Nicole on February 29, 2012

Saya my 20lb shiba inu need joint support so I like give her items that have it naturally so I ordered these to try. Saya enjoyed them and really loved the beef gullet.


By Tiffany on August 17, 2009

A great addition to my dogs MM portion of their meals. The precut strips made it easy to prepare for their portions.

The whole order arrived on time and cold (even to Alabama in the middle of the summer) and each product looked fresh and well packaged. Will order again!!


By Bill on September 30, 2008

We finally tried the gullet. My dogs loved them.took them awhile to get through their strips/hunks but the were well satisfied afterward.Will add to the shopping list every time now.Thank You for your great products.


By Shaneen on July 3, 2008

Yay, the gullet is now cut into strips. So now these are awesome chews that dont even need to be prepared! The dogs loved them- they are perfect chews for any age, and perfect for a teething puppy!


By Laura on January 11, 2008

I too ended up with one whole 3 lb beef gullet. It seemed enormous. We were able to hack it in half and split it between our two dogs (50 & 35 lbs). It was a nice chewy meal for them after a bone-heavy meal the night before. They had a lot of fun with these and when they were finished they were happy tired dogs. Knowing how much fun they had and how much they enjoyed the taste I will probably feed gullet more often. It has a strange odor but not unpleasant - my husband said it smelled like mustard and I thought they smelled like milk. Regardless of what we thought the dogs acted as if the smell was heavenly. I've never quite seen them so keen over a meal as they were the gullet since we started raw feeding a few months ago. A definate buy - at least once!


By Shaneen on January 9, 2008

These probably would be better for a large dog! The bags I ordered had 1 WHOLE BEEF GULLET in them- approx 3lbs. Because of the cartilage they were very hard to cut. Worth it tho, the dogs really got a good chew out of them and very digestible! (My meat scissors were useless, so was the knife, i barely was able to split it!) However, still a great chew, and i really like the cartilage, cuz you dont have to worry about a hard bone they can break a tooth on!